What are the precautions for taking medicine?Can you take anti -new coronal virus drugs by yourself?

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With the increase in positive cases in the near future, some people have caused liver injury due to improper medication in the treatment of new coronary virus infection.What should be paid attention to when taking medicine?Can you take anti -new coronal virus drugs by yourself?The authoritative experts of the State Council ’s joint defense and control mechanism, the deputy director of the respiratory center of the China -Japan Friendship Hospital, Yang Ting, Wang Guiqiang, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the First Hospital of Peking University, and Wang Quan, director of the Emergency Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital, made professional answers on the public’s concern.

1. Q: What are the taboos and adverse reactions in the use of common medicines after infection with new coronary virus?How should the public choose?

Yang Ting: After infection with the new coronary virus, there are symptoms of fever and systemic pain, and some medicines that can be used with heat and analgesic can be used.There are sore throat, cough, sputum, gastrointestinal symptoms, and some corresponding symptomatic drugs can be used.Before using these drugs, you must read the instructions carefully to see the dosage, frequency, and precautions.For example, acetaminol is a very commonly used heat -relieving analgesic drug. Patients with severe liver and kidney dysfunction must be disabled; people with repeated digestive tract ulcers, bleeding people, and pregnant women, lactating women or some antipyretic analgesic drugsPeople with allergies should also be used with caution.At the same time, do not drink or drink alcoholic drinks when using these medicines. Try to use simple medicines. Different drugs may sometimes affect each other and increase potential bad side effects.In addition, in order to quickly control the symptoms and double the dosage of the drug, we do not recommend using it like this.Double the drug dosage, the effect is not necessarily good, but it increases the burden on the liver and increases side effects.

In addition, some proprietary Chinese medicines or soup medicines can also improve symptoms and have a certain rehabilitation effect. You can choose reasonably according to your own situation.

2. Q: Is it necessary to use and can take anti -new coronal virus drugs by yourself?

Wang Guiqiang: At present, most people are mild or asymptomatic after infection with the new coronary virus, but there are also a small number of patients, especially the elderly who have basic diseases and do not vaccine, will experience symptoms such as pneumonia.Early intervention.

There are three types of anti -new coronal virus drugs in the ninth edition diagnosis and treatment plan, including monoclonal antibodies, Namaltovir tablets/Litnavilian combination packaging and Azfding. Early use may reduce the occurrence of severe illnesses and shorten the course of disease and shorten the course of disease.Time to shorten virus detoxification.At present, these three anti -new coronal virus drugs should be used under the guidance of medical institutions and doctors.

Among them, monoclonal antibodies need intravenous administration and need to be used during hospitalization. It is not suitable for use in outpatient clinics or home; Neymar is a small molecule antiviral drug, which can effectively reduce the risk of severe illness. The indications are light and ordinary.When using, pay special attention to the interaction between drugs; Azfding is also a small molecular antiviral drug, which can be used to treat new crown pneumonia, but there are some precautions that need to be used under the guidance of a doctor.

3. Q: For some babies infected with new crown viruses, they can choose to choose the heating drugs. Can they help them antip thermal in physical methods?

Wang Quan: Children who can choose more than 2 months or less, the only antipyretic drugs that can be selected are the acetaminol; children who are less than 2 months can not take the heating drugs orally, including the small less than 2 months of the newbornIf a baby, if a fever occurs, go to the hospital in time.

At the same time, it is not recommended to reject the baby by covering sweat.The baby’s body temperature regulation center is not developed well, and skin heat dissipation is a very important way to reduce thermal heating. If these children are covered with too much clothing or being covered, they will not be able to heat dissipation with the skin.Some children may have severe heat -covered syndrome, and severe complications such as respiratory failure, dehydration, and nervous system damage may occur, and even life -threatening.Therefore, when these children have a fever, in addition to the help of medical staff, they should also try to create a relatively cool and ventilated environment for their children to reduce clothing appropriately to improve children’s comfort.

(Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 22)

Source: Nanjing Daily

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