What did you bring to a woman?

Let’s talk about myself. As soon as I found that I was pregnant, I started to get used to myself. It was easy to be hungry. I ate it when I was hungry. I happily got 10 pounds in a month.

And it is very easy to get tired. I love to sleep. I could visit the street for a day before, and I didn’t breathe, but when I was three months pregnant, I took a wedding photo for one morning and I was tired. I wanted to sleep.

This kind of fatigue is increasing day by day. When it is about to give birth, I almost eat and sleep, sleep and eat …

Starting pregnancy from two months of pregnancy, although I do n’t eat anything, the feeling of disgusting has always been, it feels like something is on my throat.The feeling of being hungry and disgusting is also wonderful. Often, it is the most uncomfortable after eating. I want to vomit. I do n’t feel much more comfortable when I vomit. This state continues until the fifth month of pregnancy.

Due to pregnancy, the weight has not increased due to pregnancy, but the breasts have been visible to the naked eye "secondary development", and stretch marks have grown quickly.

Well, the first stretch marks I started was breasts.The first time the stretch marks were found, it was four months. At this time, the stomach was only slightly dragon.Originally, I just wiped out the stretch marks and emulsion, but there were only one and no one, but after I found that the stretch marks, I was afraid to die. I wiped it every morning and evening.

In the fourth month, there was a fetal movement, and there was a jump on the lower abdomen, as if the fish swimming in the stomach.Whenever this is the outbreak of motherly love, I want to give everything in the world the best in the belly ~

Starting from the fifth month, there are fewer and less pregnancy, and appetite has increased greatly. The hunger that starts from pregnancy has become more and more fierce.

Eat when you are hungry. If you do n’t, you love sweets very much. I also love sweetness, but at this time I eat a small cake every day.In the fifth month, the amount of rice gradually surpassed my husband …

I don’t want to eat so much, but I am hungry ………. I could bear it when I was hungry before, but at this time, I was hungry, but I felt very terrible.

Of course, I know that my body may not need so much calories, but I am hungry …………..

Well, when I was in the sixth month of pregnancy, I found the first stretch marks on my stomach. After crying for an afternoon, I more seriously painted the stretch marks, which changed from twice a day to three times a day.

Of course, in the end, I did not avoid my stomach covered with stretch marks, which was later.

In the middle of pregnancy, it was the happiest time. There was no pregnancy. The body was flexible. It was okay to bouncing every day. The belly was getting bigger and bigger. At five months, someone gave me a seat.

In the late pregnancy, stretch marks were not only climbed with stomachs, but also all over the thighs, calves, and more lotion. At this time, I almost gave up and accepted this fact.Drinking, the cumulative increase of more than 30 pounds when the weight of pregnancy was seventh -month.All clothes cannot be worn.

When I returned to my hometown to give birth in the ninth month, my brother saw me pregnant for the first time, and I did not recognize me through the road that was not wide.

At this time, I, obese, puffiness, rough skin.When I took a bath, I found that my armpit became dark, and I couldn’t rub it. The whole person was so fat that he was so fat. Obviously, he looked like he was 30 years old.

And the amount of meals is amazing. One person can eat the amount of two people. When you eat it, you feel satisfied. Once he spit himself … and he was very sleepy. The whole person was like a pig, and he couldn’t control to eat and sleep.

Take 5000-6000 steps at a time, you can breathe, climb the stairs, and obviously feel your bulky. This feeling is strange, as if it is not your body.

I am very afraid of heat in the second trimester, love sweating, and everyone wears sweaters in autumn, but I feel that wearing short sleeves is just right.Continue until life.

The next day after giving birth, my appetite immediately returned to normal. I was not hungry. I was no longer as good as a tiger like a tiger, and the amount of rice was much smaller.The feeling of fear of heat is gone, just like normal people.But the stretch marks brought to me by pregnancy can never stand …………

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