What happened to the thick legs?You can’t think of the benefits of thick legs!

Hello, I am Xiaode

Speaking of the topic of thick legs

My roommate has a snot and tears

90 catties of upper body

100 catties of hips

130 catties of legs

There are not many meats in the arms and belly

But when you look at the legs, the beautiful image is completely destroyed

It is called "calf legs" N years for many years

Never dare to post full -body photos

Never wear tight pants or shorts

Walking on the way, I feel that the whole leg is shaking!

I still claim

It is estimated that the reincarnation of Jinhua ham was reincarnated in my last life?

I’m so stupid with sadness

In fact

The present with the bamboo pole legs on the street

Plug -in calf legs not only have some charm

There are unexpected benefits

Year 2009

British Authoritative Medical Journal BMJ

Published a study

1436 adult men

1380 adult women participated

After tracking for 12 years

Simple summary is

Girl with thin legs

Especially girls who are less than 60cm in the legs

The thinner the leg, the higher the possibility of cardiovascular disease

Girls with thick legs are not easy to get cardiovascular disease

However, things are not so simple.

If abdominal fat is abnormal "developed"

No matter how good the thighs are, it is not available

Maybe you can also mention various risk factors and risk lists

(Waist obesity makes women expose to various high risks)

You must have heard this statement long ago

University of Pittsburgh and University of California

Researchers collected the physical data of 16,000 women

And conduct cognitive test scores

We know here when we see this

Where is the length of fat?

It is an enemy on the stomach

It’s a treasure in the leg

If there is too much waist fat

It is equivalent to a timing bomb tied to the waist

Therefore, the thick legs are the king!

This is even more powerful

Not only is your own intelligence superblock

Also with your child, hang up to your child

Researchers discovered

Women’s hips and thighs accumulate more fat

Contains more omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids

This unsaturated fatty acid is developed for brain development during pregnancy

IntersectionIntersectionVery important !Intersection

how do I say this?

I can’t remember anything

I remember all the thighs as soon as I beat the thighs

Chopped legs

You ask them

Do you dare to do this?

Are you afraid of being shot?

Do you dare?


There are so many benefits for girls with thick legs

Who doesn’t want to find a girlfriend with thick legs!Intersection

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