What diseases can acupuncture treat?

In the field of acupuncture, there are few good clinical research trials, and the follow -up assessment of many diseases treated by acupuncture artists is also very poor.Therefore, in some cases mentioned below, it is impossible to clearly explain the success of acupuncture.

Readers must also recognize two important facts -first, acupuncture, like any treatment, cannot guarantee cure diseases.The treatment of some diseases is more successful (acupuncture through acupuncture), while others are not successful, but no disease has a 100% response to any form of treatment.Secondly, some suggestions made in order to illustrate the effectiveness of acupuncture, especially under specific conditions, it is just a basis of speculation.Some regions do not have information about acupuncture success rates. The only suggestion that can be given is based on the clinical experience of individual practitioners.

Before starting acupuncture, no matter what the treatment is, the wise approach is to make a clear diagnosis.This allows patients and acupuncture artists to be able to properly treat complaints and objectively evaluate the results of the treatment.Western medicine may provide an excellent therapy for specific diseases. In this case, it is recommended that patients perform acupuncture.

Many of the facts and data quoted below are the result of clinical trials conducted in China, so it is worth mentioning several facts about these "Chinese tests".They involve assessment of a large number of patients, sometimes as many as 10,000, but the successful and failure assessment of the published is often unclear, and the research design is also bad.The Chinese have also treated their patients for a long time. Stroke patients may receive 100 or 200 acupuncture treatment before they are announced or failed.

All these factors will cause difficulties when discussing specific diseases, but despite this, I still try to objectively evaluate the impact of acupuncture on some common diseases.Such a short chapter cannot cover the entire medical scope, so some complaints have been excluded.

I hope that the future research work will provide information on the impact of acupuncture on a variety of diseases, because only this information can make acupuncture as a recognized form of treatment.

Muscle, bones, and joints are usually collectively referred to as muscle skeletal systems.When this system occurs or damage, it always causes pain. Most people use words such as rheumatism or arthritis to describe this type of pain.Before discussing the impact of acupuncture on such pain, it is important to clarify the condition that it is collectively referred to as "rheumatism", because some rheumatoid diseases have a good response to acupuncture, and others seem to have a poor response.

Three main types of damage occurred in the muscle skeletal system; the first is suddenly injured or sprained, which may be family damage, or may occur in sports or car accidents.This usually leads to local pain and bruises that last for several days or even weeks.The other main group is arthritis, which can be divided into two important types, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Bone arthritis is by far the most common type of arthritis, which can be considered "wear" damage to joints.It usually occurs in the elderly, and it often affects the spine (neck and lower back), hips, knees, elbows and shoulders.No one knows the exact cause of osteoarthritis; it can sometimes spread in the family, or it may be due to early serious local injuries, such as fractures.Osteitis often occurs in one or two main weight joints of the body, but it usually does not affect all the joints of the body.Pain fluctuates caused by osteoarthritis; if a person suffers from knee osteoarthritis, he will have knee pain for a while, and the pain is not so serious at other times.

X -rays of osteoarthritis joints seem to be uneven and show some joint damage, but this X -ray film discovery has nothing to do with the pain that suffers.If joint damage can be proved on X -rays, patients may not have severe pain. Conversely, patients may have severe pain, and X -ray examination results are rare.The main problem of osteoarthritis is pain, which in turn leads to universal lack of activity and joint activity.

Rheumatoid arthritis is far less common than osteoarthritis, and it represents a completely different disease process.Small non -inheritance joints of hands and feet are affected by proactive damage.This process is very small, and occasionally leads to joint malformations.

Suddenly injured or sprains usually have a good response to acupuncture.Pain caused by shoulder sprains usually lasts for several days or weeks after the initial injury.Once a clear diagnosis is made, acupuncture can usually be used to relieve this type of pain.Many of these "acute pain" represent a process of self -limiting diseases.For example, small burns usually suffer from pain within a few days, and then disappear.If acupuncture is used as a form of pain to relieve pain, then it only takes a few days to "relieve pain".Because of the natural course of pain, it is difficult to clearly understand the impact of acupuncture on this "brief pain".In China, acupuncture is usually used to treat acute pain.

The experience of various acupuncturers, including myself, shows that about 70% of those who receive different acute pain status treatment have obtained rapid and significant pain relief.If there is fracture, the pain relief obtained from acupuncture is not as good as the pain caused by strain or tearing of muscle, tendon or ligament.The main advantage of treating these acute pain with acupuncture is that chronic pain can be avoided.Sudden shoulder injury may cause pain and motion of months or even years, but if acupuncture is used during pain, it seems to avoid chronic pain.These "impressions" about acupuncture for acute pain have been cited in the West and China,

Booth arthritis and rheumatism caused by joint injury of this type are a very common problem.People often complain that their arthritis has more serious knee pain in cold or humid weather, which clearly shows the origin of the concept of primary primary in traditional Chinese medicine.The pathogens of osteoarthritis are almost cold or humid, so these pains should be treated by local heating.

A large number of research work has been carried out to study the effects of acupuncture on the pain caused by osteoarthritis.Some of these work are very good, but some work is poor due to various technical reasons.The clinical trials of knees, hip, elbow, neck and low back pain have been completed. The information of these tests shows that about 70% of people who accept acupuncture can significantly relieve pain.Some studies have shown that only 50% of people benefit from acupuncture, while other trials show that 95% of patients benefit.

The effect of acupuncture in the treatment of osteoarthritis will not continue forever, and existing research shows that its effect will gradually weaken after about 6 to 9 months.Some people may relieve pain significantly within two years, but most people who have relieved from acupuncture need to be treated for further treatment after about six months.Treatment is usually as effective as the first or third.

Boxen arthritis is a disease that naturally causes intermittent pain and discomfort.Patients may find that their bone arthritis knees are relatively painless within 9 months, and then experience the pain period of 6 months.Therefore, the effect of any treatment must be compared with the natural history of the disease process, which may cause it to explain the result of individual treatment.Acupuncture also has the "magic quality" that pills do not have, so it is difficult to compare the effect of "magic" with the true effect of acupuncture.Despite these problems, acupuncture is a safe and effective method of orthopedic arthritis.

The effect of acupuncture on rheumatoid arthritis is not so clear.In the early stages of rheumatoid arthritis, there are some evidence that acupuncture may increase pain, so many acupuncturers do not treat acute rheumatoid arthritis.After a few months, the acute inflammation phase faded, and the residual joint destruction could lead to the development of secondary osteoarthritis.This type of pain is suitable for acupuncture, and it is the same as the reaction of other osteoarthritis pain and pain.

Chronic pain caused by muscle skeletal system diseases are usually suitable for acupuncture treatment.The published studies have shown that many years of pain can respond to the same pain in only a few months; therefore, from the perspective of existing information, it can be said that acupuncture is "always worth trying in this case.

Headache may be caused by a variety of factors; neck arthritis, dental problems, sinusitis, pressure and tension, and head injury are a small part of many reasons.Headache has been treated as a separate part because they are very common and span many "body systems".

Migraphy is a special type of headache, which is worth mentioning.Migraine can be induced by various stimulating factors such as food, noise, and stress. Such headaches are usually accompanied by severe disabled pain, nausea, vomiting, and visual patterns or flash in front of the eyes.Many people describe severe "tension headaches" as migraine. Although these headaches are not migraine in the strict sense, the dividing lines between other headaches and migraine are usually quite vague.Migraine may be considered a serious headache related to nausea.

Headache is a common complaint, and it is also well known that it is difficult to effectively treat the complaint. They may lead to quite a lot of pain and marriage discord.Acupuncture has been used to treat a variety of headaches, especially migraine, and the results obtained are very encouraging.Published studies have shown that 65-95% of patients with pain have obtained significant and lasting pain relief through acupuncture treatment.The reaction of migraine seems to be as good as other types of headache or even better.

Treatment of headaches can cause headaches to completely disappear, or occur with significantly reduced strength and/or frequencies.Acupuncture can last for several years, and the frequency of re -treatment of headaches is usually less than other diseases (such as osteoarthritis).

Stroke is caused by brain blood supply disorders.Blood vessels that are usually bleeding to the brain are damaged due to obstruction or bleeding.This leads to insufficient blood supply to the brain tissue, and these incidents may be promoted by multiple factors, such as increased blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and severe head damage.The brain is divided into many different functional areas, one regional control language, while the other region controls tactile and pain.Dysfunction caused by stroke depends on the damaged brain area; if the area of the speech is damaged due to insufficient blood supply, the patient may not be able to speak normally.

In China, acupuncture is the standard therapy for stroke.In the West, the main method of treating strokes is language treatment, physical therapy and occupational treatment, but the Chinese think that these methods are less than acupuncture.Scalp acupuncture and body acupuncture are technologies that can help stroke recovery.The research work so far shows that acupuncture has increased the blood supply to the brain, and due to some unspeakable reason, this seems to improve functional capacity and promote recovery after stroke.

China’s clinical trials show that about 80% of strokes can achieve some effects through acupuncture.These experiments are difficult to explain clearly, because a large number of stroke patients will recover spontaneously; in addition, China’s test design is not good, and the exact definition of successful treatment and failure is unclear.The success rate of claim is very high, but to some extent, this success rate is reflected in the experience of various doctors in the West.No matter what people criticize Chinese research methods, Western medicine is often incomparable with stroke patients, so acupuncture is always worth considering.Ideally, the stroke should be treated within six months after the injury.Patients may continue to benefit for up to two years after stroke, but usually,

Neural pain is a group of diseases that have little knowledge and often pain.The next section will discuss more common and clearly defined neuralgia types.

Trigeminal nerve pain is usually severe unilateral facial pain.The reason is unclear, but the facial spasm of pain is usually caused by cold or wind.Chinese claims that about 70% of trigeminal neuromuscillary cases can be treated through acupuncture.Judging from the experience of Western acupuncture artist, this success rate represents a quite high number, although acupuncture can undoubtedly have a useful impact on this type of pain.

Nervous pain after shingles is the pain that occurs after the seizures of shingles.Sons of shingles is a neurovirus infection. The nerve affected by shingles occasionally causes severe pain after clearing herpes zoster.

Tibetan seductivation god menstrual pain is a rare disease in our country; this may be because the Chinese use acupuncture to treat all shingles cases before the development of herpes zosteriopathic nerve development.It has other possible explanations in the decline in the incidence of China, which may be affected by the painful diet or racial characteristics of shingles. However, it is more reasonable.Treatment of shingles.It seems that about 40% of patients with herpes zosteriopathic puppet pain have gained a certain degree of long -term benefits from acupuncture.If this number can be confirmed by appropriate clinical research work, this will represent the major progress of this disease.

A lot of pain is usually described as neuralgia.Many of them occur as facial pain, and most of them cause serious discomfort.Trying acupuncture to reduce these pains is always worth it.Some people have responded, and some people do not; if they do not specify the exact cause and type of neuralgia that are being treated in detail, it is impossible to give successful numbers, or even estimates.

The treatment of diseases such as anxiety and depression is difficult and objective, because the problem itself is difficult to evaluate objectively, so there is no clear data on acupuncture treatment.

Nevertheless, many acupuncture artists, including Chinese, treat various "mental disorders" with acupuncture.Many people say that acupuncture is significantly effective for helping to help insomnia and urine beds, and can also create a overall happiness.

Patients who receive acupuncture for acupuncture are usually noticed how they feel after treatment.The "cure rate" number of these problems is very misleading, because these diseases will naturally recur and relieve, and when they are involved in sympathetic audiences, they usually improve.However, I think it can be said fairly that acupuncture sometimes affects emotional changes, which significantly helps these problems.

The Chinese have completed some tests that define more clear and serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia.In a trial involving more than 400 patients, they claimed that the cure rate of this disease was 54%, and another 30% of patients showed "significant improvement".These numbers are very high, and if it is correct, it is also the most interesting.They evaluated the standards of "healing" or "significant improvements" did not clearly explain, so it is difficult to determine whether these results are valid.

Acupuncture has a lot of arguments for the effects of various "neurotomy", but unfortunately, there is no good evidence to confirm or refute these claims; however, it can be clearly seen from various excellent research papers that acupuncture canIt can fundamentally affect many areas of the central nervous system.This work is purely scientific, and it is currently not applicable to the clinical effect of acupuncture treatment.

There are three main types of nerve destruction can cause paralysis.Children may have incomplete nervous systems, such as spine bales, which may cause accidents that destroy some nervous systems, or there may be diseases that cause destruction or dysfunction of nerve tissue.

Chinese researchers claim that acupuncture can be used to treat symptoms of spine bales, such as incontinence in urination, although not claiming that acupuncture will affect anatomical abnormalities.

Traumatic palsy due to accidental destruction of the nervous system can also be treated through a variety of acupuncture technology.Acupuncture must last for a long time, sometimes six months a day, but the results of some Chinese work are encouraged.

They claim that if acupuncture is treated, about 50% to 60% of patients may get significant functional recovery, but the wise approach is to remember that a large number of such injuries will restore significant functions spontaneously.Facial paralysis (Bell Paralysis) is a sudden disease that causes the loss of strength on the facial muscles on the side; the reason is unclear.

Acupuncture can be used to treat this disease. The Chinese claim that the complete recovery rate is 75%, but the same, this disease has a large proportion of spontaneous recovery.The Chinese also claimed that acupuncture has 20% of the income, although there is no fully recovery.Even considering the spontaneous retreat of facial paralysis of known levels, acupuncture seems to be able to provide some extra things.

Acupuncture is said to be effective for Parkinson’s disease, neuro deafness, and many other problems.Some of these statements are far from being confirmed (or confirmed), but remembering that acupuncture is a harmless technology, it is always wise, and sometimes it can produce excellent results under other medical methods.

A large number of clinical research on the impact of acupuncture on the digestive system has not been published, so it is difficult to determine the exact effect of acupuncture on such diseases.Therefore, this section deliberately vague, because it is more wise to quote the exact facts and data without evidence confirmed.Animal experiments in China and the West clearly show that acupuncture does have an impact on the digestive system. Although there is lack of clinical research, there are sufficient reasons to believe that acupuncture can affect various diseases in the digestive system.

Digestion is a symptom rather than a disease. It may be caused by multiple factors, such as excessive indulgence, pressure and acid reflux.It is important to investigate long -term indigestion, so as to clearly determine the exact cause of this symptom.

Stomach acid reflux is one of the common causes of indigestion, and symptoms such as stomach burning usually occur.The feeling of stomach burning is caused by the stimulation caused by the stomach from the stomach to the stomach and the mouth (esophageal) that connects the gastric and mouth.This syndrome may be called "cracking hernia", although various other names can be used to describe exactly the same symptoms.

Acupuncture is not the first choice for all types of indigestion.For example, the best treatment for excessive indulgence is to eat less, but other causes of indigestion, such as cracking hernia and pressure, can definitely accept acupuncture treatment.The exact number of the success rate cannot be obtained, but the "clinical impression" from many acupuncturers shows that about 60% of patients can relieve symptoms through acupuncture.Symptoms do recur, and usually need to be treated again after about 6 to 12 months.

Ulcers are the areas of the original tissue, like tissue found under the scabs of healing wounds.Ulcers can occur in the stomach, usually in the intestinal part of the stomach (gastric ulcer) or food discharged from the stomach (duodenal ulcer).Gastric ulcer is a common problem, but its exact cause is unclear.

In China, acupuncture is the first choice for treating gastric ulcers, and ulcers will definitely heal after acupuncture.Fortunately, these two types of gastric ulcers will heal themselves, which brings great difficulties to evaluate the efficacy of acupuncture to relieve nature.In addition, there are some high -efficiency and relatively non -toxic drugs for treating ulcers.

Twelve -finger ulcers are related to the level of high acid in the stomach.It is unclear how much this factor has affected the development of duodenal ulcers, but it can be fairly speaking that high -acid levels are a factor in the development of ulcers.The research of Chinese physiologists clearly shows that acupuncture can reduce gastric acid, which may be one of the mechanisms for acupuncture to treat gastric ulcers and other digestive system diseases.

The Chinese have published a large number of books on the impact of acupuncture on gallbladder.Acupuncture seems to cause a considerable amount of gallstones in the feces, thereby eliminating the necessity of most surgery to remove gallbladder.Chinese research has caused great interest, but now this work is too early to reach an effective long -term conclusion.

Diarrhea is a symptom that may indicate a variety of diseases; it may be caused by infection (dysentery), inflammation process (colitis), stress or improper diet.Sometimes the clear reason for irregular bowel habits cannot be found. These unclear problems are usually called "intestinal syndrome".The intestinal infection of intestinal infections in China shows that acupuncture can affect the natural course of this disease.The Chinese report said that in this case, acupuncture is performed faster, and there are fewer complications.

It also provides clear evidence that acupuncture "improves" the natural defense ability of the body in these types of infection.There are now a lot of evidence that acupuncture can stimulate the natural defense of the body in many infectious diseases; this once again implies another possible mechanism of acupuncture.Acupuncture can change the activity of the immune system and stimulate immune globulin (help kill chemicals that invades bacteria) and various other important substances.This surveyed effect supports the philosophical view that acupuncture can help the body naturally cure diseases.

Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and colitis are collectively referred to as inflammatory bowel disease.The exact reasons for these problems are unclear.When inflammatory bowel disease is existed, the intestine becomes stiff and inflamed, and patients usually complain about symptoms such as abdominal pain, blood loss, and diarrhea.These diseases are usually difficult to treat with existing western therapy, but sometimes acupuncture can be treated.There is no exact number that currently describes success rates.

The intestinal solid syndrome and diarrhea caused by stress can also be improved through acupuncture, but there is no clear facts and data, which needs to be further studied in the field.

Piles are common causes of human pain; they actually have varicose veins that occur in the anus and rectum.There is no clear data on the cure rate again, but it is said that acupuncture can help treat hemorrhoids.

The asthma breathing is caused by the contraction of the muscle wall of the lung respiratory tube.The narrow air pipe produces "turbulence" airflow, so it can cause breathing or whistle when asthma patients breathe.As the tube entering the lungs narrows, there are fewer air that can enter, which will reduce the oxygen supply of the body.The muscle contraction of the respiratory tube can be stimulated by a variety of substances, such as inhaled dust or pollen, and various foods.

Acupuncture expands the contracted muscle wall; its mechanism is unclear, but there are good Western research data to support this statement.A recent Chinese clinical trial for asthma shows that about 70% of asthma patients have achieved "good results" through acupuncture treatment (about ten treatments) once a year.Acupuncture treatment can reduce the frequency and intensity of asthma attacks within one year.This result is encouraged because it shows that acupuncture can affect the body’s response to the environmental stimulus that causes asthma.

Bronchitis is a common lung disease, which increases due to cigarettes, industrial pollutants and dust.It involves irreparable destruction of lung tissue.Asthma is usually existed in bronchitis, because stimulus such as smoke and dust can cause muscle wall contraction of respiratory tube.

Acupuncture cannot rebuild lung tissue, but by opening the respiratory tube, it can effectively play the remaining lung tissue.Acupuncture and the treatment of bronchitis may be roughly the same as the treatment of asthma, allowing more air to enter the lungs.Recent Chinese studies have shown that about 50% of patients with bronchitis have "benefited" from acupuncture.If the effect is to be maintained, it must be repeatedly treated regularly.

In the West, acupuncture is usually not treated with circulatory diseases, but in China, acupuncture is a common and acceptable treatment method.Various animal experiments conducted in the West clearly support acupuncture to indeed have an impact on the circulatory system.

Angina pectoris is a kind of "spasm" in the heart muscles, which is caused by insufficient blood supply to the heart, which is usually manifested as chest pain during exercise.The Chinese people use precision measurement equipment to complete various experiments to evaluate the impact of acupuncture on the heart. They show that the functional ability and efficiency of myocardial myocardium after acupuncture have significantly improved.

Clinical work further supports this, which shows that about 80% of patients with angina pectoris have been improved after acupuncture.When acupuncture is used to treat angina pectoris, give a course of treatment, and then strengthen treatment every four to six months.

Heart disease often causes abnormal heartbeat rhythm; this may appear as palpitations, irregular heartbeats, or decreased heartbeat.Acupuncture can correct a small number of these arrhythmias.In the determined atrial fibrillation (arrhythmia), acupuncture affects a small number of cases, about 1.5%, although in the recent arrhythmia, acupuncture is valid

Traditional Chinese medicine does not recognize that blood pressure (hypertension) is a disease. Therefore, the focus of acupuncture treatment is to relieve uncommon and blurred symptoms related to increased blood pressure, such as headache and dizziness.In the western medical community, there are great arguments about whether the blood pressure should be actively treating blood pressure as in the past.Acupuncture can reduce blood pressure, but no good job can prove how useful it is for a long or short term.At present, the concept of rising blood pressure and its treatment are unclear, and the status of acupuncture in this issue is not clear.

A large number of western acupuncture artists are using various acupuncture technologies to treat obesity, smoking and severe drug addiction.There are some excellent physiological and clinical evidence to support the use of acupuncture in these fields.The abstinence symptoms experienced by those who quit or detoxify can be relieved by improving the level of endorphins in the nervous system.

Some people think that the desire to eat is also horizontal by endorphin in the brain.Obviously, acupuncture can increase the endorphin level of the entire nervous system.The technology used to improve the level of endorphin is centered on ear needle therapy; the ears may be stimulated by electrical, or a small nail or earrings may be left in the ear for one week.Pressing the apartment needle seems to reduce the desire to smoke or eat, which may be due to the increase in endorphin levels.

It must be emphasized that acupuncture cannot replace willpower.It can only help those who are already motivated and are committed to solving people who have experienced their specific problems.

Acupuncture seems to alleviate hunger that is usually caused by dieting.Many people who accept acupuncture to help lose weight are also diet.It is difficult to accurately evaluate which factors can cause weight loss, acupuncture or diet, or both.Most acupuncturers claim that 40-50% of patients have a significant weight loss during treatment (about 10 pounds).These numbers are blurred because there is no useful test in this field.It seems that ear needles can help suppress hunger, but it is unlikely to affect greed!

In this area, especially in Hong Kong, some outstanding research work has been completed.Obviously, acupuncture can help solve the severe abstinence symptoms experienced by those who get rid of hard drugs such as heroin; however, detoxification is only half of success. For severe drug users, if you want to return to the community, you need a proper rehabilitation plan, and acupuncture is only acupuncture, and acupuncture is only acupuncture.Can provide some help in this battle.

It is said that about 40% of people who have helped about 40% of the ear therapy quit smoking within about six months.Similarly, we must maintain good enthusiasm before starting treatment.Acupuncture seems to reduce the desire to smoke, and also alleviate the abstinence symptoms of smoking cessation.

Acupuncture does affect addiction and obesity. Although the effect is limited, some acupuncture in this field claims that it may be due to other related factors.

In China, the main purpose of acupuncture in obstetrics is to provide analgesic (relieve pain) during caesarean section, and correct the misalignment of the fetus.Essence

The correction of the absence of the fetal position is achieved by the acupuncture points on the small toes of moxibustion.Among about 60% of women, the fetus naturally turn around before the 34th weeks of pregnancy; with the help of moxibustion, this ratio can be increased to 90%.After the thirty -fourth week, the natural version is unlikely to happen, and the Chinese claim that 80% of fetal misalignment will be permanently corrected through this program.Once corrected, the misalignment no longer occurs, as long as moxibustion is applied every day.There seems to be no physiological basis to explain this discovery.

Acupuncture anesthesia is widely used in cesarean section surgery in China.A recent report published by the Chinese discusses the results of 1,000 cases managed in this way.The Chinese claim that the success rate of eliminating pain is as high as 98%, the surgical recovery rate is faster, less blood loss, and the mother can see the obvious advantage of the baby shortly after childbirth or after childbirth.This report finds that acupuncture is an analgesic method that is better than other forms of cesarean section pain relief (systemic anesthesia or extra -hard membrane anesthesia).This success rate is amazing, and it is likely to be quite "enthusiastic".

Acupuncture can also be used to relieve pain in normal obstetric delivery.The full assessment of this kind of obstetric analgesic form has not been published, although the experience of various acupuncturers in the West shows it is a useful and effective method.

Acupuncture anesthesia is widely used in China.It often provides highlights for "tourism" and has been filmed many times for Western media.Acupuncture anesthesia has been used for various surgery, from small surgery to cardiac viewing surgery.For most people, it is undoubtedly an effective way to relieve pain, but there are always a small number of people who cannot obtain sufficient analgesic effects from acupuncture.According to the evaluation of operation and use, the quotation of these faults is between 1% and 20%.

Generally speaking, acupuncture surgery is safer, the possibility of complications is less, and the postoperative recovery is faster.The main problem is that pain relief may not be sufficient, which is unacceptable in the context of Western medical care.

One of the main criticisms of acupuncture anesthesia is "no problem with the Chinese, but it does not work for Europeans."Acupuncture anesthesia has been used in many European.The center, the success rate and failure rate are similar to China.Acupuncture anesthesia is a useful method of pain relief. In the context of Western medical systems, it is likely to be applied to small surgery or postoperative pain relief.

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