What causes a lot of postpartum hair loss?How to prevent it?

After surviving the long 40 weeks of pregnancy, it finally ushered in a new life, which was originally a happy thing.

But when everything is slowly recovering the original, there is one thing that makes the mothers worry, that is, the hair is falling off at the speed of visible to the naked eye.

Whether it is combing or shampoo, this hair is a lot of drop.

Hair loss includes two types: one is physiological hair loss, and the other is pathological hair loss.According to the cause, pathological hair loss can be divided into three types, namely Mediterranean hair loss, scar hair loss, alopecia areata, etc.

Most postpartum hair loss is physiological hair loss.

Generally speaking, the total number of normal hair is 100,000, of which 10%are in a resting period, and after this timeline, the hair will begin to fall off.

However, a misunderstanding here is that the hair loss is not necessarily hair loss.During the hair, just like the cells in the body, there is a process of replacement of new and old. When the hair reaches "a certain age", it will naturally "aging and fall off", and the new hair will grow again.

If you are not assured, there is a "pull-up experiment" here for everyone to judge: First of all, it is close to the scalp, that is, the root of the hair, grab a handful of hair (about 50-60), and then go to the end of the hair end.Pulling the direction, if the hair dropped does not reach 6, it is unlikely to be hair loss.

If you pull a few times and the results are dropped a lot, it may be the problem of hair loss, which needs to be paid attention.

Normal people’s daily hair loss is 50-150, and the shedding is mainly those hairs that are promoted or resting. However, due to the dynamic reaction of new and old replacement, they can generally "blew the spring breeze" and maintain a dynamic balance.Therefore, most of the physiological hair loss can be recovered naturally.

First of all, I will tell you that most of the postpartum hair loss is temporary. This situation is generally alleviated about one year after childbirth.

According to statistics, about 40%-50%of postpartum women will experience hair loss, so mothers do not need to be too anxious.

Generally speaking, it is normal within 100 roots.How much these 100 hair are together, the image point is probably as thick as a disposable chopstick.However, if the number of postpartum hair loss exceeds 200 or more, or the time is more than a year, the hair loss is still very serious, then it is recommended that you go to the hospital for examination.

So what causes postpartum hair loss?

The level of estrogen decreases.

Due to the increase in estrogen during pregnancy, the hair that was originally dropped was not dropped, and the estrogen decreased after "unloading", and the hair follicle degraded, which was the main cause of postpartum hair loss.

Generally, hair loss starts in 2-3 months, 4-6 months is developed to peaks, and 6-9 months gradually improve. After one year, it is recovered. It is normal and does not require treatment.

Nutrition and stress.

The growth of hair requires sufficient protein, iron, vitamins, calcium, zinc and other nutrients. Mothers have been born with weakness. At the same time, they have to breastfeed, changing diapers, coaxing, etc.Excessive, these will lead to malnutrition, and it will also affect the energy and emotions of mothers. This is also one of the reasons that cause a large number of hair loss

Scalp oil, dirty.

If you do n’t like to wash your hair or you ca n’t wash your hair (some old -fashioned confinement customs), the scalp of the oil will easily cause scalp problems and cause hair loss.

Although hair loss is temporary, it also affects the face value very much. It is absolutely impossible to ignore it. There are some suggestions here, you can try it.

1. Relax and ensure adequate sleep.

I usually learn to let my family share the responsibility of taking care of the baby, especially my father.Try to give yourself some leisure time, such as reading a book, or drinking a few friends to drink afternoon tea to relax and release the pressure.Of course, the most important thing is to ensure sufficient sleep. You must make full use of your baby’s rest time and rest with TA, so as to allow mothers to develop healthy development.

2. Supplement nutrition, reasonable diet, balanced allocation.

Nutrition, anemia, etc. can easily cause hair loss. Therefore, mothers should try not to pick eaters as much as possible, chickens, ducks, fish, vegetables, vegetables, fruits, and fruits must be eaten.

3. Clean your hair moderately and do your hair care.

You can wash your hair in the confinement. The key is to dry the hair in time after washing.When combing your hair, use wide tooth comb to deal with the hair knot problem, do not pull it hard.

In short, postpartum hair loss is not terrible. The most important thing is the relaxation of mentality, scientific care, and a little decorative skills, I believe that Ma Ma can soon have a beautiful and charming hair.

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