What are the precautions for asthma pregnant mothers?

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will feel more or less as smooth as the breath is not as smooth. Is this phenomenon normal?Is there any hidden danger?

Division of breathing may occur during the period of pregnancy. According to the lesions of whether there are physical tissue organs, it is divided into dysplasia of functional breathing and organic diseases.

Difficulty breathing is more common, mainly due to physical changes during pregnancy.In the middle and late pregnancy, the uterus is getting larger and larger, and the bottom of the palace will gradually top to the ribs and chest cavity, resulting in the smaller breathing space, and the pregnant mother will feel difficulty in breathing.About 2 weeks before the due date, after the fetus gradually dropped to the pelvic bone, this situation would improve.

Division of breathing difficulties caused by organic diseases mainly include pulmonary, heart -based, poisoning, hemogenesis, neurological psychiatry, and muscle disease. This kind of dyspnea requires the attention of pregnant mothers and seek medical treatment in time.

Most of the breathing difficulties during pregnancy are functional and are normal, but it is best to go to the hospital for examination to eliminate organic lesions.If pregnant mothers have difficulty breathing difficulties in recurrence, they must consider suffering from asthma.Asthma is essentially an allergic disease because after the bronchus is stimulated by foreign substances, the reactivity of the airway is excessively increased.The incidence of asthma during pregnancy was 3.7-8.4%.Light asthma has little effect on pregnancy, and moderate seizures will have an adverse effect on the baby.It may lead to slow development, premature birth, and low weight in the baby’s palace. Pregnant mothers have signs of eclampsia, which will even threaten the lives of pregnant mothers and babies.

What should I pay attention to if pregnant mothers suffer from asthma during pregnancy?

Because asthma is the stimulation of the bronchial puppets being stimulated by foreign substances, pregnant mothers should stay away from allergens and factors that may cause asthma attacks, such as dust, spices, smoke, cold air, etc. At the same time, pay attention to rest, relax the body and mind, avoid excessive fatigue, and alsoPay attention to prevent respiratory tract infections from other ways.

What should I do if some pregnant mothers have had asthma before pregnancy?

First of all, pregnant mothers should avoid contact with allergens and other factors that promote asthma, especially cigarettes.Family people should also give cooperation and do not let pregnant mothers smoke passively.Excessive drying can also cause bronchial discomfort, so pay attention to keep the indoor humidity.When pregnant mothers go out, remember to bring a mask to avoid dust pollution.

In addition to daily attention, pregnant mothers must always pay attention to whether they have symptoms of asthma attacks, and timely receiving oxygen therapy should be accepted in time.Some drugs that control asthma before pregnancy need to be taken under the guidance of a doctor. Pregnant mothers must not take themselves to avoid affecting babies in the abdomen.In addition, pregnant mothers should adhere to regular checkup and monitor the baby’s condition.

The above is today’s content. Difficulty breathing is a common phenomenon during pregnancy. If the symptoms of asthma occur, the pregnant mother should find a doctor in time to ask for help.

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