What foods should pregnant women eat during pregnancy?Don’t pay attention, be careful not to your body

I ate with a friend, because she just learned that she was pregnant, so she was very careful when ordering.She said that she can’t eat too spicy now, she can’t eat too salty, she can’t eat too cold, and she can’t eat too greasy, because these may be bad for her fetus.She can no longer let herself eat and drink, because she doesn’t want to affect her baby because of her appetite, and she hopes that she can have a healthy baby.Many women, when they are pregnant, they will feel helpless, dare not eat this or dare to eat, and they are afraid that what to eat will be harmful to the fetus in the stomach.So what food is better when women eat when they are pregnant?

Food that promotes appetite

In the early stages of pregnancy, most pregnant women have pregnancy reactions.Because each person’s personal constitution is different, some women have a light pregnancy response, and some women have more pregnancy.Nausea and vomiting are more common pregnancy reactions.At this time, pregnant women should eat some foods that promote appetite.Because most women in early pregnancy will cause loss of appetite, some pregnant women eat and vomit, some pregnant women even vomit, they vomit the taste of food.In this case, what pregnant women eat every day cannot satisfy the nutrients needed by the body, and it will also cause dysplasia for pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, it is necessary to allow pregnant women to eat food that promotes appetite and allow pregnant mothers to obtain sufficient nutritional supply.

Easy to digest food

When women are pregnant, their bodies will be more vulnerable than their bodies in ordinary conditions, and the digestive system of pregnant women is no exception.Therefore, in order to reduce the problem of digestive organs during pregnancy, it is best for pregnant women to eat some foods that are easy to digest to prevent diseases such as accumulation, indigestion and constipation.If a woman’s usually digestive system is not very good, then she should pay more attention to eating and digestible foods when she is pregnant.You know, as the fetus slowly becomes larger in the pregnant woman, the fetus is likely to squeeze the stomach of the pregnant woman, so it is necessary for pregnant women to eat digestible foods.

Nutritious food

When pregnant women are pregnant, they need more nutrition than usual.Because pregnant women’s intake of nutrition during pregnancy is not only to provide herself, but also the fetus.Figs, vegetables, egg milk, etc., you need to eat more.Because pregnant women need to supplement sufficient vitamins, protein, dietary fiber, minerals, etc. to ensure the health of they and the fetus.Only sufficient nutrition can ensure the normal development of the fetus and make the fetus have strong immunity. What problems and circumstances are encountered, can they have a good physical foundation and physical fitness to resist.

What do you like to eat when you are pregnant?

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