What are the symptoms of pregnant mothers every month?What do you need to pay attention to?

First month of pregnancy

1. Men stop menstruation

The prospective mother with a regular menstruation, if the date has not come to menstruation, consider pregnancy

2. It’s easy to get tired

Without strength, lethargic

3. Breast changes

The breasts are enlarged, the nipples, and the areola are obviously deepened.

4. Basic positions rise

After pregnancy, the progesterone is elevated, and the body temperature usually increases by 0.3-0.5 degrees

5. Excessive saliva secretion

Frequent expectant mothers with morning vomiting

The second month of pregnancy

1. Early pregnancy response is gradually obvious, such as

A, dizziness, weakness, drowsiness

B. Emotional fluctuations, irritability, crying for no reason

C. Nausea, vomiting

D. Decreased appetite and like sour things

E. Sensitive to odor, dislike the smell and odor of oil fume

2. Frequent urinary bladder is oppressed by the Z palace, and the number of urinating times increases

3. Dry skin

The change of hormones makes the skin rough and lacks elasticity

4. Breasthery may be accompanied by tenderness, prepare for breastfeeding

The third month of pregnancy

1. The size of the uterus is like a fist

2. Increase vaginal secretions

Vaginal leucorrhea is slightly more increased than usual,

Colors are usually colorless or yellow

3. Bloating, constipation or diarrhea

The rectum is oppressed, plus the mental anxiety of expectant mothers,

Psychological affects physiology, prone to constipation and diarrhea.

4. Breast change

In addition to the tenderness of the breast, the breasts are swollen further.

5. Pregnancy line

There will be a thin black line from the pubic bone to the abdomen, and it will extend up all the time. This is the pregnancy line.

Fourth month of pregnancy

1. The uterus is like a baby’s head.

2. The abdomen begins to bulge, and the belly is slightly rounded

3. Basic body temperature begins to decline

4, edema

The feet and toes are slightly swollen, and the hands and face occasionally swell

5. Burning heart, indigestion, flatulence

6. Early pregnancy reaction gradually disappears

The symptoms of nausea and vomiting disappear or reduce, and appetite begins to increase.

The placenta has been formed, and it is not easy to miscarriage in the stability period.

Fifth month of pregnancy

1. Full hips

The hips also look round because of the increase in fat.

2. Change the nature of hair changes

Due to the changes in hormones, the hair looks more and shiny than before

But the dry hair may become more dry and the hair drops more.

3. Change of breast shape changes

As the breast swells, the double breasts begin to expand and sag down the armpit.

4. Feel the fetal movement

The first fetal movement is usually 17-22 weeks. The slim expectant mothers will feel the fetal movement earlier earlier than the plump expectant mothers, but the first mother will feel the fetal movement a little later.

Sixth month of pregnancy

1. Increased abdomen

The lower abdomen bulge is more prominent, and the waist is thicker.

2. Varic veins

Due to the increased uterine compression of the abdominal vein,

The expectant mothers may have veins in the legs, so as to avoid standing too long

3. Back pain

The increased uterus increases the load of the waist. When you sit down or stand up, you will feel a bit difficult, and the waist and back are prone to fatigue.

4. Preliminary germinated mothers can also feel fetal movement

7th month of pregnancy

1. Back acid pain

The abdomen bulges, the body is balancing backwards, and the waist is easily painful due to fatigue.

2. Hemorrhoids are prone to occur

Due to the increase in the placenta, the increase of amniotic fluid, the weight increase of 500 grams per week. The increased uterus may occur in pelvic compression, and hemorrhoids and constipation may occur.

3. Lositive bone and joints

Affected by hormones, bone and joints will relax, and the steps are heavier than before.

4. Easy to be anemia

At this time, the incidence of anemia has increased. From 28 weeks, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination every two weeks.

8th month of pregnancy

1. Stretch marks

The lower abdomen expands rapidly, and stretch marks began to appear.

2. Incorrect movement

The position of the fetus in the abdomen is constantly declining, and the expectant mothers will feel that her lower abdomen rises.

3. Pigment precipitation

The impact of hormones, the color of the face, the nipples, the lower abdomen, the color of the vulva will become deeper and deeper. Don’t worry, it will gradually disappear after giving birth.

4. Fake contractions

The uterine muscles will occasionally shrink. This is a rhythmic, irregular contraction, and will not hurt. It will last 30 to 60 seconds at a time.

5. Constipation

The uterine compression leads to slower intestinal peristalsis, drink plenty of water, and consume more food rich in high fiber to adjust.

Ninth month of pregnancy

1. Easy fatigue

The body is obviously heavier, and it is easier to feel tired.

2. Easy to breathe

The height of the uterine bottom rises to the navel, the burden on the heart gradually increases, the blood pressure begins to rise, the number of heartbeats increases, and the oxygen consumption is increased during the metabolism of the body, especially when the activity is more likely to breathe.

3. Difficult to fall asleep is more serious

At night’s legs, hips and pelvis discomfort, they are more difficult to sleep. Relatively speaking, the left side is most favorable for the fetus and expectant mothers.

Tenth month of pregnancy

1. Passing weight

Now is the fastest period of luck and weight growth. Try not to transition to eat, so as to avoid excessive fetal fetuses and cause difficulty in giving birth.

2. The swelling of the fingers is common during pregnancy, but don’t worry too much.

3. After the baby enters the basin, the symptoms of dyspnea have eased.

4. Frequent urination

The baby puts pressure on the bladder again, and small changes are frequently changed

5. Symptoms of delivery

This week, the baby’s mobilization rate is getting higher and higher. In addition to seeing red, water -breaking, and regular contractions, obvious launch signs, backache, and want to go to the toilet may be a signal.More and more frequent and more frequent, go to the hospital for examination.

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