What impact will mothers always lose control during pregnancy?These three make him very dangerous

This is a real thing, which happened to a friend. She found her husband derailment when she was pregnant. She wanted to divorce, but her husband begged hard and asked her to forgive him in the belly.My friend chose tolerance, but his heart was struggling all the time, and even the children in the belly sometimes didn’t want it, but they couldn’t bear to have a miscarriage. After less than a month, one day, it was unbearable.It was already aborted. In the end, my friend was divorced with her husband. Now she has found the other half of her life and opened a happy life.

Last year she gave birth to her son. I went to see her and talked about her previous thing. She lamented that it was particularly amazing. At that timeDecided, I felt that my mother didn’t want him anymore, and took the initiative to leave.When she said this, I didn’t believe it well, but when I heard the lecture, the expert said that the child was connected with the mother’s blood.The idea of the fetus will also perceive.

This confirms the influence of the mother’s emotions on the fetus from the side. It is destined from the embryo period. Until the child’s birth and growing up, the mothers’ emotions will always affect him, infect him, and even affect his personality and life.During pregnancy, the mother has a temper. What will have the specific impact on the baby baby?

Early pregnancy-will make the fetus deform

Mother is too excited in early pregnancy, which will increase the secretion of the adrenal hormone and may cause abortion. If the emotion is in extreme uneasiness for a long time, this negative emotion will cause the embryo to be affected during the critical period of development, causing the lips, cleft palate and other deformitiesChildren, this is because the early pregnancy is a critical period for the development of organ and palate.

I am in the second trimester-will make the fetal baby hypoxic oxygen

If the mother’s emotions are excited, such as quarreling with her husband, the baby will have severe fetal movements. As the mother’s emotions are stable, this fetal movement will slow down.When the mother is angry, the adrenaline will be secreted in large quantities, manifesting as excitement, and the blood pressure will rise. Placental blood vessel contraction will cause the baby to have hypoxia symptoms. This is called temporary uterine and placental blood circulation disorders.He has a lack of oxygen signal. At this time, his mother should quickly calm down and let him calm down. This excitement should not happen one after another, which is very dangerous to the baby.

Late pregnancy-premature or major bleeding

Poor mood during pregnancy will increase the material in the blood. This harmful substance will harm the nervous system and other organs. Moms in the third trimester have great joy or long -term sad emotions, which will cause premature fetal birth.The uterine hemorrhage causes early peeling of the Taiwan class, the death of the fetus, etc., the mothers’ emotions will directly affect the emotions of the fetus after birth, manifested as restlessness, etc., and the baby is not as obedient as ordinary fetuses.result.

Some people have studied the spiritual topic of the remains. Most of these people have mental depression. This is because the mother has experienced extremely sad things during pregnancy, which leads to great tragedy and greatly secretes catecholamines in their bodies. The fetus has been received for a long time.The role of keticophenols will cause mental problems, which also directly illustrates the impact of mothers’ emotions on the fetus.

During pregnancy, the mood of mothers must still be happy and stable, and her family should be more considerate, so that she is in a state of understanding. Pregnancy is not a matter of one person, and emotion is not a matter of one person. Mom must pay attention to the baby.Get happily, are you right?

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