What are the signals of ovulation?How should we maintain the ovulation period?

The ovulation period is the best time for women to conceive. Many women who prepare for pregnancy rely on the ovulation period to help them conceive their babies.In addition to the calculation, the ovulation period can also be determined by observing the changes in the body.In addition, the ovulation period is also an excellent period of women’s maintenance.

What are the signals of ovulation?

1. Body temperature rises.Due to the impact of progesterone during ovulation, women will slightly increase their temperature than usual.Therefore, women who want to prepare for pregnancy can measure their body temperature and record a fixed time every morning. The days when the body temperature rises every month is the ovulation period.

2. Increase vaginal secretions.Due to the changes in physical bad health, vaginal discharge will increase during ovulation.The secretion is transparent or milky, sticky and without odor.Once you find that if there are more secretions with three sky underwear every month, there is no wrong ovulation period.

3, the lower abdomen has swelling, accompanied by pain.The eggs during ovulation should break through a layer of filter of the wrapped eggs. When the filter is broken, a small amount of liquid will flow out. These small amounts of liquids enter the pelvic cavity.pain.

4. A few women also have mild vaginal bleeding.This is a few cases, and it is also a signal sent by the body when ovulation comes.Due to the secretion of sex hormones in the ovary, estrogen fluctuates a little when secreted. If the body is sensitive, there will be bleeding.

How should women maintain during ovulation?

1. Keep the genitals clean and hygienic

Maintaining the cleanliness of the genitals can help reduce the breeding of bacteria and reduce the probability of gynecological diseases.We can wash the genitals with warm water before going to bed, and then dry it with a clean and soft gauze towel.After each stool is over, wipe it with a special wet towel from the direction after going to, so as to avoid the genitals from being contaminated by bacteria.To choose a pure cotton -breathable light -colored underwear, remember to wear tight underwear often, which is not good for the maintenance of the genitals.

2. Choose sanitary products with caution

Such as sanitary napkins, toilet paper, pussy cleaning solution, etc.When choosing a sanitary napkin, you must choose to produce regular manufacturers, and choose sanitary products without fluorescent agents and spice additives.When cleaning the private parts, use a special bath milk for private parts. Do not use washing and ordinary bath milk to clean it.

3. Maintain good living habits

Take a bath, change the underwear frequently, and replace the bedding regularly.Pay attention to light diet to avoid excessive intake of fat and cholesterol.Get up early and go to bed and stay up late, strengthen physical exercise, etc., will help the maintenance of the ovaries and private parts.

4. Coordinate with the spouse

First of all, we must also do a good job of cleaning and hygiene in private parts to avoid passing bacteria to women.If it is not for pregnancy, you should do contraception such as wearing a condom during sex, and avoid letting women take emergency contraceptives.Emergency contraceptives will seriously endanger the health of women.

Through these four signals of the body, women’s ovulation period can be determined. In addition to actively preparing pregnancy during ovulation, it is necessary to pay attention to women’s maintenance. Only in this way can women get healthy.

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