What do you check before and after pregnancy

For a long time in the past, many people think that pre -pregnancy examinations are unnecessary due to people’s thoughts and restrictions on living conditions, and even superfluous.In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s ideas have changed, and they have sufficient understanding of pregnancy examinations. They all know that pregnancy tests are prerequisite for realizing eugenics and preferences.few.So, what do women check in pregnancy?What are the precautions for women’s pregnancy?

Indeed, pre -pregnancy examination is a special inspection that husband and wife must do before giving birth. It is very necessary and extremely important "compulsory courses".By going to a regular hospital, both the couple conduct a necessary pregnancy test, which can effectively exclude the uncertain factors that affect pregnancy and fertility and hidden dangers in a timely manner.Under the guidance of the doctor, scientific pregnancy and safety are pregnant. At the same time, it can effectively provide safety guarantees for pregnant women’s fertility, effectively reduce baby birth defects, ensure that pregnant women have a safe and smart baby to achieve a healthy and smart baby to achieve eugenics.Therefore, the pregnancy test is necessary and very meaningful.

So, when is the best check for pregnancy?Generally speaking, the time of the first half of the couple’s plan to be pregnant is the best time for pregnancy.There is a certain time to check the treatment and restore the body of both sides to the best state.Some couples who plan to get pregnant have not been pregnant after the pregnancy examination. If you still have no pregnancy after a year, you plan to be pregnant again, and you need to do a pregnancy test again, because the human body is in a state of changing activity.The physical condition is also different.

So, what do women check for pregnancy?Women’s pregnancy examination is divided into medical examinations, early pregnancy examinations, early pregnancy examinations, mid -pregnancy examinations, and late pregnancy examinations.Women’s pre -pregnancy tests mainly include conventional hematological examination, syphilis serum examination, AIDS virus test, measles antibody examination, hepatitis B test, cervical scraping, etc.; Early pregnancy tests include cardiopulmonary condition, gynecological examination, blood pressure weight examination. Urine routine examination, establish a health care card during pregnancy, calculate the due date, etc.; Women’s mid -pregnancy examinations mainly include blood routine examination, Tang’s screening, urine routine, B -ultrasound examination, hepatitis test, rubella virus, etc.After 28 weeks of pregnancy, check every two weeks, and after 36 weeks of pregnancy, you need to conduct a pregnancy test once a week.The focus is on the conventional examination and the monitoring of fetal fetal hearts to measure the blood flow of the fetal umbilical arteries.

Women’s pregnancy examinations are checked, and the projects conducted in various hospitals are not the same. No matter which pregnancy test items are done, the premise is to choose a regular, state -owned hospital for pregnancy examination.In addition, it is recommended that pregnant women choose to produce in hospitals for pregnancy. Therefore, the hospital for pregnancy tests is more well -known to the physical condition of pregnant women and can ensure that the delivery is proceeding.

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