What does the 8 -month fetus look like?Pregnant women pay attention to 6 o’clock, the fetus is healthier, and pregnant women are more relaxed

Her colleague Xiaoru firmly believes that she has to give her baby the best, so she has been fighting with her husband for many years. At the age of 35, the two are planning to ask for children.Both of them are acting. Not long after preparing for pregnancy, Xiaoru successfully became pregnant, and the two were very happy.

Since the fetus has fetal movement, she has felt the growth of her baby in her belly every day, imagining the fetus. Now she is about to be pregnant for 8 months. Looking at the blurred picture of the fetus on the ultrasound, she can’t help sighing, she can’t help sighing.I really want to see what the fetus looks like in the uterus?

The fetus weighing at 8 months of pregnancy is equivalent to a big potato. The body and limbs of the fetus continue to develop. The subcutaneous fat of the fetus is rich, the wrinkles become less, and it looks more like a baby.The fetal hair will continue, and the fingers and toenails will grow well.

The fetus has the five senses of vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. This period is the peak period of fetal growth and development. It is also the active period of fetal movement.Eye.

8 months of pregnancy is the fastest stage of fetal development. Whether it is weight or the body of the body, it has grown faster.

The double top diameter of the fetus at 29 weeks of pregnancy is 7.50 ± 0.65 cm, the abdominal circumference is 23.71 ± 1.50, the femoral length is 5.61 ± 0.44, the length is about 38 cm, and the weight is about 1274 grams.

The double top diameter of the fetus at 30 weeks of pregnancy is 7.83 ± 0.62 cm, the abdominal circumference is 24.88 ± 2.03, the femoral length is 5.77 ± 0.47 about 40.1 cm in length, and the weight is about 1411 grams.

The double diameter of the fetus at 31 weeks of pregnancy is 8.06 ± 0.60 cm, the abdominal circumference is 25.78 ± 2.32, the femur is 6.03 ± 0.38, the length is about 42.2 cm, and the weight is about 1614 grams.

The double diameter of the fetus at 32 weeks of pregnancy is 8.17 ± 0.65 cm, the abdominal circumference is 26.20 ± 2.33, the femur is 6.43 ± 0.49 cm, the length is 43.6 cm, and the weight is 1868 grams.

In 8 months of pregnancy, a series of discomfort will appear in the body of the pregnant woman. Pregnant women will find that their hands and feet will become more and more swollen, the pubic bone is getting more and more painful, the frequent urination is getting more and more serious, and the pseudo contraction becomes more and more frequent.

1. Control weight.

Due to the increase in weight of the fetus and pregnant women, the pregnant woman’s pregnant belly will be obviously raised. In 8 months of pregnancy, the weight of the pregnant woman has increased by 8.5 kg.

Starting from 8 months, the weight of pregnant women will increase 500 grams per week. The overall weight increase of pregnant women during pregnancy needs to be controlled at 10-12.5 kg. Therefore, if the pregnant woman gains too much weight 8 months ago, the diet should be controlled during the third trimester of pregnancy., So as not to be too large.If pregnant women gain too little weight, nutrition needs to be supplemented to prevent fetal development slow.

2. Most of the fetal movement.

8 months of pregnancy is a period of abnormal development of fetal development, especially the fetal umbilical cord seriously around the neck. Pregnant women need to be several times a day. One hour each time, it is normal for the fetal movement to appear not less than 3 times.

3. Burning heart.

After pregnancy, because of the rapid expansion of the uterus, the fetus is getting bigger and bigger. With the stomach of the pregnant woman, the pregnant woman’s internal organs are squeezed and deformed.Pregnant women usually do not eat too much, increase the burden on the stomach, and eat as little meal as much as possible.

4. Maintaining sufficient sleep and exercise of no less than 5 hours a week can make pregnant women energetic.

5. Pregnant women should reduce salt intake and eat more fruits and vegetables and vegetables. Winter melon soup can relieve edema.

6. During sleep, pregnant women try to choose the left side position as much as possible, and the use of a pregnant woman’s pillow can relieve the force of the pubic bone and waist.

Eight months of pregnancy for delivery: Urine routine, fetal heart monitoring, it is recommended to B -ultrasound.The fetal position can be corrected with a chest and knee position.At 32 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal position can be reviewed, the umbilical cord is around the neck, and whether the placenta position is returned to normal. The fetal heart monitoring is an important means for doctors to check the fetal development, especially in the dilemma of the fetal dumplings.Pregnant women are best done.

At 32 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women need to do a B -ultrasound examination. At this time, the fetus is getting larger and larger. Doctors cannot see the whole body of the fetus and need to be viewed separately in various parts.EssenceBefore 32 weeks of pregnancy, if the fetal position is not correct, pregnant women can correct the fetal position through their chest and knees.

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