What does the dream of decrypting pregnancy, what are the dreams of early pregnancy foreshadow?

At the beginning, you gave birth to a baby, but soon you appeared in a rushing truck, and finally you were drowned in the stormy waves.This dream is never uncommon in the first stage of pregnancy.If you want to know what secrets are telling you, then read it.

The following is an excerpt from psychologist Patricia Garfield’s book "Women’s Body, Women’s Dreams", and Cefield explained a reasonable explanation of the dreams of early pregnancy in this book.So what does the dream of early pregnancy indicate?

Anxious about childbirth and mother

"I gave birth to a normal baby in my dream, but he looked like a miniature adult. Although he had the baby’s body shape, he was no different from the baby." – Donna is in pregnancy.One stage dream.

Many pregnant women who are in early pregnancy will have similar dreams. When they find that they are pregnant, they have a baby like an adult or simply given an adult child in a dream. Such a plot is very common.For women who have not been a mother, a larger child or child is definitely better than a fragile and abnormal baby.

Donna has misunderstood her dream. She believes that this is implying that she is about to return to her job, and then she will miss her child’s growth.

In fact, in the early stages of pregnancy, women who are mothers for the first time rarely have experience in childbirth experience. Therefore, from the perspective of pregnant women, it is worrying and worrying.Most pregnant women will pray that they have a smooth childbirth experience, so they will have a composite reason for the real causes of dreams.

The instinctual perception of fetal growth

"In a dream, I was driving a car, and at the same time, my wrist was carrying a spare tire." Goffld’s dream when he was pregnant with his daughter.

Women’s perception of her body either weakened or enhanced during pregnancy.In the dream, it is obvious that extra spare tires mean the rolling abdomen of pregnant women, and driving cars is a hint of life constantly.With spare tires, the movement of pregnant women looks extraordinarily awkward. Isn’t this a reflection of pregnant women during pregnancy?

Women who are pregnant frequently dreaming that they are driving various cars, and most cars are difficult to drive in their dreams. This is a reaction to their embarrassing status quo.

Experts specializing in the dream of pregnant women found that they were trapped by buildings from simple rooms to towering skyscrapers.These buildings are often used to make some kinds of items, such as factories and shipyards, which are close to the meaning of "production" anyway.So why do pregnant women often dream that they are trapped by architecture?This may be a perception of the body about the expanding fetus, that is, your space is decreasing.

Perception of amniotic fluid

"I am in a strange place in the dream. It seems to be a tropical rain forest. I found that the rainfall in this place was amazing, and I was scared." Qiao An’s dream.

From the bathtub to the ocean, a pregnant woman often comes into contact with such dreams in early pregnancy, and sometimes pregnant women find herself swim.In addition, animals are also frequently appeared at this stage, and they are often aquatic animals, such as tadpoles and fish.The water that appears in the dream is largely displayed in the process of pregnancy.In the late pregnancy, if the pregnant woman dreams of water, it may be a sign of amniotic fluid.

A pregnant woman dreamed that she was carrying a big schoolbag in the middle of pregnancy, and the rough waves in the schoolbag were approaching her.As a creature, human life starts from the water, that is, the amniotic fluid water in the mother’s uterus.Pregnant women are drinking water for herself and the fetus, so she dreamed that she was swallowed by the sea. Is this surprising?

You gave birth to a nest of kittens, and then the kitten sleep with your boyfriend in high school.Then you try to escape this dilemma, but you bring too many backpacks, so you can’t run.This dream is not uncommon in the second stage of pregnancy.If you want to know what secrets are telling you, then read it.

Reflecting of reality attitudes

"I go home to see my mother, I sit with her in the bedroom. A stool next to me is her pet, a strange creature. I keep a distance with it and I am worried that it will bite me.I scratched the stamp on the furniture and bit the baskets and clothes everywhere. "Qiao An’s dream during 4 months of pregnancy.

In the second stage of pregnancy, pregnant women’s dreams often appear like baby animals, such as puppies, chicks, and kittens.This depends on the attitude of pregnant women towards her pregnancy, partner and status quo. Some animals will be cute, but some will be fierce.

In Joan’s dream, do you feel that you are threatened by an inexplicable creature. Is its existence destructive?This perhaps part of this reflects the situation of pregnant women in real life, such as disagreement with partners, worried about the husband and wife because of the baby.

If there is a friendly animal that appears in dreams, then we can think that pregnant women are more satisfied with their recent pregnancy and partner relationships.At this stage, many small animals in the dream of pregnant women began to gradually change from aquatic to land, which also indicates the process of evolution in the early period of human beings.

Out of worry about appearance

"I was thinking about my ex -boyfriend for a few weeks, it was absurd, but I was indeed close to him again. This seems to be the most passionate. Even when I woke up, I wanted him to see when I was pregnant when I was pregnant.What happened to this? "Veronica’s dream when he was 6 months pregnant.

The dream of lust is very common for pregnant women at this stage and often appear within the last 3-4 months of pregnancy.Why do pregnant women dream of such a scene?This is because with the increasing care of their body shape, they are worried that this will affect their sexual life.

In particular, in the late pregnancy, doctors generally recommend that pregnant women have reduced or completely stop sexual life, and they are deprived of sexual rights in real life, so pregnant women can only go to dreams to find.

In addition to changing body shape, pregnant women will also worry about whether the attractiveness of men will be reduced.It is necessary to support the furniture to get up or sit down. At this stage, pregnant women have fully felt that their exercise is becoming increasingly not agile.Therefore, most of the dreams of lust at this time are most of the comfort.

Worried that the love and commitment of partners will deteriorate

"I am holding a parcel hard, and my husband is doing the same thing. I put a package aside and let him carry it, so he picked up two parcels to reduce my burden." Qiao An 33 weeks 33 weeks.Dream of time.

Qiao An believes that letting her husband carry two heavy bags may mean that after the child is born, he will be able to bear the burden of making money alone.In fact, the packages here often suggest that the increase in the weight of pregnant women is not an economic burden.

A pregnant woman often feels troubled by a nightmare. She dreamed that her husband was derailed, or a strange woman pointed at her husband.Such a dream also conveys a message, that is, pregnant women are worried that the love and care of her husband will decrease as the baby is born.

You are chasing a child, but you can’t see her face. Suddenly the child in front of me turns, and you see that her green eyes are just like your partner.Later, the little girl said hello to you and tell you her name.This dream is not uncommon in the third stage of pregnancy.If you want to know what secrets are telling you, then read it.

Prediction of children’s gender

"I ran on a grass, and I felt very happy. This is a pastoral experience of pastoral shepherd. I wore a light -dirty robe. I can see the child’s back jumping happily in front of me. I can’t judge that.Whether it is a boy or a girl, but I want to know, but in my dream, the child seems to always wear a mask. "McGee’s dream of 8 months.

Sometimes the judgment of the child’s gender in the dream is always vague, and sometimes, because of a dream, pregnant women seem to be very sure of the child’s gender.Maiji believes that the child in the belly must be a girl, because the dream is always full of quiet pictures such as dance.However, she concluded that the child was a boy in the early stages of pregnancy.In the end, McGee gave birth to a baby girl.

A researcher is committed to confirming how the accuracy of pregnant women’s gender perception of the fetus.It was found that 50%of mothers foresee the gender of the child correctly.In view of the division of fetal gender, it is either wrong, so the probability is 50%, so the results of the research are not very meaningful.

Some pregnant women have high predictability for their childbirth process, such as premature birth, specific date for childbirth, special circumstances of amniotic fluid rupture, and so on.It seems that these pregnant women have a good prediction ability for their future.

Imagine the baby’s face

"I’m making a sound wave map. As a result, the image shows is not cloud -like, but a very clear face, just like colorful film, I can clearly see the child’s face. She is a girl and looks like us.Similar, with my eyes and my husband’s mouth. She is the micro -fit between me and my husband! "Lia’s dream in the late pregnancy.

Like many pregnant women, Lia has always been curious about her baby. Who will he/she look more like?Dream gives the space that pregnant women think.Studies have shown that 15%of the dreams of pregnant women can see the baby.In particular, pregnant women will see the baby’s "Lushan true face" more frequently in the dream.

Choose the baby’s name

"I firmly believe that the children who are not born are boys. Betty chose his favorite name, Benjamin. Even the name came from a dream prompt. Then Betty finally made up his mind to give the child the name, but the child holding the child in his arms to himself suddenly gave himself to himself.Crying, "Mom, don’t name me Benjamin, I hate this name! ‘" Betty’s dream in the late pregnancy.

Needless to say, Betty must be scared by this dream.In the end, Betty gave birth to a baby boy, but she decisively gave up the name Benjamin and named her son Chrisdorf.

Pregnant women will spend a lot of time to give the baby a profound name. This name is not only in harmony with the rhyme, but also related to the child’s future.At the same time, the dream of pregnant women is constantly given a prompt, so who should he listen to?In fact, dreams bring people just a prompt or suggestion. It is definitely not your dream of being dreaming by dreams.

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