What are the hazards of thin face needles?

As the name implies, the face is smaller, and 60%of the face will have a rigid face after 60%of the face. When you laugh, the face is very unnatural or asymmetry on both sides.What are the dangers?

What are the dangers of thin face needles?

1. There is a situation of redness and swelling

The method of using a thin face needle is improper, the dose of the injection is not controlled, and the part is not accurate when the injection is not accurate, which will affect the effect of the thin face needle, and even the local redness and swelling. This is a bad response, soMust attract attention.

2. Face muscles appear deformity

When the injection of the face facial injection failed, some patients laughed very unnaturally, the corners of the mouth would sag, or the mouth and eyes were oblique. These problems may also occur in the early stage of injection. This is mainly because the drug will spread after the drug injection.When the absorption concentration is reduced or the injection point is incorrect, it will cause other muscles to relax.As long as you are injected in reasonable circumstances, you can return to what it looks like after a few months.

3. Face

The dosage and part of the size of the face is the different dosage and location after the face thinning needle, which causes the left and right face asymmetry. This has a great relationship with the doctor’s experience. When conducting micro -cosmetic, try to choose regular hospitals and rich clinical experience.Doctor.

4. Difficulty swallowing

If the dose of injection thin facial needle is too large, it may cause difficulty in swallowing food, mainly because most of the thin face needles are mainly through Botox to achieve the purpose of thin face. A large number of botox will cause the face to the faceThe muscles are relaxed and atrophied, reducing the activity of masseter muscles and affecting eating.

What should I pay attention to after taking a thin face needle?

Try not to eat drugs containing aspirin or aspirin within four days before the thin face needle, otherwise it will cause a certain stimulation to the body and affect health.On the day of the treatment, you must completely clean your face. Do not make up. Keep your face clean. The face -to -face needle treatment or you may feel that chewing has no strength, red face, and swelling. This is normal. This is normal.Phenomenon, don’t be too nervous, can recover after a few days.If you need to repeat or strengthen the treatment, you must follow the doctor’s instructions to be treated after a period of time.

Kind tips

Not all of them are suitable for thin face needles. Patients with severe muscle muscle weakness, patients with heart, liver, and liver dysfunction, allergies, patients during pregnancy, and breastfeeding cannot be thin.Drugs that take aspirin or relieve heat analgesia cannot be injected.

Source: Family Doctor Online

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