What are the factors related to the concave or outward or outwardness of the belly button during pregnancy?Pay attention to expectant mother care

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Once a woman is pregnant, after upgrading to expectant mothers, both psychological and physical changes will change, and their mood is complicated.Some of the mother’s expectations and joy, and anxiety caused by thoughts, fearing that they have not taken care of their children.

But in the final analysis, the most obvious is physical changes. The stomach becomes larger every day, followed by a strong pregnancy reaction, such as nausea and vomiting or chest pain.

In addition, from early pregnancy to the third trimester, expectant mothers can feel obvious differences, such as the navel that originally depressed inwardly raised outward.

In fact, the state of the navel of the expectant mother during pregnancy is different, and some are concave.

Faced with these unknown changes and differences, pregnant mothers are usually anxious and are always worried that they will have a bad impact on the fetus and body.

So why is this happening?Will the changes in the state of the navel have an impact on the fetus and Baoma?

In fact, you don’t have to worry too much. This is just a normal phenomenon during pregnancy and does not affect the fetus.However, it cannot be ignored that different states still have a certain impact on the care of pregnant mothers themselves.

1) Skin firming

Everyone’s skin condition is different, some people have tight skin and elasticity, and some people have relatively loose skin.

For pregnant women with tight skin, gradually becoming larger belly will not cause the navel to protrude outwards; but pregnant women with relatively loose skin are not necessarily. The navel will slowly protrude out with the belly.

Of course, there are also some pregnant mothers because the navel left at birth is too long, and there is usually a raised phenomenon. It is even more obvious when the belly of pregnancy becomes larger.

Regarding the problem of navel bumps, you don’t have to panic.

The authoritative obstetric expert, Wei Jun, once said that it is normal for the navel to protrude outward during pregnancy, and it has a great relationship with the skin and constitution of pregnant women.

2) Fascia thickness

There is a fascia near the belly button. This membrane is very weak and is easily squeezed by external pressure to deform.

As the baby grows up day by day in the body of the pregnant mother, squeezing upwards will cause the fascia to defore, and the navel will become prominent, so the pregnant belly will also look a little pointed.

Other babies are particularly lively. They always move in the stomach of the pregnant mother, and sometimes they can pedal their belly. This is powerful, and it is easy to make the pregnant mother’s navel protrusions outward.

Especially when I was pregnant on April and May, the baby’s body shape and frequent fetal movement are inevitable. It is also normal to protrude outwards. Moms do not have to be too nervous, relax!

3) The size and location of the fetus

From a small embryo to gradually forming, the stomach of the pregnant mother will become as big as a blowout ball. Especially in the late pregnancy period, the whole body has some load.

The fetus gradually becomes larger than many parts, like the navel and stomach squeeze will become larger and larger. Therefore, the quantile mothers with concave navel in the navel before it can be understood.

In addition, the position of the fetus will also affect the state of the navel. After the pregnancy is gradually showing, the expectant mother will find that her pregnant belly is different from others.

As the name implies, the position of the fetus is upper upper and up, and the position is lower.When the fetus is squeezed with a large squeeze on the navel, it will cause the navel to protrude outwards.

1) Can’t get cold

The navel is a very weak part, and you cannot be cold or unable to pull it with your hands.

Many people have such experiences. Even in the summer of the summer, my mother will definitely tell us to cover the belly with a quilt, because the navel is afraid of cold and gets sick.

This is even more important for pregnant women with reduced immunity. Do not let the navel be cold, otherwise it will not only affect their own health, but also endanger fetal development.

No matter how hot the weather is, you must not let your belly button be exposed to avoid cold.

2) Can’t pick up the navel with your hand

The belly button is in the stomach, which is relatively small and more wrinkled. Therefore, it is difficult to clean up when bathing, and there are always many dirt.In order to clean it up, some people will use their hands to pull out the dirty Dongxi inside, and even have some obsessive -compulsive disorder.

Special reminding pregnant mothers that this behavior is wrong. The navel is a very fragile part. Directly, it is likely to cause inflammation and endanger the health of the fetus and pregnant mothers.

Moreover, the navel is a tie connecting the fetus. If we use the hand full of bacteria to pull it, the bacteria may be passed to the fetus through the navel.

If pregnant mothers do not pay attention to cleaning the navel, too much dirt and want to remove them, you can consult professionals.In addition, you can also use warm cotton balls to dip some warm water and gently wipe it.

3) Pay attention to lying posture

Most expectant mothers protruding from the navel out of pregnancy, because the belly is squeezed, so pay special attention to incorrect lying positions.

Pregnant mothers usually use two lying positions when they sleep: lying flat and side.

As the stomach gradually becomes larger, pay attention to the side of the side. Although most doctors recommend lying on the left side, they are not applicable to everyone.

Secondly, if you feel that the stomach is squeezed for a long time, it is uncomfortable. You can replace it with a flat position. It is also important to sleep comfortably, so that you can have good sleep quality.

All in all, it is normal for the navel to be concave inward or outward during pregnancy. The expectant mothers should not be anxious anymore, just do related care!

Do these points well, just meet your long -awaited baby with a relaxed and happy mood!

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