What are the effects of the same room on women during menstruation?

Maybe you are still during menstruation, maybe you are doing menstruation during menstruation.Will the same room delay menstruation during menstruation?Will you get pregnant during the same room during menstruation?You may have asked yourself many times in your heart, but you can’t find the answer.How deep is the impact of Pingdingshan Poai Ai Hospital-how much influence is the relationship between the same-room behavior on the menstruation.

Menstruation is what women have experienced during a certain stage of growth. Women with menstruation become more mature and charm, and when menstruation leaves, it means that we are no longer young, and skin, organs will accelerate aging.Although menstruation brings some beauty to women, the pain in menstruation is also difficult to tell.Many women often have dysmenorrhea due to poor physical fitness.The same -room behavior during menstruation is undoubtedly unwise.

During the menstrual period, it is when women are weak, and their resistance to the outside world is also the weakest.At this time, the same -room behavior will be contaminated with many bad bacteria around the surrounding area. If men are unclean, they will also transmit their own germs to women.Therefore, men and women should try to avoid this.

The same room during menstruation can easily cause some gynecological diseases.The cervix is open during menstruation, endometrial falls off, and uterine contraction. If the husband and wife have a room in the same room during this period, it is likely to cause gynecological diseases such as endometriosis, endometritis, and fallopianitis.Therefore, Pingdingshan Boyai Hospital recommends that women do not have sex during menstruation.

The same room during menstruation may cause menstrual delay.Although this statement has not been affirmed, according to medical theory, women secrete estrogen when they are in the same room, which can cause menstrual delay.In addition, the behavior of the same room will cause increased bleeding, leading to prolonged bleeding time, and menstruation will be delayed.

The same room during menstruation may cause infertility.When the husband and wife have the same room, sperm and semen may enter the blood circulation of women, so that women will be stimulated. When the immune system is stimulated to form antibodies against sperm, immune infertility may cause immune infertility.

All in all, the same room during menstruation is a dangerous thing.Pingdingshan Boyai Hospital recommends that you resist this behavior. Doing appropriate things at the right time is the wise.

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