What does "ammonia", "phenol" and "hemp" mean?Each word in the compound cold medicine is hidden in taboos!

Ajaamin tablets, phenolin coffee sensitivity tablets

Phenoli Mimin Micromyoscoules, Mimi Puppet Pseudo -Pottery Tablets

Pseudin pseudolytic pseudoinum …

Because Omikon

These nouns have entered everyone’s vision

In fact, it’s all familiar medicines

Tyno, Xin Kang Taek, Raymond Xin, Bai Jiahei

And day and night Bai Yi Ning and so on

However, do you make it clear?

What are the effects of these medicines?

What does "ammonia", "phenol", "hemp" and "beauty" represent?


The reporter tells you one at a time

Xiao Secret Su, the head of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Shanghai:

Cold medicine is not aimed at the "special effects" of the cold itself, but to alleviate the symptoms of some colds.There was a paragraph on the Internet that "a cold does not take medicine, 7 days are fine", "the medicine was used for a cold, and one week was fine."In fact, many symptoms of a cold are the immune response process of the body’s infection, but the uncomfortable fever, sneezing, cough, etc. in this process are indeed very tormented, and high fever will also damage the body function.At this time, these cold medicines are needed to "symptomatic treatment".

When you have a cold, headache, fever, and whole body muscle soreness, you must use heat -relieving analgesic drugs, such as using acetaminol, ibuprofen; drugs that need to be pseudo -ephedrine after nasal congestion and soreness;Drugs.As a result, there was a compound cold medicine.

Refused cold medicine

Every word is hidden in taboos

"Ammonia" and "phenol" mainly represent acetylphenol

The main function of acetylphenol is of course cooling down and fever, but it has an impact on human digestive systems. Therefore, for those who are very fragile, they must strengthen monitoring when used.There are many compound preparations on the market containing acetaminophen, and it is easy to take too much accidentally.Of course, sometimes "ammonia" in some drugs also represents amino Berbin forests, and it also has the effect of relieving heat and analgesic.

"Ma" represents pseudocedaine

It is a cold drug that treats cold nose, limbs, headache, and headache, but pseudo ephedrine, its efficacy will shrink the blood vessels in the body, which may cause spasm of the blood vessels and increase blood pressure.Therefore, patients with hypertension need to be used with caution.At the same time, pseudo ephedrine may also affect metabolic function, so patients with hyperthyroidism and diabetes need to pay attention.

"Beauty" represents Right Michafin

You Meishafen is a cough drug that we often use clinically.But we all know that cough is divided into dry cough and wet cough. Dry cough means that cough has no sputum, and wet cough is sputum.You Mishafin belongs to a central cough drug. It is only suitable for suppressing dry cough, because it also inhibits the discharge of sputum, which may affect some chronic bronchitis and patients with pneumonia.

For patients with cough and sputum, we often choose drugs such as amproxyl, bromine, and more gly glycerin ether.In addition, pregnant women cannot take drugs such as right Michafen because it can affect the central nervous system of people and contain a certain addiction.

"Pu" and "Min" represent Poemin, that is, chlorophenicamin

Poemin is an antihistamine, and it is also often called "anti -allergic medicine".Sometimes the benzine is also used with similar effects, such as amino pyrazide.It may be in the nasal congestion, sneezing, and even the effects of the effect.

But at the same time, what does it have?Dissatious and dizzy.Let’s look at our day and night Baijienin (pseudolytic pseudo -pseudo -mamis (Japanese tablet)/amino minus sensitivity tablet (night tablet)) can you interpret the ingredients inside?The difference is the word "Min".Why don’t the Japanese films do not sleep and sleep in fragrance at night.Because Poemin has central nervous system, drowsiness, and sleepy are its role, so this type of medicine has to find time to take it.Poemin may also make people have adverse reactions to urination, so patients with prostate should use such drugs with caution.

Before taking the medicine, you must read the instructions.The manual of each drug emphasizes many important matters, which is also reminding us that it cannot be used casually.

Can’t take medicine too much

Ob Abuse of Cold Medicine

The situation I often encounter is to eat and repeat

Excessive is harmful

For example, for acetylphenol, some patients have fever to above 38.5 ° C, and the doctor has a mitochide mitigation tablet for acetaminol.This medicine instructions clearly wrote "one tablet for adults and children over 12 years old. If it continues to fever or pain, every 8 hours, no more than 3 times.Add a piece. As a result, the drug is excessive. Once too much, it can easily lead to liver damage. The medication will have obvious discomfort such as vomiting, abdominal pain, etc., and severe cases will also cause high -speed rail hemoglobin lesions and hemolytic anemia.

At the same time, there is still a common problem now, that is, unknowingly using a variety of medicines and excessive amount.Like the compound cold medicine mentioned earlier, it often contains acetylphenol. Some patients will think that "double -pronged approach is more effective", and the result is that the internal body is too much.And it is likely that many OTC drugs actually contain acetaminophen, like villar C Yinliao tablets. If you just look at the outer packaging, you cannot see the ingredients of this medicine. Maybe everyone only thinks that this is just a supplement to vitamin C C.Medicine.However, in fact, it contains acetylphenol composition. Cold spirit particles, cold cleansing capsules, speed spirit, compound children’s antipyretic bolt, etc. contain acetylphenol.

If you take your own medicine, you can seek medical treatment as soon as possible

Winter is the high incidence of respiratory diseases such as influenza, but it can cause symptoms such as fever, not just new coronary virus infections. There may be ordinary colds, acute viral pharyngitis, laryngealitis, acute herpes pharyngitis, pharynx fever and bacterial pharyngitisAnd tonsillitis and so on.The pathogens in it are mainly viruses, and a few are bacteria.

Some patients have taken their own cephalosporin with their own cephalosporins and amoxicillin. However, if they continue to have a high fever for 3 to 5 days, they may need to seek medical treatment and make a clear diagnosis. Doctors determine whether to use antiviral drugs or antibacterial drugs.

For all patients, it is necessary to pay attention to rest, drink plenty of hot water, and keep indoor air circulation. It is necessary to rest in bed for patients with fever, severe illness, and aging.If there is a situation, go to the nearest treatment in a timely manner.

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