What are the problems need to pay attention to after abortion?What important security measures are taken?

Abortion may be unbearable in emotional and physical. Although the restoration of the abortion body is short, the emotional sadness caused by miscarriage may take longer.

An important fact that you need to know and remember that abortion is not the end of the child’s birth, and most women will become pregnant after miscarriage.If you plan to get pregnant after abortion, what are the problems?What important safety measures are taken?

The best time for pregnancy after abortion:

Because your uterus quickly returns to normal operation after miscarriage, it is likely to get pregnant immediately after abortion.Although there is no ideal time, most experts suggest that at least six months to get pregnant again.

Health measures for pregnancy after abortion:

During the pregnancy after abortion, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is more important for you.This also has long -term benefits, so that you can provide healthy babies without complications.

When considering pregnancy, your doctor usually recommends the following situations:

1. Folic acid supplement:

You may need to take folic acid supplements a few months before pregnancy.Folic acid can protect the fetus and increase fertility.Folic acid can ensure the healthy development of baby spinal cord and central nervous system.Folic acid can reduce the chance of fetal nerve tube defects in prenatal stages.

2. Keep healthy weight:

It is important to keep the ideal weight (BMI) when planning the next pregnancy.Insufficient or overweight usually causes negative effects.Correct diet is important, eating a nutritious balanced diet.Most expectant mothers have to misunderstand and eat more, but it is necessary to maintain healthy weight.

3. Appropriate exercise:

Although you may worry about physical consumption due to the history of miscarriage, you must exercise frequently to maintain health.Body health is essential, making your body flexibly adapt to the upcoming delivery.

4. Avoid alcohol and drugs:

If you have been obsessed with drinking, drugs and smoking, it is time to give up.Alcohol and drugs are dangerous to the growth of the fetus.It is recommended to get rid of all habits in advance when planning is pregnant.In addition, the possibility of conceives of smokers is usually less likely to be conceived than smoking.

5. Past body rest:

It is also important to take a short break during the day when you continue to maintain active and healthy daily activities.If you are a professional woman on the verge of conception, try not to be too nervous in the workplace.Breathe relaxing, maintain a methodical day to balance your lifestyle.

6. Keep emotional stability:

Pregnancy is an incident for changing life for women.If you have a miscarriage before, once you get pregnant, it will become heavier.At the same time, it is natural to be overjoyed, anxiety, excitement and fear.Although you are glad to get pregnant, people will be afraid of expressing joy with your family due to abortion.

Make sure you share your complex emotions with your partner.If you think these heavy feelings are too much and unprepared, you can consult a psychologist, and he will solve the problem with you.

Pregnancy is a natural process, just like childbirth.Although losing pregnancy may be an unforgettable experience.Give yourself some time to adapt to preparation. When you are ready, you can plan to get pregnant next time.

Eat and sleep well, keep healthy and happy, we wish you all the best!

We want to know what measures you have taken to restore abortion, please share with us.

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