What are the preparations for prospective mothers to do before each birth check?

The time of the first prenatal examination

According to different changes in each stage of pregnancy, the entire pregnancy process is divided into three stages, early pregnancy (within 12 weeks), in the second trimester (13-27 weeks), and the third trimester (28-40 weeks).The first prenatal examination was performed within 12 weeks of the first trimester.

Preparation before the first birth checkup

① Before going to the hospital for the first birth inspection, first recall whether you have had the history of the disease, the history of allergies, whether you have done surgery, the past medicine experience, etc. at home at home;

② Record nutrients, vitamins, Chinese herbal medicines, drugs, etc. that you have eaten from pregnancy, and you must also record it;

③ Understand whether you have had a history of genetic medical history, have you had an experience in the production of malformed babies and a newborn of chronic diseases in the producer;

④ Before going to the hospital for the first delivery of pregnant women, they need to recall and record their previous gynecological medical records. The early menstrual tide and menstrual cycle and menstrual conditions must be clearly recorded. Personal production and abortion should also be recorded in detail.Women also have to record their pregnancy, production process, and current children’s situation;

⑤ Some doctors will ask their personal occupations and age, so this aspect must be recorded clearly;

⑥ Personal dietary habits, exercise habits, and bad habits must be recorded. Some doctors will ask their father’s related habits before the first birth checkup of pregnant women;

⑦ Record the history of the family genetic and medical history of the spouse, the history of malformations and the history of chronic diseases;

After pregnancy, whether there is a pregnancy reaction after pregnancy, and whether there are other discomfort such as vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain.

Precautions for the first prenatal examination

First, the urination should be emptied before measuring the palace: Measuring the height of the uterus and the abdomen circumference are the items that the doctor must do at each examination.The measuring palace high is the distance from the upper point of the upper point to the bottom of the uterine after the pregnant woman is emptied and the upper edge of the pubic bone combined with the upper edge of the pubic bone.The length is still the metering unit, which can reflect the horizontal diameter of the uterus and the size of the front and rear diameter.Therefore, the palace height and abdomen can indirectly reflect the size of the uterus.The bladder is in front of the uterus. If the bladder fills the height of the uterus, it will affect the accuracy of the measurement.Therefore, you must empty your urine before measuring the palace high.

Placenta, uterus, breast tissue, etc.In addition, it also comes from adipose tissues reserved in the body.The increase in pregnancy weight too much or too little is not normal. The former may be unfavorable to pregnant women, and pregnancy complications may occur or difficulty in giving birth.Therefore, it is very important to measure the weight correctly. Only under the same weight, can we objectively reflect the growth of weight, so that doctors can make correct judgments and treatment.

Third, the blood pressure is measured after sitting quietly for half an hour: the increase in blood pressure is one of the manifestations of hypertension during pregnancy. Only by correct blood pressure, that is, the blood pressure can be measured after half an hour after the activity can objectively reflect the actual situation of blood pressure.In order to detect and treat mild hypertension during pregnancy early, it can be cured as soon as possible.

Fourth, the urine should be left in the urine: Test urine is mainly to check whether there is protein, red blood cells, and white blood cells in the urine.Women’s urethra and vaginal port are relatively close. If you do not pay attention, urine is often polluted by leucorrhea and cannot truly reflect the condition of the urine, so you must leave the mid -term urine.When leaving urine, first unlock the urine in the first half of the urine, and leave the middle section of clean urine to test, so that the test results obtained are relatively real.

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