What changes will it bring to women in pregnancy?How to improve through medical beauty?

What changes will we bring to our women …

The point is how a series of problems that occur after pregnancy can be improved through medical aesthetics. Sheep will give specific practical solutions without looking at blood loss.

The change brought by pregnancy to the body

Let’s take a look at how much fatter becomes fat.

Although everyone has a sense of pregnancy and avoiding too fat, we are not female stars, at least at least 20 pounds of fat.

The culprit that causes your body to go and the skin becomes relaxed

This is pork, and the body fat of pigs is only 15%.

However, this is just a superficial change …

For the body, the uterus increases from 7*4*2cm to 35*25*22cm, an increase of more than 300 times.The abdominal capacity is the place where the baby is accommodating, which needs to reach more than 4000 ml, an increase of more than 140 times.

I have to sigh, the greatness and magic of women!I want to say: Mom, I love you!

Looking at the picture is more intuitive, all your organs must be squeezed to this little life, so Sister Li said that after giving birth, I feel that the internal organs have shifted. It is really exaggeration. It is a fact.

The most direct impact of this part is -the abdominal straight muscle is broken, so for a long time after production, the abdomen is loose and loose. If you want to return to the previous state, the sheep has to say that it is really difficult to say that it is really difficultEssence

If it is just loose, it is okay to train little by little. Although it has been a long time, there is always a way to save. The most scary is -pregnancy.

It can be said that from the beginning of the first stretch marks you start, there is almost no way to stop it. It is useless to apply any oil and what massage is used.

One or two can still be accepted. Some babies have a lot of them. Sheep really feels distressed when she looks at it.And whether the stretch marks will be the genetic, there is no good prevention method at present.

Physiological changes may be possible, but psychological changes are easily overlooked.

The tension and anxiety during pregnancy leads to the huge conversion and fatigue of emotions. It is very easy to appear very easy to appear. Sometimes it is like a small seed. I do n’t know which moment.

The emotional fluctuations and hormones caused by pregnancy can inspire another problem -pregnancy spots, commonly known as melasma.Bao, who often read sheep articles, should know that melasma is the most difficult to solve. The cause is complex and active is easy to excite. It can be called a big problem with the beauty of medical beauty.

For those who are pregnant, almost 100%have chloasma, and some people naturally fade back after life, while some people will never disappear, just like two symmetrical butterfly wings on both sides of their cheeks.

Sheep should hold the big horn and say

Women themselves are more sensitive, and pregnancy is not a matter of one person. Reliable teammates are very important. Family’s understanding and accompanying and action support is indispensable. It is definitely one of your emotional stability.

Choosing to be a mother is really brave!Come and let the sheep hug!

Which medical aesthetics can improve various postpartum problems

Sheep actually hear the most sad sentence: "My youth is gone"

The factors that cause this sentence are often due to the body’s body, stretch marks and pregnancy spots caused by pregnancy.

Don’t be afraid, follow the sheep down, you can find the corresponding improvement method.

1. Stretch marks

The enlarged uterus protrudes in the pelvic cavity and develops towards the abdomen, causing skin elastic fiber and abdominal muscles to be extended because it needs to become larger.

When exceeding a certain limit, the skin elastic fiber is broken, and the abdominal tendon is separated to varying degrees.

The incidence of stretch marks is 70%-90%, but it is only different.

Some are light pink, and some are purple -red, but most of them will become white in the end. Medicine is called linear scar -like stripes.The stretch marks basically do not feel, but the skin is so exaggerated. Many people react itching, but they cannot catch it.

The stretch marks are also different, divided into the early purple -red and the later light white.

If you still have a sense of improvement in purple -red, basically the photon rejuvenation can be used. The principle has been written before. It directly acts on hemoglobin through strong pulse light, which is the same as removing red blood.

Once it becomes a light white in the later period, it is more difficult, but it is okay, it can still be improved in terms of medical beauty.

1. Law laser

Treasures pay attention to distinguish the laser and non -deprivation of laser laser.

Small wounds are extended, and the recovery period is longer, but it is effective for this scar and stretch marks.

Non -invasive non -invasive, you can touch the water on the same day as you go, but the effect will be discounted. Don’t be fooled.

In terms of skin levels, the orderly laser with a laser can be directly reached to the dermis layer, which can produce new collagen through the principle of light thermal tissue.

These new collagen will re -stimulate the sense of mission!Arranged into a new ordered collagen, and re -connected those collapsed collagen points that were broken.

The translation is to let the deep -cut tissue grow slowly, and those stretch marks will become less.

In general, the treatment cycle is generally 5-6 times, and the early effect will not be obvious, but if you persist, you must not give up.

The treatment interval between each time is also long. I do it once every two or three months. The overall time is really long, but the effect is really worth it.

2. Gold microneedle

Gold micro -needle sheep also said, first of all, it can achieve the dermis layer, which is a standard in terms of repair conditions.Micro -injection to stimulate the epidermis tissue is also the purpose of collagen regeneration.

The best thing is that it has radio frequency technology!The thermal energy generated by high -energy electromagnetic waves can restore the skin to elasticity.It is the same reason for stretch marks. The collagen loss of the face will cause the facial skin to relax and sag.

Therefore, the golden microneedle is a strong union in the treatment of stretch marks.The tight skin + dermis layer collagen regeneration reorganization will be better.

But there is a small disadvantage of gold micro -needle, which is expensive.However, compared with our youth, it may not be expensive. The treasures measted it by themselves. We still have a laser to choose!

A small egg: the same theory of obese patterns and growth patterns can be treated.

3. Other treatment methods

Lightning avoidance: essential oil products can only moisturize the epidermis. For stretch marks of the dermis layer, it is useless.

At present, there is another method for the treatment of stretch marks -micro -needle.

If you look at the principle of micro -needle treatment, there is no difference from the golden micro acupuncture.

However, compared to the first two projects:

First: Micro -needle is not good to choose really length and depth of control

Second: manually mixing medicinal solution (growth factor or collagen) that can really penetrate cannot be controlled

Third: The improvement of micro -needle for pigment migration and elimination is also relatively small

The three steps above, for removing stretch marks, one step cannot be less.

The above figure is the treatment effect of microneedles. Compared with the previous two, it is still a bit unsatisfactory in terms of the three aspects of the skin’s firmness, improvement of pigmentation, and grain improvement.

And the manual micro -needle is really painful, and the range of the belly is so large. The sheep does not want the BB to take the road, so choose the dot laser and gold micro -needle that is more fast and effective.

Second, pregnancy spots/melasma

There are several characteristics of melasma: the cause is complex, active is easy to stimulate, and recurrence after treatment is high.Especially because of pregnancy, the treasures of melasma are often depressed, forming a vicious circle, leading to the aggravation of spots.

So melasma is really a headache!It is difficult to control and it is difficult to control once and for all. Treatment of melasma is like a hand that wants to love but dare not extend.

At present, there is no good way to cure melasma, but the medical beauty projects that improve melasma are definitely there. Adhering to the treatment of treatment can be greatly improved.

Meat is divided into active period and stability period.

Stable period: The color has been stable and has not changed for a long time -solution refer to 1, 2

Active period: the area of spots shows signs of enlarged, and the red color continues to deepen -the solution refer to 3

If you want to know more about the melasma, you can go to the hospital to illuminate the Wood Lantern ~

1. Shallow chemical exfoliation -brushing acid

The principle is to dissolve and abuse of the epidermis, promote the production of new collagen and glycosamine polysaccharides, and metabolize the chloasma of the epidermis.

Come on the babies who are against each other!If you have chloasma and acne muscle or oil skin, then the acid brushing must be the first choice. The sheep said before that brushing can not only slow down chloasma, but also eliminate inflammation, acne, and whitening ~

Professional acid brushing is a medical behavior, and you can’t operate at home!Be careful to burn yourself!

2. Laser treatment -photon rejuven

Let’s talk about why you don’t choose ultra -skin seconds to treat melasma. Isn’t the ultra -skin seconds called the freckle king project?

That’s right, it is still, but it is not suitable for melasma with active period, saying the easiest reason.Because it is very expensive, if you have chloasma, you can only use the lowest energy and cannot use the blasting mode. It is not cost -effective!

BB knows it!This is the truth of sheep!

Q qi and photon rejuvenation have the right wavelength (755, 1064nm are more recommended) for the treatment of melasma, and the price is cost -effective, because the treatment of large light spots and low energy is required.

The principle of freckle removal is the same: based on light thermal effects on the affected area, according to the depth of the skin and color spots, choose the laser with the corresponding wavelength, decompose the subcutaneous pigment into a very small, extremely easily metabolic particles, and then use the body’s metabolism to metabolizedischarge.

3. Drugs auxiliary treatment -hydrogen cream cream, oral ammonia methamphetamine

To be honest, for the active melasma, try not to mess with it, otherwise it is easy to stimulate more, and you have to lose it. Choosing this method of applying and orally is the most secure. Although the effect is slow, it is basically insisting on one or two months.Can see the effect.

If the stable chloasma is selected for other treatment methods, it will double the effect.

Third, body shape

The body is actually a good solution. The easiest way is -a regular diet + exercise.

If you combine your doctor’s advice during pregnancy and control your diet reasonably, you can also achieve the effect of preventing too much weight.

However, sometimes our thoughts are too optimistic. During pregnancy, it is not just fat, but also the skin becomes loose and edema.After being supported, it is loose, and how to exercise can not return.

In fact, the traditional liposuction surgery is also very obvious to improve the body, but many treasures are afraid of performing surgery. Sheep finds you a few non -operating ones, but you need treatment for treatment ~

1. In MODE diamond refinement -fat dissolution and firmness

For the loose belly after production, the exercise alone restores the skin’s firmness, and even if it becomes thinner, it will be discharged.

Diamond carving has the temperature control technology of ACE patent, avoiding the risk of burns while dissolving.

Coupled with RFAL technology to allow the current from the internal electrode flow of the deep fat layer to the outer electrode placed on the surface of the skin, forming a closed ring circuit, which can solve the fat, which can shrink the skin dermis, subcutaneous fascia layer, and septum layer.One effect at three levels to achieve the effect of instantly firming the skin.

But the treasures, this is equivalent to minimally invasive surgery, because the needle is needed to dissolve in the needle, and it will leave the needle eye with a needle.The recovery period is about 5-7 days. After surgery, we need to wear 3-5 days.

I have to say that it is quite powerful, which can achieve such firming and minimally invasive, and basically no traces can be seen.

There are also hand tools on the face. For the double chin of swelling and relaxing after production, it is very suitable. The facial wounds are basically invisible.

2. Meixusi -fat -dissolving muscle increase

Many treasures are not satisfied with the improvement of simple skin firming, and they want to have "abdominal muscles". Frankly, sheep think that sheep really wants to see myself with abdominal muscles.

Look at the live case of the new oxygen community, and the changes after ten times after ten times have indeed come out of the abdominal muscles.

The advantage of Meixus is that it is completely non -invasive. It dissolves fat while stimulating and shrinking the muscles by high -intensity focusing on electromagnetic waves.

It is said that the treatment of Meixius’s abdomen is equivalent to 3,000 sit -ups. It is not unreasonable.For the pursuit of higher treasures, Miushins is indeed a treasure.

In the same way, Meixus can also apply to arms, legs, hips, and basically want to improve through fitness.

3. BTL happy chair -Kiger Movement

Who wants to be crooked, go to the wall first!

For postpartum mothers, leakage of urine, pelvic foundation, and prominent abdomen are very important and need to pay attention to it.

I believe that the treasures have heard -Caiger Movement.It can promote postpartum repair, strengthen PC muscles, prevent and treat urine leakage, etc. For women, it is as important as an anal lifting!

The happy chair is to focus on the electromagnetic field through non -invasive high -intensity to stimulate the motor neuron to control the bottom muscles of the basin to perform super contraction exercise to re -activate your pelvic floor muscle tissue.

The online announcement of a 30 -minute happy chair treatment is equivalent to 10,000 Kigel movements. Sheep does not know the true or false, and there are not many cases in this project, but there are such real solutions to women’s postpartum postpartum delivery.Projects of demand are still very good.

After seeing so many solutions, I suddenly felt the development of medical beauty, and how great the baby who chose to be a mother was.

When you have experienced the most painful moments in the world, you have harvested a baby that is related to your blood, perhaps the significance of pregnancy.

But at the same time, sheep also wants to say that choosing to be pregnant is your own right, and it is equivalent to being able to follow his inner thoughts.

Today, every harvest Baozi is coming to kiss the sheep!You just need to enjoy the happiness of pregnancy. These external troubles are given to the sheep to solve it for you ~

With sheep hooks, be sure to be the happiest mother!

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