What are the strange "fetal dreams" during pregnancy?

People always say what people come here. The dreams of making during pregnancy have something to do with the gender of the child. Although there is no scientific basis, the dream I have done during pregnancy is really strange. After the child is bornYou will forget the content of dreams.

Because I am not too young when I am married (the age of 29), whether it is family or me, they are very urgent to hope to conceive their children as soon as possible. In fact, this is mentally nervous.There is no way to relax at all.

Dream 1, dream of a newborn lamb have been chasing me

When I was pregnant with my baby, I didn’t know that the little guy had settled in my stomach. One night I dreamed that I dreamed of going back to my husband’s house (going back to his house to pass a long road).Two people with my husband, dark on the road, the visibility is similar to the light irradiation of the tram. My husband riding a bicycle. I sat on the back seat and suddenly ran over a lamb behind.The kind of lamb not long.

I think it has been chasing behind, so I came down from the bicycle to drive it. I do n’t know why. My heart is very excluding its approach. After watching me down, I have been beside me.

When I woke up, I always felt that the dream just now seemed like the "baby dream" that people came over.It didn’t take long for me to check the test strip for a while, and found that it was really pregnant.

Dream 2. I always dream of grandparents who lived when I was a kid

The place where grandparents lived in that year were far from the appearance in memory. After their death, the yard was always idle. Because of the streets, they were rented out.Fang various vegetables, but the yard in dreams is always the old way in memory.

In the dream, I always move around the room. I only have me at home, and then I will call my grandfather and grandma, but no one responds to me. Such a dream lasted many times later.

Dream three, do nightmares

From the beginning of pregnancy, I have frequent urination every night. At least two or three times a night. The belly becomes larger in the second trimester, and I am very strenuous. I really fall asleep in a night.About six months old we moved, living in relatives’ house, a idle 50 -ping house, I had a nightmare on the night when I moved the house.

I dreamed that I and my husband were lying on the bed, and my feet were lying on my father -in -law. Below the bed, squatting my husband’s grandfather, I subconsciously felt that there was someone there, that person was my husband’s grandfather, but heGrandpa has died for many years, and I have never seen him. It is reasonable to say that people who have never seen each other will not dream of!

I do n’t know why, I sat up, and then walked towards my husband ’s“ grandpa ”. When I walked to the end of the bed, the squatting old man looked up and looked at me.This person, at the time, I was scared and sweaty. Because I was really scared, I dared not raise my eyes to see the place of my feet, and then silently circled my legs.

When I saw my husband lying next to me as a dream, I thought about it, but I still didn’t call him up, because my husband’s courage was not big, I was afraid to wake him up, and he couldn’t sleep well.After that, I kept opening my eyes until dawn.

After dawn, I told her mother -in -law. She told me that her father -in -law was my husband’s grandfather, not the appearance described in my dream. Then I asked my mother -in -law, did she live in the old man before that room?She also said that there was no such situation. When her sister lived there, there was no strange phenomenon.

As long as I think of that dream, I dare not return to that room, and then I return to my mother’s house for a while. When I return there again, I take my dad’s chisel (used by carpenter), my motherThe peach sword, the bodhisattva asked by her husband may also be a psychological effect, and I have never had such a dream since then.

But so far I remembered that the dream at that time still remembered particularly clearly, and I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

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