What fruit is good for the fetus when you are pregnant?

After pregnancy, the vitamins required by pregnant women are more nutritious than usual. This is not only the need for pregnant women itself, but also for the healthy growth of the fetus.And everyone knows that it is a very healthy food that is rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, so it is beneficial to pregnant women to eat more fruits during pregnancy.So, what fruits are good for the fetus during pregnancy?

Figs, figs are not so popular because they are not as sweet as other general fruits, but the nutritional value of figs is very high. It is not only a kind of fruit, but also often used as a drug cited.Figs are rich in amino acids, organic acids and various trace elements and vitamins. They have a flat and sweet flavor. They have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, laxative and spleen.It is easy for pregnant women to have constipation. Eating some figs in moderation can effectively prevent and treat constipation.

Qiuti has the benefits of clearing heat and decompression, and is a common fruit.It tastes crispy and juicy, its sex is sweet and sour, it has the functions of clearing heat and diuretic, moisturizing throat, clearing heart and moisturizing the lungs, receptive sputum, and quenching thirst, can also relieve the throat, moisturize the throat, and the pregnancy of pregnant women.Edema and hypertension have a certain effect, which can be eaten in moderation.

Persimmon is a very delicious and nutritious fruit, sweet and juicy, and its nutritional and medicinal value is very suitable for pregnant women.However, the persimmons should be eaten in an appropriate amount, because the persimmons can be dried and tongue, and the stool is dry at the same time, which may induce constipation.

During pregnancy, if it is a normal pregnant woman, no fruit is taboo, and it is possible to eat it in moderation.Although the fruits are good, the incorrect edible method may cause anti -effects.Pregnant women should eat less hot fruits, such as longan and lychee.Such as apple and peaches and other neutral fruits can be eaten more, and cold fruits such as watermelon should be eaten in moderation.It is best to eat some fruits with low sugar content to avoid excessive sugar intake.

In addition, the skin of expectant mothers during pregnancy is relatively poor, so how to care for the skin during pregnancy?

1. Keep good sleep and poor sleep, and it is easy to directly reflect on the face, such as dripping acne, spots, etc. If you want good skin, of course, you can sleep regularly.

2. Drink plenty of water. Water is one of the important ingredients of the body. Suffering with sufficient water can effectively drive the body’s metabolism and excrete the garbage in the body. Therefore, if you want good skin, you must drink plenty of water every day to keep your body sufficient water.

3. Wash your face with warm water to avoid overheating or cold water with your face.When washing your face, you can use some non -irritating cleaning products for pregnant women, such as cleansing soap or cleansing milk to ensure that the skin is clean.After cleaning, you can choose some mild hydrating and moisturizing skin care products to help skin absorption by massage.

During pregnancy, eating fruits and skin care is very important. One is good for the fetus and the other is good for yourself.Fruits are rich in nutrition, but it does not mean that pregnant women should eat a lot of fruits. They should choose appropriate fruits and eat appropriate amounts to achieve the purpose of nutritional balance absorption.

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