What does the fetus feel during the same room during pregnancy?Really unexpectedly

After pregnancy, can the husband and wife still have a room, will it cause harm to the fetus?

I believe that many prospective parents are very concerned about this issue.Usually after four months of pregnancy, healthy expectant mothers can have a moderate sexual life.In the early stages of pregnancy, because the embryo is unstable and the uterine wall is unstable, and the abdomen in the third trimester is too large, you should try to avoid sexual life.

So do you know what the fetus feels during sexual life?

1. Swing

When a pregnant mother walks, the body swing will cause the fetus to have a shock, and it will be the case when love.Do not worry about this shocking feeling that will hurt the fetus, because the fetus is wrapped in warm amniotic fluid, which can echo some external impacts.Some studies have suggested that the fetus likes to slightly sway in the uterus, which will make him full of joy.

Second, it will not be disrupted rhythm

The place where the fetus lives is located in the upper part of the vagina, and the cervix is closed, so the secretion does not affect the fetus.However, if the prospective father does not pay attention to hygiene, bring the outside bacteria into the pregnant mother’s body, causing diseases such as vaginitis, which will adversely affect the fetus, so you must do a good job of cleaning before love.

Some pregnant mothers will worry that they will reach the uterus, uh, this is actually fantasized in the novel.In addition to the sense of shock, the fetus will not have any other feelings. It should be time to sleep, and the rhythm will not be disrupted.

Although the fetus is safe in amniotic fluid, the incorrect way of the same room will hurt him.If the pregnant mother has the following performance during the love process, I should tell the prospective dad to stop the action in time, so as not to hurt myself or the fetus:

1. vaginal bleeding.

2. Belly stigmatization and contraction.

3. Pain occurs.

4. The breast is too sensitive, and it is prone to swelling

In addition, if pregnant mothers have a history of natural abortion, excessive amniotic fluid, and pre -placenta, they should not be sexual life during pregnancy, and prospective dad should understand forgiveness.

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