What is backache for more than two months of pregnancy?

Guide: In the early pregnancy, nausea and vomiting are normal reactions, basically pregnant moms know.But what is back pain?Some pregnant mommy feels painful in her waist just two months pregnant, and can’t help worrying that back pain in the early pregnancy is also a normal reaction of pregnancy?

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After standing for a long time, people will inevitably feel back pain, especially expectant mothers. If they stand for a long time during pregnancy, the feeling of back pain will become more and more obvious. Is this symptom a symbol of disease?What is the back pain in pregnant mother?

Lumbar pain is a common symptom of pregnancy. Light, back pain, and severe patients with symptoms such as "cramps" and sciatica with legs.

Lotial pain in early pregnancy is normal, because hormone secretions in the pregnant human body change.After pregnancy, in order to pass the birth canal during childbirth, a hormone secretion of the human body can relax the ligament that connects the pelvis. This hormone can also relax the muscles and increase the curvature of the spine, so it is easy to get back pain.

If pregnant moms are insufficient, they will cause the body’s basic physical strength.If you decrease in physical strength, you cannot maintain a normal posture, so it is easy to get back pain.

The impact of the uterus and fetus can also cause low back pain for pregnant moms.

Why do you have back pain when you are pregnant?

Since the baby’s combination of sperm and eggs has gradually grew up since conception, the mother’s uterus has been continuously stimulated during this process. Under this stimulationThe mother has backache pain, and even the pregnant woman is accompanied by minor abdominal pain. These are normal reactions during pregnancy.Therefore, as long as you relax your mood, you will be fine.

An October is happy for mothers, and it is also a painful thing. When the baby grows up day by day, the load of the waist will gradually increase. If it is just a simple back pain, there is no problem.There will also be vaginal bleeding. This phenomenon is also the phenomenon caused by fertilized eggs during the endometrium that enters the uterus. After the uterus accepts stimulation, such symptoms will occur, so there is no need to worry about it.

Other pregnant women’s focus on the body when she is pregnant, as the body changes, and the shoulder moves backwards.The pain of pain occurs, especially when the full moon, this symptoms will become more obvious, and the neck, shoulders and waist will sore phenomenon.

Pregnant women in the pregnancy stage are more lethargic. If you ca n’t have a good constitution, you must insist on working work. Long -term labor will increase the pain of the waist.Therefore, once you feel that your body cannot accept labor, pregnant women need to change their working environment, not to sit for a long time and long stand, and the types of work such as bending and squatting.There is a sore phenomenon.

What should I do if I do back pain in the early pregnancy

Back pain at this stage will not be very serious, and the pain is relatively mild, mostly back pain.Back pain during this period is often caused by the back of the uterus, compressing the rectum and ligament, and pregnant moms do not have to be nervous.

1. Pay attention to exercise and rest properly to avoid standing or sedentary for a long time.

2. You can use towels to apply hot compresses, simply hot compresses, soft massage, promote blood circulation in the muscles, and strengthen the nutrition of the muscles to relieve pain.

3. If pregnant moms are also accompanied by sciatica while pain, they may be caused by the lack of vitamin B1.

4. If pregnant moms have low back pain, they are accompanied by "cramps", which may be a signal of calcium deficiency.It is recommended that food supplements the best, such as: shrimp skin stewed duck eggs, tofu, fish, kelp, bone soup, etc. If it does not work, you can take calcium tablets appropriately.

5. When low back pain is accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage and severe pain. Pay attention to whether there is a miscarriage or whether ectopic pregnancy, so go to a doctor in time.

6. If the waist pain is severe enough to affect activities or radiate to other parts, go to the hospital for examination to find the cause and treat it in time.

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