What are the effects of lemonade?

Is lemon whitening and anti -cancer effect?

The functional components of lemon include flavonoids, citric acid, fragrance, vitamin, etc., which are increasingly valued.Many micro -quotients even use this as a gimmick to push various lemon products to the status of cure: because they are rich in vitamin C, they are promoted to prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation.Because it contains a variety of antioxidant substances such as citric acid and flavonoids, it is considered to have anti -cancer effects.Looking at the truth through gimmicks, lemon is actually just a kind of fruit, and there is no such thing as whitening, anti -cancer and other medicinal effects.


Can lemon prevent urinary system stones?

Lemon has the effect of preventing urinary system stones.First, lemon contains a large amount of citrate, which can reduce the concentration of calcium oxalicate and calcium phosphate in the urine, thereby inhibiting the formation of crystals in the kidney, that is, the predecessor of kidney stones.Second, lemon can alkalize urine and prevent uric acid stones.There seems to be a paradox here, why can the fruit of acid be alkalized?This is because although citric acid is acidic, the metabolites of citric acid are carbon dioxide and water. Carbon dioxide exhales the body with breathing, and is no longer acidic.The potassium ions and calcium ions in the lemon can be combined with the acid root ions in the urine to reduce the acidity of urine, make the urine weakly alkaline, and help prevent kidney stones, especially the easily uric acid stones in patients with gout.


How to drink lemonade?

Because the pH value of lemon juice is only 2.5, and the normal pH value of the human body is 7.35 to 7.45, which is a weak alkaline constitution, so lemon juice is not suitable for drinking.If the diluted lemonade drinks too much, it is also easy to corrode the enamel and cause oral problems.Especially when drinking on an empty stomach, it will accelerate gastric acid secretion, causing gastric pain symptoms of those with excessive gastric acid or gastric ulcer.Do not excessive everything, and you should also eat the right amount of lemon.Especially patients with kidney stones should treat stones under the guidance of a doctor.For patients with uric acid stones, it is recommended to half a cup of lemonade daily. The citric acid provided by it can help adjust the urine to weak alkali.No kind of food can effectively replace medical methods.Objectively looking at the role of food is the attitude of everyone who respects science.


Can lemonade lose weight?

Lemon itself is a fruit with a low sugar content. Because it is too sour and few people eat it alone, soaking water is a good choice.Lemonade itself does not have a weight loss, but it can be used as a alternative to sugary drinks, which can control weight to a certain extent.In addition to lemonade, soda water, tea that adds only tea without sugar, and black coffee are used without calories to replace sugar -containing drinks, which can reduce the calories of 200kcal per day.In addition, you can use lemon juice to try to be healthier, less oil and salt, and unique taste of cooking. When cooking, use vinegar, lemon juice, spices, ginger and other flavors to replace some salt and soy sauce; try lemon, parsley, coriander, shiitake mushroomsThe food with special fragrance and other special fragrances make the dishes more abundant. At the same time, make your taste from "heavy" to "light", and the diet is healthier.

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