What can my wife do as a prospective father?

See your husband! What can Dad do during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a long tug -of -war, it makes people look forward to, but it is also anxious and panic.

In the early stages of fetal protection, pregnancy, and mid -term examination, the glass heart that has never been used in the late period is that the importance of prospective dad is self -evident at this time.

You know that your wife is still the beautiful and understandable little princess. She is just a change in the inspiration SU in her body. She just cares too much about your baby.At this time, if someone can remind the enlightenment next to her, her mood will be different! She may just need a hug and kiss for you.

Therefore, you may wish to participate in more things during pregnancy and do something that he can do. This answer will tell you in detail what the expectant mothers at each stage will change and what do you need.

You must know that the sense of pleasure of pregnant women is closely related to the character and face value of the baby!

Come on! We are our parents for the first time!

Okay, start the topic

1孕️ 孕

, Quit smoking and drinking, even the second -hand smoke remaining on the clothes will enter the blood of the expectant mother to affect the fetus!

院 accompanied his wife to the hospital to check to confirm whether he was pregnant.

Prepare some books about breeding.

持 urge his wife to insist on supplementing various nutrients.

How to do it with 2孕️

知 Actively learn the reason for the changes in my wife’s inexplicable temper and tears.

饮 Take care of his wife’s diet and stabilize his wife’s emotions.

Try to do prenatal education, storytelling, and listening to music for your baby.

Before preparing food, ask his wife’s opinion to meet her requirements.


Slowly adapt to the role of father!

一 Every time I participated in my wife’s presence, the doctor would tell the prospective dad more suggestions in person.

Under the premise of safety, doctors are moderate, and the movements are softer than before pregnancy.

胖 Wife will become fat, and the prospective father will often boast of her unique beauty of his wife.


重 Don’t let your wife do heavy housework and help your wife to do foot massage.

运动 Accompanying his wife more exercise, it is also conducive to adjusting the relationship between husband and wife!

Prepare a home fetus, measure and record the fetal heart change every day.

的 Prepare rich nutrients, pay attention to the matching and thickness of the vegetables to ensure sufficient protein, fat, and vitamin intake.Guarantee the health needs of wives and babies.


线 The baby feels about sound, light, and even touch. The prospective dad should interact with the baby more!

与 Dad to participate in her wife’s pregnancy life, such as accompanying her for check -up, exercise, preparing baby supplies together.

使 Be the messenger of his wife’s flower protection and learn the pregnancy courses with his wife.

产 Accompany his wife to buy products and give your wife more for your opinion.

How to do it with 6孕️

触 Do not let your wife come into contact with the products of a cleaner or other chemical preparations to avoid causing fetal malformation.

I hire Yueyue or parenting.

车 Do not let your wife go out alone.

房 Set up a baby room.

7⃣️ What to do with Monthly Daddy?

字 Consider giving the baby a name!

会 Wife will have pain in various parts in the third trimester. The prospective father should massage his wife, but not too much attention.

, Participate in preparation preparation and learn knowledge and practice with his wife.

克 Dad to restrain sexual life, stimulate his wife’s contractions, and prone to premature birth.

8孕️ What about the monthly prospective dad?

想要 No matter how much boy or a girl once wants to exert this emotion on his wife! Whether men and women TA are your favorite baby.

, Whether the childbirth plan is formulated to accompany the birth.

安 Do a good job of work and life.

9孕️ What about Monthly Dad, what about Monthly Dad?

、 Talk and sing with the little guy and tell him a story 2. Consider whether to save the baby’s umbilical cord blood.

知 Learn breastfeeding knowledge.Breast milk storage, milk temperature, feeding posture.

在 It is recommended that the prospective dad accompany his childbirth during his wife’s delivery.

How to do the prospective dad in pregnancy

包 Packaged to be lightly packed.Prepare your baby safely.

散 Take a walk with his wife and give your wife more encouragement and support.

轻 Take care of his mother and reduce the psychological pressure of his wife.

Help his wife to record the contraction time, massage and always be with her.

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