What happened to pregnancy: Evil habit "The stomach is touched for a good luck"

At noon …

Mom, I will sleep for a while,

After speaking, Sophie slowly lay on the sofa. As the belly became bigger and bigger, she could only sleep sideways.

Sophie stroked his big belly and picked up the blanket next to him.

As long as she sleeps down in the evening, she has to lie down and dreams one after another. The next morning, she feels very tired.

It can only be supplemented by fragmented sleep during the day.

At this moment, Zhang Wei came out of the bathroom and saw the sleeping wife, stepped forward to check, and found that when he found it, he was going to go to the study to play games.At this time, the doorbell rang…..

Zhang Wei, I went to see the door, and my mother -in -law quickly walked to the door to open the door.

Zhang Wei looked at the door and understood all,

It was not others who came, it was the friends who were usually playing together with their mother -in -law. Zhang Wei thought and started again.

Aunt Zhang, Aunt Wang … a few aunts called it again.

Your son -in -law is so handsome, you know you can do it at a glance …

Yes, I just bought a scarf for me two days ago, you see …….. Mother -in -law took down the silk scarf that was taken on the neck, and shook around in front of everyone.All facial muscle tissues to interpret the pride of the content at this time …

Zhang Wei said immediately: You play with your aunt, I am busy, and go into the study.

Zhang Wei rushed to the computer to turn on the password and swollen. Open the game and bring the headset and start killing the Quartet.

Sophie, who does not know how long after sleeping …

I feel a little cold in my sleep, I instinctively pulled my blanket and covered it on my body.

after awhile…..

This time I felt that my belly was cold and cold, Sophie closed his eyes and tried to pull away with his hands.

"Husband, don’t touch it, it’s uncomfortable …"

At this time, I heard laughter in confusion. Sophie was half asleep and wake up at this time.

Now, I feel that there are more cold things on my belly, because too cold, Sophie was awakened at once.

Rubbing his eyes and looking at the direction of his belly, "I see, a few old women with teeth and claws are stroking their belly with their hands, and then look carefully.","

Sophie suddenly felt cold back, looking back at his own house, standing next to his mother.

For a while, a kind of helplessness, grievance, and anger made her burst into tears in an instant.

What’s the matter?baby

Did you have a nightmare?Mom quickly sat down with her hands to wipe the tears on Sophie’s cheeks.

The aunt present also felt inexplicable.Come up and ask:

What?Xiaofei, is it scared you aunt?

Everyone just touch a good luck,

Sophie didn’t know what was good for a while ……… Just feel that no one understands himself.

Another thought, if it wasn’t for his own mother’s permission, how could this be so sad!

At this time, Zhang Wei, who was in the study, also heard the noise of the living room, and ran out immediately, and saw the crying wife hugged tightly in her arms.

Looking at the surrounding aunts, they are neighboring neighbors and do not know what to say …!

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