What causes vulvar itching?Do these four points can be prevented

Itching of the vulva is mostly a kind of itching in the clitoris, small labia, perineum, and perianal perianal. Once appear, it will have a great impact on women’s daily normal life.It should be noted that itching of the vulva is not a disease, but a common symptom.It is often accompanied by gynecological diseases or some external stimuli, so what causes vulva itching?

1. More obvious external stimuli may cause itching of vulva.For example, women using fabrics in daily life are not rough and made of rough touch. Through daily activities, the repeated friction of vulva is stimulated, then it may occur in vulvar itching.In addition, in some special periods, such as the use of sanitary pads during women’s physiological period can cause the skin to be unable to breathe normally and the cause of skin sweating together, which forms a stuffy and humid and humid environment. Microorganisms may breed and cause itching of the vulva.

2. Some special internal stimuli.For example, some pathogenic microorganisms have caused vaginitis and cervicitis.When these diseases face external stimuli, they will produce abnormal secretions. The secretions flow out of the vulva with the reproductive tract. Due to the different pH values of the skin and the degree of acceptance of external stimuli.Naturally, chronic local stimulation will be produced on the vulva, and the symptoms of vulva itching will follow over time.However, at this time, it is simply alleviating the itching of vulva and itching. The most important thing is to cure inflammation of reproductive systems such as cervicitis and vaginitis.

3. Parasitic disease.Some parasites such as chigga, tapeworms, pubic lice, etc. can be parasitic at the vulva.These parasites have a common thing in common, in order to seek to live and prepare enough nutrition, they will use their own body organs to enter into the dermis layer with their own body organs.symptom.Such vulvar itching is the most unbearable, and generally aggravating at night will greatly affect patients’ sleep.

4. The symptoms of vulva itching are accompanied by systemic diseases. This situation is not common, but this situation is also the most difficult to treat.Such as ordinary diabetes, uremia, vitamin deficiency, etc. These diseases will be severely affected in the later stages and will cause the self -healing ability and resistance of vulvar epithelial cells to weaken.However, the vulvar itching caused by these chronic diseases is irreversible and can only achieve a certain degree of control.

We have listed several reasons that can cause vulvar itching. In fact, itching of vulvar itching as a symptom is not difficult. The most important thing is to maintain a healthy body and eliminate diseases from the root cause.

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