What is going on with lower abdomen pain?It may be the manifestation of 5 diseases, pay more attention

Women’s lower abdomen pain is more complicated. It may be ordinary ovulation, and it may be reproductive system diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, and endometriosis.If the lower abdomen pain lasts for a long time and is accompanied by other symptoms. Ten nine or nine is the reproductive system disease, and you need to seek medical treatment early.

What reproductive system diseases may be in the lower abdomen of women?

1. Pelvic inflammatory disease

Bacterial or virus infections and sexually transmitted diseases may cause pelvic inflammatory inflammatory disease, such as fallopian tube, fallopian tube accumulation, endometritis, etc., which are mainly manifested in lower abdomen pain, increased vaginal dischargeThe pain was intensified when the applause was "applauded.Due to inflammation in the pelvic cavity, the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus are difficult to be spared, and no active treatment can induce women infertility.Once the diagnosis is clearly diagnosed as pelvic inflammatory disease, both the husband and wife should be treated together, and antibiotics are used for sufficient enough treatment.

2. Pelvic congestion syndrome

The venous vein return of the pelvic cavity is hindered, which causes local swelling and pain, and induces pelvic congestion syndrome.The main manifestation is that the pain in the lower abdomen is obvious when standing or sitting, and the pain is reduced when lying down.

3. Pelvic organs prolapse

Many middle -aged and elderly women have different degrees of pelvic organs. They are not in the original position whether the uterus and bladder are not in the original position."Time discomfort intensifies.Light can be reduced by the way of Kigel’s exercise or anal lifting, and surgery is needed.

4. Ectopic pregnancy

Suddenly severe pain or spasm at the pelvic cavity during the fertility period, especially when it occurs on the unilateral side. At the same time, it is accompanied by headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and local bleeding. You should think of ectopic pregnancy as soon as possible.The names of the off -the -palace pregnancy are fertilized eggs in the uterus. The most common is fallopian tube conception. It does not deal with life in time to threaten life.

5. Endometriosis

The endometrium grows outside the uterus and is common in tubes, ovaries, and bladder. This is the so -called endometriosis.Although the endometrium does not grow inside the uterus, it still follows the period of peeling and regeneration, causing periodic pain in the lower abdomen.

Kind tips

If a woman’s lower abdomen is severe pain and is accompanied by bloating, the menstrual flow is significantly increased, tenderness and abdomen have a sense of compression, etc., uterine fibroids should be highly suspected.If the abdominal pain during ovulation, the pain ends in a few seconds, perhaps ovulation pain.If the lower abdomen pain lasts for a long time, women cannot have a chance, and they need to seek medical treatment early to clear the diagnosis.

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