What did you go through the "little tadpoles" that could not be combined with eggs?Netizen: more exciting than adventure

Everyone knows that if women want to bred, they must have a process of "combination of essence eggs", and after combining fertilized eggs, only when the fertilized eggs are successfully bed on the palace wall, and survive can it be regarded as a real conception.Essence

Because the vast majority of people only pay attention to breeding, is it more successful when preparing for pregnancy?Few people are paying attention to, where did they go?

1. Be "sour" to death

Friends who have studied creatures should know that the pH value of women’s reproductive parts is biased towards weak acidity, and the pH index is between 3.8 and 4.5.The survival environment of "small tadpoles" is weakly alkaline, and the pH index is between 7.2 ~ 7.8.

Whether it is acidic or an alkaline environment, it may lead to the loss of "small tadpoles".Therefore, when "small tadpoles" enter women’s body, part of the activity is weak or the "small tadpoles" with low quality may lose their activity before long.

It can be described as "unfavorable to the teacher", and it has been "sour" before the battlefield.Some of the small tadpoles that are "sour" may be absorbed in women, and the other part will be excreted with urine or secretions.

2. Lost activity on the road

Under normal circumstances, after the "small tadpoles" are excreted, the longest may survive for 2 to 3 days.Therefore, the "small tadpoles" can only stay in a woman’s body for only 2 to 3 days.

In this case, some "small tadpoles" with low activity or poor endurance. Under the action of the acidic environment, coupled with long roads, not only must we pass through the long birth canal, but also pass through the tubal tube.The process will be "boiled" slowly.

Some netizens teased before, "’War’ died in the ‘sand field’.", And some netizens said, "This is simply more exciting than adventure." So for this part of "small tadpoles", after they lost their activity, they went to go and went to go.Where is it?

Similarly, some of them are slowly absorbed by women’s bodies, and the other part is excreted with urine or secretions.

3. Combining points and combination points

We all know that men will excrete tens of millions or hundreds of millions of "small tadpoles" at one time. Although the road is either "sour" or "boiled", there will be a large part of the event with eggs.

But encounter does not mean that it will definitely succeed. After all, there are only one "small tadpole" that can eventually be combined with eggs. If you are lucky enough, maybe there will be two or more "small tadpoles"."The same ovarian twins".

Most of the "small tadpoles" are relatively pitiful, and it is difficult to get to the main venue, but because they can’t squeeze other "small tadpoles", they can only look at it from a distance, or live in the gaps.

There are also some "small tadpoles" that are distressing. They obviously exposed to the receptor and tried to combine with the eggs, but in the end, because the matching was unsuccessful, they could only give up the opportunity and let other "small tadpoles" try.

Of course, it is also possible that all the "small tadpoles" can not be successfully paired with the eggs. In the end, all the "small tadpoles" also faced two endings, absorbing or excreted.

For men in pregnancy, the activity and quality of "small tadpoles" are critical. If the "small tadpoles" have survived for a long time and the quality is better, the chance of conception will also be greatly improved.

1. Smoking less and drinking less

Whether it is alcohol or nicotine, it has certain harm to the male body. If it takes a long time and a lot of intake, it will also lead to the lower activity and quality of the "small tadpoles".

Therefore, it is not recommended that male friends often smoke or drink, and usually try to control their desires in this regard.Of course, it is also necessary to stay away from the second -hand smoke environment. There are 100,000 people in my country dying each year due to second -hand cigarettes. It can be seen how much second -hand smoke is!

2. The rules of schedule

Data show that young men stay up late than women, but because women’s bodies are more sensitive, after staying up late, the body shows cyclical disorder and inflammation, while men are not so obvious.

This is why most men think that staying up late has not affected them. In fact, it is not without effect. The activity and quality of the "small tadpoles" have been obviously affected!

3. Appropriate exercise

Sports can help men enhance the activity and quality of "small tadpoles", which is mainly because exercise can improve the metabolism of male new city and stabilize the balance of body hormone.

If male friends can adhere to a certain amount of exercise every day and ensure that sleep and diet are secure, then you don’t have to worry about the quality problem of "small tadpoles".

Of course, pregnancy is not a matter of one person. In addition to urging her husband to pay attention to all aspects, female friends must also take relevant measures to improve the quality of eggs.Only in this way can "small tadpoles" better meet the eggs and have a beautiful ending.

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