What causes abdominal distension?What are the symptoms of abdominal distension?

The abdominal expansion is the swelling or expansion of the abdomen between the area between the ribs and the groin.Abdominal distension includes a variety of mild to severe diseases.Abdominal distension may be caused by infection, malignant tumors, inflammation, trauma, body fluids, obstruction and other abnormal processes.Any age group or crowd may cause bloating, and abdominal distension caused by pregnancy is also normal.The following mainly introduces the causes and treatment methods of abdominal distension.

1. What causes abdominal distension?

1. Bloating occurs when overeating and indigestion.

2. Abdominal distension may be the result of various gastrointestinal or digestive tract diseases, including constipation, pancreatic cancer and food poisoning.In addition, prostate hypertrophy and urine retention can also cause abdominal distension.

What are the symptoms of abdominal distension?

1. It feels like the abdomen swells or abdominal pressure.

2. Abdominal pain and dyspnea. Due to the pressure of abdominal distension to the pressure of other parts of the body (such as diaphragm and lungs), it may occur in poor breathing and difficulty breathing.

3, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fever and constipation.

4, fatigue, baby crying excessively, yellowing (jaundice) of the skin and eyes, weight loss.

Abdominal distension with vomiting, fever, constipation, abdominal pain, or diarrhea may be caused by abdominal absorption, peritonitis or intestinal obstruction.The abdominal distension accompanied by shortness of breath and ankle may be due to the condition of threatening life, that is, congestive heart failure.

How to treat abdominal distension?

According to potential reasons, the existence of the disease, the age and medical history of the patient, and other factors, the treatment plan of abdominal distension is individualized.Treatment usually involves multiple plans to solve the cause, minimize the discomfort of abdominal distension, and reduce the risk of serious complications of potential causes, such as short respiratory, shock, septic, anemia, and death.

1. When abdominal distension is caused by self -restrictions, such as overeating or indigestion, the treatment includes resting the stomach by not eating solid food, until the abdominal distension and other discomfort or symptoms have passed for some time.

2. In some cases, drugs are used to treat abdominal distension.When abdominal distension is caused by bacterial infection, such as bacterial food poisoning, abdominal abscess or peritonitis, antibiotics can be prescribed.The treatment of abdominal distension caused by severe or life -threatening symptoms such as intestinal obstruction, severe food poisoning, abdominal abscess or peritonitis, including hospitalization, intravenous infusion and drug treatment.

Abdominal distension may be due to mild conditions, such as mild digestion or overeating.Abdominal distension can also occur in moderate diseases, disorders or diseases, such as preliminary syndrome, colic or overweight.Of course, abdominal distension may also be caused by severe or even life or trauma, including blunt abdominal trauma, abdominal cancer, congestive heart failure, intestinal obstruction or renal failure.Therefore, when abdominal distension occurs, related treatment should be performed in time.

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