What do you do every day after pregnancy?Netizen: Eating and sleeping mobile phones, otherwise what else do you do?

Text 丨 Fulin Mummy

It is said that women can be a princess for ten months in their lives, that is, when she is pregnant, because there are little babies in her belly, they can be taken care of delicious and delicious, and they do n’t need to do it. This is the princess ’s life!

For pregnant mothers who are at home after pregnancy, life during pregnancy is to treat themselves well.Some Baoma formulated various prenatal education programs before pregnancy, listened to some light music, took a walk every day, and read books to raise flowers, but the real life after pregnancy was like this.

1. Do everything you work

Many pregnant mothers live with her husband. Her husband goes to work. The work at home can only be done by himself. He still is laundry and cooking every day. He can only tell himself that this is nothing.

@怀: If you are pregnant and do n’t have the same thing, you do everything yourself. After cooking, you have to call her husband several times to come out for dinner. After eating, I do n’t care.More than a dozen eldest son, tired of heart.

@ @: Live with my father -in -law and cook for them. After eating, I always think this is the same. What can I do.

2. With Erbao, you have to bring Dabao

@: I ca n’t afford to hurt my second child. I do n’t say that I ’m no longer Jin Gui. I also have to take care of the boss. I was uncomfortable with my second child. As a result, I did n’t care about you.

Third, don’t do anything, eat and sleep on mobile phones

There are still many pregnant mothers who are lucky. What can I do when I am pregnant when I have a fetus? Of course, I feel more decadent than when I was in college, and it is still decadent.Enjoy blessing.

Of course, finding a good husband is the most important.

@: My husband is, let me do anything, and ask me what I want to eat every day. If you are tired, I will stew you soup?

Fourth, lying down is too tired, pregnancy is too painful

@: My pregnancy is too painful. I feel particularly tired every day, I can’t do anything, and I don’t have any mood to play with my mobile phone to listen to any light music.

In short, no matter what the situation he encounters, pregnant mothers still have to treat themselves as much as possible. Although they do not need to be too precious, they can not make themselves too tired.worth it.

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