What is going on with dizziness of pregnant women, the scientific response strategies of the four common reasons!

Pregnancy reactions are a problem that expectant mothers must face after pregnancy, especially dizziness, and it is also a very common pregnancy reaction.But the dizziness of pregnant women is not just the possibility of pregnancy reaction. So what is going on with dizziness of pregnant women?

1. Toply caused by anemia

When it comes to dizziness, the first reaction of many people is anemia.Anemia during pregnancy is a relatively common phenomenon, and it is often ignored.To prevent anemia, expectant mothers should pay attention to the balanced intake of nutrition, especially eating more iron -rich foods such as pork liver, lean meat, red dates, etc.If the expectant anemia is more serious, it is difficult to use food iron supplementation to achieve the purpose of correcting anemia. Under the guidance of a doctor, take a proper iron supplement.

2. The position of pregnancy is not suitable

As the saying goes, there are standing positions and sitting positions.This is especially true for pregnant women.For example, pregnant mothers will easily dizzy for a long time. Therefore, whether it is sleeping or taking a nap, the side lying position is the best choice for pregnant mothers.In addition, pregnant women should try to avoid suddenly changing their positions, such as suddenly getting up or sitting suddenly.

3. Poor appetite or consumption causes low blood sugar

To put it bluntly, it’s hungry …

Some pregnant mothers have a bad appetite during pregnancy, especially when the pregnancy vomiting is severe, and eat too little. As a result, it is prone to low blood sugar, and then dizzy, panic, and fatigue.No matter how serious the early pregnancy reaction, don’t eat something at all. You can choose foods that are easy to digest and have high sugar content, such as cakes, porridge, fruits, etc.In order to prevent the two meals from being too long, the blood sugar is reduced. In addition to three meals a day, expectant mothers can add meals once a meal in the morning, afternoon, and even at night to eat snacks such as fruits, yogurt, nuts, biscuits.

4. Dizziness signal from pregnancy hypertension

If this is the case, you need to pay attention.

When expectant mothers have hypertension, they can frequently appear severe dizziness and headaches. The symptoms of dizziness and headache cannot be relieved.This situation should be highly vigilant. Once diagnosis is confirmed, you should actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment and end pregnancy if necessary.If the blood pressure is lower than normal, it may cause dizziness.

Therefore, when the pregnant mother is dizzy, don’t panic first, sit down or lie down and rest. If the dizziness quickly improves, there is usually no problem.However, if it does not improve or the frequency of dizziness is too high, you need to go to the hospital to find the cause and give the symptomatic treatment to avoid more serious consequences.

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