What is normal fetal position?What is the ideal time to correct the fetal position?Moms to understand

When you hear the word "fetal position", you may imagine that someone curled up into a ball of sleep.But the baby’s position in the uterus is not so simple.There are several different fetal positions, and your baby can be in different positions, some of which are more suitable for birth than others.

If your baby is in a less ideal position, it may cause pain and long -term delivery, fetal distress, and may even cause intervention measures like caesarean section.Generally speaking, the fetal position includes the head, the hips, etc., and the following can be divided into the left pillow, which is the left pillow, the left horizontal left horizontal, and so on.

The head, that is, the fetus is facing down, looking at the mother’s spine, this is an ideal fetal location.

When the baby’s head is down, but when the mother’s abdomen is looked, the baby’s difficulty through the birth canal is usually greater. This is because the baby’s neck is usually straightened, and he will rub the mother’s spine. He needs more space to pass the birth canal.

1. About 26-28 weeks

Babies began to lie down vertically, which means that either head down or hips.More people will wait until 28 weeks before moving vertically, and will decrease after 30 weeks.After 28-30 weeks, babies usually turn their heads down.

2, 28-30 weeks

During this period, the baby will adjust the position of the body by themselves to prepare for the complete head.

3. At 32 weeks

If the baby is the hip position at 32 weeks, the expectant mother will start doing some exercises carefully to help the baby find the right posture.

4. In 32-35 weeks

At this time, the baby has turned over, and the mother can judge through the position of the fetus kick. If the position changes, it proves that the baby’s position has changed.

5, 36-38 weeks

The baby will make the final adjustment. If the fetal position has not come over at this time, it will be difficult.

Babies follow a natural process to adapt to the final birth posture.Most fetuses are already in place at 34 weeks of pregnancy.This means that there will be few fetuses that change the position after 34 weeks.

If your baby is not in the best position, don’t worry.Babies are always moving, and some babies change their posture at the last moment.There are some techniques here, such as spinal fingering pressure treatment, chest knee position, bridge -type lying method, side bedroom method, etc.Moms can use them to try to let their children turn over.These actions insist on 15-20 minutes each time, once a day.If you can persist, the baby will soon find the correct fetal position.

If it is the hip position, the hospital will require pregnant women to take caesarean delivery to avoid relevant risks generated due to the occurrence of smooth delivery.

As mentioned above, 34 weeks ago, it was a good time for the fetus to change the fetal position, but if at that time, the fetal position was not right, and do not worry too much. Many babies would change themselves before or during childbirth and let themselves be in a good fetal position.If the fetal position is not right, experienced aids or doctors will also supervise and help the fetus enter the right position.Pregnant women should ensure that as much things as possible to balance and adjust your pelvis, and encourage the fetus to welcome their birth at a head position.

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