What is the back pain in pregnant women?Try these little tricks to help relieve back pain during pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a special period of a woman. Various symptoms will occur during pregnancy. Back pain is one of them. So what should I do if I do back pain during pregnancy?Tips.What is the back pain in pregnant women?Try these little tricks to help relieve back pain during pregnancy!Let’s take a look together.

1. It is not scientific to walk in the third trimester!

We often see that in order to make the waist comfortable, many pregnant mothers will use their hands to hold their waist with both hands and their stomachs leaning forward when walking and sitting.Some pregnant mothers often use their hands to put their waist with their hands, thinking that this can reduce the load of the waist and relieve low back pain.In fact, this posture will increase the burden on the lumbar spine, because this posture will cause the center of gravity to move to the lumbar spine and increase the force of the lumbar spine, especially the third trimester, and the pressure of long -term center of gravity will cause our waist pain. In severe cases, it may be possibleIt can cause lumbar disc herniation.

2. What should I do if I do back pain during pregnancy, and the small tricks of the waist protection in the third trimester

1. It is best to take the left side position when you sleep

By the third trimester, as the fetus grows, the uterus is oppressed and will affect the supply of fetal oxygen.The use of the left lying position can alleviate the lack of gynecological blood, which is conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.In order to be safe and comfortable, it is recommended that expectant mothers can use waist pillows. It can support the abdomen to cultivate the correct sleeping position of pregnant women and reduce the discomfort during pregnancy.

2. Don’t sit over the short stool

When the pregnant mother changes from standing to sit, she should first support it on her thighs or stool armrests, and then sit down slowly.When sitting, pay attention to the front, support the waist with both hands and slowly move the back of the chair, then move your hips to the back of the chair, straighten your back, stray on the back of the chair comfortably, and open your feet in parallel.It should be noted that pregnant women should not sit too high or too short. It should be 40cm.

3. Pay attention to changing posture for a long time

When the pregnant mother stands, she should relax her shoulders, parallel her legs, and separate their feet slightly. The distance is slightly smaller than the shoulder width, and her feet are straight.Pregnant mothers should not stand for a long time. If you need to stand for a long time, you should choose the way you have two feet.It is best to change the position of the front and rear feet every few minutes, so as not to fall on the same leg for a long time.

4. Do not travel when walking

When the pregnant mother is walking, she should straighten her back, raise her head, and tighten her hips. The heels should be on the ground first, step by step, and pay attention to maintaining the whole body balance.You can also use handrails or railings to walk, do not move quickly, and do not protrude from your abdomen forward.

5. To help up and down the stairs

When the expectant mother goes up the stairs, the waist should be straight, stepping on the footsteps, the armrest stairs handrails, immediately straightened the knee joint after landing, moved the center of gravity to the foot, and then lifted the other foot.When you go down the stairs, do the handrails. Do not bend over or tighten your chest. See the stairs clearly. When you take your feet, you should pay attention to whether you step on it to prevent the air from stepping on the air.Because the bulging belly will cover the sight.

6. Slowly squatting should be slow

When pregnant mothers need to squat, such as picking things from the ground, you should first bend your knees, then squat and pick up things.When standing up, you should hold your legs with both hands and stand slowly.These movements seem to be casual, but your lumbar spine is injured.

3. How to prevent back pain in pregnancy

Exercise the waist muscles in advance is the best prevention plan. It is best to start doing the following exercise before planning "making people":

1. lying lying on lying: In order to prevent the abdominal muscles from relaxing, many women like to do sit -ups, which can only increase the strength of the abdominal muscles.To enhance the strength of the back muscles, it is not as strong as "lying down".The method of lying down is that people lie down on the bed or carpet, use the umbilical abdomen as the fulcrum, and shrink the back of the back hip muscles, then lift the head, upper and lower limbs upwards.Straighten up, make your body "corner bow reverse", keep for 10 seconds and relax.Repeat 10-15 times as a section, and do 3 knots a day to make the back muscles stronger and stronger.

2. Lifting dumbbells: People stand upright, hold a dumbbell with both hands, lift forward, keep the upper limbs and the body 90 degrees, and persist for half a minute. At this time, you can feel that the back muscles are shrinking.Rest for half a minute and make a flat lift, and repeat 10 times as a section; do one section in the morning, noon, and evening. Adhering for a long time can enhance the strength of the back muscles.

3. Moving heavy objects: In fact, women usually do more labor or holding heavy objects, which is very beneficial to exercise back muscles.

Through learning, we know that for women, October’s pregnancy is undoubtedly a wonderful process, but in the process, many expectant mothers are likely to encounter more or less back pain.When there is a back pain, pregnant mothers can try a few small tricks mentioned above! I hope pregnant mothers can go to the baby safely and smoothly!

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