What are the symptoms of expectant mothers after pregnancy?These 5 are too obvious

For women, it is a matter of time to give birth to children.When a woman changes from a girl to a mother, the whole role has changed dramatically. The central state of the whole process is also completely different. More often, it will be overwhelmed, and at the same time, she will be happy.For some women who are pregnant for the first time, they are simply not sure whether they are pregnant. In this case, it is very useful to understand the symptoms of early pregnancy.

What are the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy?

1. One of the most obvious features in the early stages of pregnancy is that menstruation stops

If the husband and wife are in the same room during ovulation, and at the same time, they do not take effective contraceptive measures during this time, they are likely to get pregnant.

The first way to judge whether to conceive is to observe menstruation, especially for some women who are usually normal menstruation, if menstruation has been postponed for half a month or even a week, you must consider whether you are pregnant.

2. Pregnancy appears physical discomfort

Many women’s symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy are obvious uncomfortable symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting.

For pregnant women, basically there will be obvious pregnancy reactions in about 5 weeks. If your body has such a reaction and you have no appetite when you see any food, it is likely to be pregnant.Because when a woman is pregnant, the HCG in the human body will greatly improve. This is a hormone. This hormone rises instantly, which will cause the human body to cause obvious symptoms of discomfort.

3. Breasts will swell

Many women’s symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy can be expanded with breasts, and the softness of the breasts will also be strengthened. One of the main reasons is that the various hormones of the body will change significantly when women are pregnant.The increase in estrogen and progesterone will accelerate the increase in breasts.Therefore, breast swelling will occur in the early pregnancy symptoms, and these hormones will also cause more and more liquid in the breast, and it will become softer to the touch.

4. I especially want to sleep

In the symptoms of early pregnancy, I believe that most people’s greatest feelings are that the body feels very fatigue and especially wants to sleep.One of the most important reasons is that the number of luteum ketones in the human body is constantly rising. The increase in this hormone will cause the body’s body temperature to rise, which will cause the human body to feel fatigue.

5. The symptoms in the early pregnancy manifest as frequent urination

Another obvious characteristic of the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy is that frequent urination, because in the early stages of pregnancy, because of the fetus in the stomach, it will press the bladder, so frequent urination will occur.

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