What changes will happen every day?People with bad liver may wish to understand

In recent years, many celebrities have been reported to have suffered from liver cancer, such as Wu Mengda, who died, and Zhao Shuai, who had risen in recent years. Their sudden death was sighing.

There are very few perception nerves and notification nerves in the liver, so generally, after the liver problems occur, they will not respond to the human body in a timely manner. This is also the biggest disadvantage of the liver.

When the human body feels obvious liver region discomfort, or if there is a problem with the body, there is a problem with the liver during examination. At that time, it was already middle and late, and there would be difficulties in treatment.

It is very important to nourish the liver and protect the liver, which is equivalent to protecting life.It is said that drinking a bowl of mung bean soup every day can nourish the liver. This statement has aroused extensive controversy once it was proposed.Is this credible?Let’s take a look at what the doctor says.

【The nutritional ingredients of mung beans】

Mung beans are commonly used: green beans.Sexual flavor returns: cool and sweet.Better and stomach meridians.

Nutritional ingredients: Contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iron, vitamin A, B vitamin, vitamin C and other nutrients.

[Can mung beans be antidote?.

Eating mung beans may be medicinal, and it may cause mutual response between mung beans and Chinese medicine, and has a certain effect of reducing medicinal properties.

Therefore, it is not possible to drink mung bean soup when taking Chinese medicine eggs, and do not eat mung beans, otherwise it may disrupt the medicine.It can not achieve the treatment effect of the drug, which is not conducive to the recovery and improvement of the disease.

For those who are healthy, you can drink a small amount of mung bean soup to achieve the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat and diuretic swelling.

[Is the mung bean fire?.

Doctor: Mung beans have the effect of fire.

Mung bean has a cold and cold taste, and has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving heat and clearing heat.It can treat pharyngitis, tonsil inflammation, sore swelling and so on.

When applying for specific applications, you can take an appropriate amount of mung beans to drink water and drink, or drink rice porridge with mung bean.Mung beans are rich in vitamins, trace elements, and protein, fat, etc. The vitamin B family content is also very high, and it also has a good effect of protecting the liver and liver.

Mung beans are rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, and minerals. Drinking some mung bean soup in summer can play a role in clearing heat and relieving heat.

Especially in a high -temperature sweating environment, drinking a bowl of mung bean soup can supplement the electrolytes lost by the human body and can quickly supplement energy.

In addition, mung bean soup can also play a certain role in bacteriostatic. Studies show that the extract of mung bean clothing can have a significant inhibitory effect on bacteria, and the flavonoids contained in it can also play a effect of sterilization and anti -inflammatory.

In addition, the most important ingredient in mung beans is food fiber, which can help reduce blood lipids and blood pressure, and make the human blood environment reach a relatively better level.

In addition, the ingredients in mung beans can improve the liver environment, especially to promote the metabolism of the liver, and have the effect of preservation of the liver to enhance the cell activity.

And some experts with liver disease have found that for people with strong liver fire, drinking more mung bean soup properly can help stabilize the spirit and relieve depression.

1. Clear heat and heat up the heat

In ancient my country, people often used mung bean soup to solve the heat, and in the summer, drinking some mung bean soup every day to prevent us from getting angry, so mung bean soup also has a certain effect of clearing heat.

The reason why mung beans can clear heat and relieve heat are related to the antioxidant substances contained in mung beans, so mung bean soup is called one of the best summer foods in summer.

2. Anti -inflammatory sterilization

There are many effects of mung bean soup, and the more common effects of anti -inflammatory and sterilization. Chinese medicine in my country pointed out that mung beans are clearing heat and detoxifying drugs.

Its seeds and decoction liquid contain physiological active substances such as alkaloids, fragrant beanins, and plant alcohols. They have important promotion effects on the human body and the physiological metabolism activities of animals.

3. Protect cardiovascular health

The polysaccharide ingredients contained in mung beans can enhance the activity of serum lipoprotein, so it can promote blood lipid balance and protect cardiovascular health.

Furthermore, this kind of globulin and polysaccharides can promote the decomposition of cholesterol in animals, reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the human body, and play a role in preventing three highs.The combination of the two can greatly reduce the chance of the onset of heart disease such as angina pectoris, coronary heart disease, and arteriosclerosis in summer.

1. Do not add salt when cooking mung bean soup

Although most people should put sugar, some people do not like to eat sweetness. If you have three high friends, you ca n’t eat more sugar, you will add salt when cooking mung bean soup.

But this is not desirable. Salt will destroy water -soluble vitamins in mung beans, and the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying mung beans will also be reduced.There are also friends who have a softer taste, add alkali, and also destroy vitamins in mung beans.

2. People with cold constitutions should not drink more mung bean soup

People with cold constitutions are manifested as: cold and weak limbs, cold waist and legs, and thin diarrhea.

Drinking mung bean soup will aggravate the symptoms, and even cause digestive diseases such as chronic gastritis caused by chronic gastritis caused by chronic gastritis caused by chronic gastritis caused by chronic gastritis caused by chronic gastritis caused by dehydration (caused by severe diarrhea), qi and blood stagnation.

3. It is not advisable to boil mung bean soup with iron pot

Most of the active ingredients of mung beans are in mung bean skin. After the effect of flavonoids and metal ions in mung bean skin, it may form a darker complex.The color of the mung bean soup is dark, and it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort and indigestion after consumption. You can use a casserole or stainless steel pot.

4. Mung bean soup cannot drink every day

Although mung bean soup has the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat, it cannot be drinking every day, because the long -term use of mung bean -based cold for a long time will cause a certain adverse effect on the spleen and stomach function.

Most people drink mung bean soup too much, gastrointestinal diseases such as cold diarrhea can occur.Women can drink gynecological symptoms such as leucorrhea, abdominal distension, and dysmenorrhea.

Note: Generally, adults drink 2 or 3 times a week, each bowl of each time.Children must depend on their physical fitness. It is best to consult a doctor first.Generally speaking, when children start eating porridge at the age of 2 to 3, they can add some mung beans.After 6 years old, you can drink the amount of adults.

5. It should not be cooked for too long

The reason why mung beans can achieve heatstroke prevention are related to polyphenol antioxidant substances. Cooking for ten minutes in the process of cooking mung bean soup and then pouring these water. At this time, the effect is the best.

Among them, the active substances in mung bean skins are the strongest.If you want to eat mung beans, you can add water to continue cooking until you cook the mung beans.

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