What are the differences between 37 weeks and 39 weeks of pregnancy?The difference can be big

Amy has been pregnant for 37 weeks. She always feels very tired recently, and there is a contraction. She is worried that she will have a premature birth.She went to the forum to visit and found that there were a lot of maternal mothers who gave birth to a baby at 37 weeks, and many of them said that except for the children’s weight lighter, everything else was normal. Is there a big difference between 37 weeks and 39th babies?

We call newborns born within 37 weeks as premature babies, and those born in 37 and 39 weeks are full moon.But this does not mean that there is no difference between the two.

The organs of the fetus are not balanced, like the lungs develop very late.Although the lungs have reached the state of breathing independently after 37 weeks of pregnancy, they are still not completely mature. After birth, the baby is prone to respiratory distress and can endanger life.

In addition to dyspnea, babies born 37 weeks have a worse physique and more likely to occur than babies born in 39 weeks, such as hypoglycemia, difficulty in feeding, and more prone to infection.

Although it has reached the third trimester, the fetal lungs, liver, and brain are still developing. Staying in the uterus for two weeks can make these organs more mature, and the performance after birth is much better than the 37 -week baby.

So if it wasn’t for physical reasons, expectant mothers were still the best for the baby to give birth.Some pregnant mothers choose to have a cesarean section in advance because they want their children to go to school in September.In fact, one year of studying in the evening is not necessarily a bad thing for children, and it can make him a colorful childhood more than a year; but because of the two weeks of cutting in advance, the baby has a worse constitution, it will lose.

Which pregnant mothers are easy to give birth at 37 weeks?

1. There was a history of premature birth before, and the chance of premature birth will also increase;

2. Poor living habits, such as often staying up late, irregular diet, etc., can easily cause premature birth;

3. Large mental stress, or strong stimulation;

4. There is chorionic amnioticitis;

5. Excessive fatigue, do high -load housework or work, etc.;

6. Uterine development is abnormal.

If regular contractions, redness, and water breakthroughs occur in the third trimester, the family should send the mothers to the hospital for examination and processing in time.

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