What else can be done by women?

How many lifes of a woman has a life?

As early as 2013, "Characters" created the "Women" column. To this day, the description of women is still one of the most dynamic topics of characters.We record many women with different occupations and different backgrounds, and find their own roads in different ages. You can see how women are sharp, clear, tenacious, and strong.These stories tell us and confirm that no matter when, a woman has their own possibility.

"Possibility" is also the most wonderful word at the moment. It reminds us that we still have to maintain their strength, still explore, and still find that we still have to say no to the old customs, and we still have to keep it infinitely open and the future.

This summer, we selected 32 articles from all women’s reports in "Characters" and gathered into a book called "Women are a Beam of Light".From young to old age, the story in the book presents a woman’s life.

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17 years old

Ye Shiwen lost.

In 2013, in the Barcelona World Swimming Championship Women’s 200m Personal Mixed Swimming Competition, Ye Shiwen only won seventh.The genius girl who became famous from the London Olympics for the first time has tasted the taste of failure for the first time.

That year, she was 17 years old.The news of the year wrote: "17 -year -old Ye Shiwen experienced a bad defeat."

After that, there was an ECG tattoo on her right wrist with an English "you are the best" on it.Looking at it during training, you can have a little strength.There are also two ribs and ankles, one is a pentagram, and the other is also encouraging herself in English. She picked in these two places because they were painful when they were tattooed. She hoped to use this pain."I particularly hate losing, I hate failure, I want to remember this kind of pain." As for what kind of pain this is, "the bone cut pain." Ye Shiwen said calmly.

18 years old

Girl Pu Bozima could not play.

The scene of the Football Tournament of Nankai University.As the captain, Pabuzima stood outside and shouted as her only way to participate in the game.Before the start of the game, she was suddenly rejected by the Football Association, because she was a woman, the only woman on the field.

"This is a new cup football game. It is not a new cup men’s football game. The order manual does not say that girls cannot participate, which is obviously gender discrimination." After the game, Pu Bo Zhima went to argue with the referee. Because of excitement, her tears surgedCome up, "Nankai has no women’s football. Since there are no girls, why can’t even boys participate?" It was almost a order of order. "I must participate in the end of the game. This is not my problem, but you.To solve the problem. "


22 years old

Su Su chose to be a full -time mother in Dashan.

The natural environment and family atmosphere in the mountains stipulate what the mother can do and not to do.One of the words she hates most is: "Go to your mother" -the almost every day, as long as the child has something wrong, the family will say that to the child.

In her life, there were three choices. Should I drop out of high school at the age of 16; should I have a child who was unexpectedly pregnant and married at the age of 18; should I leave the factory and return to Dashan at the age of 20.In the end, her choice was to drop out of school, get married, and return to the village.

There are not many options for Su Su. Many times she looks like she is doing a choice question, but in fact, she just passively accepts a certain ending.Shooting a video is her exit.Open the video, she changed her beautiful clothes that I dare not wear, singing and dancing; turned off the video, she became a dignified daughter -in -law to clean up the rabbits and chickens at home.That year, "Thirty" was hit, her video account was turned out, and some people wrote an article to introduce her: "The 22 -year -old full -time wife in the countryside, Gu Jia’s opposite."In all kinds of limitations, she still tried to break free.

26 years old

"Grasp Ma Kun" Zhou Mo no longer apologize.

A Asian girl is an opera director in the United States. It is difficult to be comparable to foreigners who come to China to do Peking Opera, especially women. "There is an invisible ceiling, and an invisible twisted rope is hanging you."At the age of 26, Zhou Mo went to apply for an opera training plan. The interviewer was a 70 -year -old lady named Sheri.Because in a low tide, Zhou Mo said unconsciously every time a question was answered, "sorry".Sheri interrupted her, why are you always apologizing?It is precisely because you are not good enough that you have to apply for this opportunity to improve. If you keep apologizing, should I forgive you or take you?

That day, Sheri said a lot of words that made her "pour".She said women are always too easy to apologize.Don’t apologize because you are a woman, don’t apologize because you are a Chinese.Who says that the Chinese cannot guide Broadway musicals, who says that Chinese people cannot guide opera, people with these ideas are their own vision, do not use the lack of imagination to punish yourself.

Zhou Mo

29 years old

Liao Zhi got married again.

In 2008, Liao Zhi lost his legs in the Wenchuan earthquake.In the next many years, she became a symbol with that disaster -beautiful, tough, laughed at a cruel life.

She once wanted to break away from this symbol, but after marriage, her thoughts gradually became softer. "I feel that being loved, I won’t prove herself so hard."Liao Zhi and her husband focus on helping the disabled people work. They regularly organize amputated sharing sessions: "Although amputated people are different from all other people, life may encounter more challenges, but it does not mean that we particularly need sensational and tearful those those who need to be sensational and tearful.Things, we can also live very sunny. I hope everyone can be very confident and willing to walk on the street and walk out of their own way. "

This is what she was in her mind. She never felt what she had done actively. It was a tantrum or a cliff, and she didn’t know.

She just did one thing: go forward.

33 years old

Fu Zhen gave birth to the first child who was not easy to get.

Prior to this, she had experienced three pregnancy tires, four clearance surgery, and a hydatidal tire, which was a tumor disease.The difficulty of fertility brings her a huge shaking, including the broken life, the sense of infertility, and the long -lasting fear of pregnancy, fetal stop, other people’s vision and paranoia.Until the end, she went to Thailand and gave birth to a daughter sweater through reproductive assistance technology. This vibration gradually calmed down.

After becoming a mother, Fu Zhen’s cognition of himself became clearer -everything is not one for all, and there is no need to have the anxiety that must be in one step."Especially as a woman, changes are our fate. We are destined to evolve in chaos and crushing, and re -establish themselves again and again to grow into more complicated, deeper, and more cope with changing people."

37 years old

Li Yino experienced a "professional suicide."

After a conversation with Bill Gates, Li Yinuo decided to resign from McKinsey, and joined the Gates Foundation by two -thirds of salary reduction.At that time, she had achieved the position of McKinsey’s global partners, and her career was expected in the future.

But Gates said in a word that moved Li Yinuo, "If you look at this world, you will realize that there are huge vacuums on some major issues that are vital to this world and affecting hundreds of millions of people."Li Yinuo knew that he was not pursuing money, and he was not willing to solve commercial problems.She is more ambitious and eager to participate in solving greater social problems.

She has always believed that women should face the whole world.In the past few years, she found that "women are not easy to be" shameless ", and it is very easy to doubt themselves … particularly afraid of being judged." In her opinion, "shame" is a realm, no longer, no longer, no longerConsider yourself, no longer care about whether the posture is good, what is worthwhile is whether it is worth it, can it be achieved -a woman surpasses herself in this kind of fierceness.

Li Yinuo

40 years old

Wang Yan started to be afraid of aging.

The lines printed by the corset and panties, stretch marks, the scar left in the middle of the abdomen because of the cesarean section, slightly down the chest, the raised little belly -photographer Wang Yan, at the age of 40, filmed a group andThe women born in the same year took the camera to their faces and parts of their bodies.

When these photos were hung in the exhibition hall, Wang Yan occasionally heard someone whispered to a certain photo: "How can it be like this at the age of 40, too old." She thought, many people care about the form beauty too much about the beauty of the form.Facing too little about real things, "These are the normal state of 40 -year -old women, the real appearance of the years, and the gift of time."

44 years old

Guo Keyu welcomed the work again.

Guo Keyu in "Goodbye Lover" appeared in a very simple image. His dark red scarf was wrapped on his head, his mouth was dry, and his heart was explained carefully.The bravery and limitations of China.Her expression is sincere, delicate, like a keen probe, scanning the corners of life, and then precisely presenting it.

People were surprised to find that this sensitive and extremely good -looking woman was once an actor and a band lead singer. When she was young, she also won the crown of "after the film".In the decades of silence, she got married and had children, became sick, and divorced, and then began to discover the truth of life. She began to salvage herself, aside from the identity of her mother, ex -wife, and daughter, and became an independent, pure, re -belonging to herselfPerson

Guo Keyu

50 years old

Su Min escaped.

With more than 10,000 yuan, driving a hatchback car, carrying the roof tent, portable gas tank, mini refrigerator and other outdoor equipment. Su Min began his own "escape plan".It doesn’t matter where to go, it is important to leave.The real reason for her to leave home is the home itself.Her marriage is like a pool of dead water, repeated, boring.

On the road, Su Min met his travel companion, all women. Everyone drove a small car. Before gathering, they walked through their own way.They all realized that this trip was not only played, but also healed."Happy people won’t come up with, they said, they came out to find happiness.During this journey, they are not whom or whose mother.They wore beautiful clothes, tasted food, and took a lot of photos.They want to be seen, they live for themselves.Because of this bravery, it is not too late to start with a woman.

58 years old

Ni Xialian is playing happily.

In the second round of the Tokyo Olympics table tennis women’s singles, 58 -year -old Ni Xialian represented the 17 -year -old Korean player Shen Yubin on behalf of Luxembourg. The two are 41 years old.The older party did not care about the gap of age. She reviewed afterwards that she mobilized the power of the whole body afterwards: "It’s a pity, in fact, if I am optimistic about one or two goals, I would have a chance., I will give up, haha. "

She was always laughing, and the smile seemed to be a kind of wave for Ni Xialian.After the game, many people asked her, would she still participate in the Paris Olympic Games?She did not give a clear answer.For today’s Ni Xialian, table tennis, scores, and ranking are not the primary options of life. What she cares about is her body, carefully managing garden, and happy things.

63 years old

Dai Jinhua farewell.

In recent years, Dai Jinhua has increasingly undertook the role of speakers in the public domain. Many young people ask her questions. She sat there and smiled. She seemed to be calm forever, always determined, and she could always provide answers.In fact, the situation is not always the case.If she allows her to summarize her 63 -year -old, Dai Jinhua’s choice is "don’t", say goodbye, parting.That year, her mother left the world.

The death of her mother made her feel that the "trip" in her life disappeared, and the whole person was completely empty. "I lost that kind of reality (pressure)., But you always have to play with it, and I suddenly have no such power. I found that everything must be chosen according to my inner needs. "

For a long time, the film is an important fulcrum in Dai Jinhua’s life, but there has never been a year. She hugs it tightly like holding a wooden board in the tsunami, like hugging a living possibility.Get up from the bed, go to the street, go to the cinema, buy tickets, take a little adventure, and take a look. "

Dai Jinhua


There are also Liang Ning, who started a business at the age of 30; Zhang Weili, who lost the golden belt at the age of 31; the 40 -year -old Jiang Goose wrote "Journal of Female"; Tang Xiaoyan, who was 50 years old, entered the marriage;; 70 -year -old Ueno Chiyoko, who was suddenly fiery in the Chinese Internet; Yang Benfen, who published the first book published at the age of 80 …

In specific stories, they present the most authentic and delicate women’s appearance at the moment.With the desire of strong self -writing and narrative, they are eager to speak, constantly digging the truth of the relationship between gender, and doing women’s unique thinking in various dimensions such as family, occupation and life.

Last week, the news of Li Yan’s death brought the sudden shock and heartache of everyone. In the era of tapes and paper reading books, he waved goodbye to us a little.So, what can we really leave in this era of the Internet that can’t be seen and touched at the moment?

What is worth leaving is their story, using books.Many years later, people will know that women in this era have lived like this.

Kavita Ramdas, the former CEO of the Global Women’s Foundation, said in a TED speech, "Women are not fragile flowers, but sparks of social transformation."

The spark brings light.These stories about possibilities illuminate women’s own way, and also ignite more people’s hope.

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