What is the back pain when I am pregnant?Want to see orthopedics?Doctor: This is normal

Back pain during pregnancy is a process that almost every mother needs to experience.In the past few months of the fetus, the body of the pregnant woman will constantly change with the development of the fetus, and the joints and muscles will be adjusted. In the process, "backache and back pain" will often appear.

Back pain in the early stages of pregnancy is a normal phenomenon.Because most pregnant women’s uterine blood flow will increase, pelvic cavity is congested, so it is easy to have back pain.In addition, due to the stretching of the ligament and the increase in the pressure of the lumbar spine, pregnant women also experience symptoms of backache.In the early stages of pregnancy, the causes of back pain are as follows:

(1) After pregnancy, the uterus will increase with the pregnancy cycle. In order to maintain a balance, the pregnant woman will habitually form a chest and stand up. Over time, the waist will cause pain;

(2) Change hormone secretion in the early stages of pregnancy changes.In order to allow the fetus to pass the birth canal during childbirth, the body secretes a hormone to relax the ligament connected to the pelvis, relax the muscles, and increase the curvature of the spine, so it is easy to cause low back pain;

(3) Long -term walking and incorrect sitting positions can easily cause the muscles of pregnant women to fatigue, which will cause waist soreness.

It should be noted that if the waist of pregnant women feel severe pain and bleeding from the vagina, they need to seek medical treatment in time, so as not to be caused by ectopic pregnancy and affect the condition.

After five months of pregnancy, the pain of the waist is normal, and the cause of the waist pain caused by pregnant women is the following points:

(1) The uterus rapidly expands from the middle of pregnancy. The expanded uterus moves the body’s center of gravity upward, and the abdominal muscles are stretched and separated.When excessive stretching and separation occur, it may cause abdominal muscle strength to decrease. In order to maintain a normal posture, there must be a strong enough lower back muscles.But if the lower back muscles cannot be supported, there may be waist pain.So if you have back pain for 5 months, you are mostly due to the problem of lower back muscle strength;

(2) In order to allow the baby to pass the birth canal during the childbirth process, the body of the pregnant woman will secrete a hormone to relax the muscles, which will increase the spine of the pregnant woman, which makes the pregnant woman feel the waist pain;

(3) During pregnancy, with the growth of the fetus, the perimeter of the pelvic ring becomes larger, and the muscle tension of the hips increases, resulting in compression of peripheral nerves;

(4) Pregnant women’s need for fat, sugar, protein, and minerals increases than usual. If you do n’t pay attention to diet, you are prone to calcium deficiency symptoms and easily cause osteoporosis, causing back pain.

Backward acid is not necessarily born in the third trimester.

The main reason for the third trimester is that due to the increase in the increase of uterine compensation during pregnancy, the spine of expectant mothers is raised gradually, and the center of gravity moves back to the lower limbs and spine and surrounding muscles.Therefore, on the one hand, due to the increase in the weight of the abdomen, the arm stretches out from the center of the lumbar disc, the lumbar spine load is increased, which is positively related to the increase in the waist increase; on the other hand, due to the weakness of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy, it cannot support the internal organs normally.As a result, the load of the waist supports the internal organs increases, thereby causing backache or even back pain.

In addition, the changes of hormones during pregnancy, especially the changes in estrogen, lead to changes in bone and joint gaps, and increased activities of joints of sacroiliac joints, sacral tail joints and pubic bone, which helps to change the posture of the mother and nerve compression.Even nerve injury leads to neuralgia, or loses the internal muscle of normal tension (flexibility), causing limited exercise and pain symptoms.During pregnancy, with the growth of the fetus, the perimeter of the pelvic ring becomes larger, and the muscle tension of the hips increases, which will cause the peripheral nerves to be compressed and cause backache.

In addition, pregnant women in the third trimester will feel pubic pain.

Most of the pubic pain in pregnant women in the third trimester is caused by the union of the pubic bone.The pubic bone is located in front of the pelvis and below the abdomen, and two of them are connected by fiber connective tissue through ligaments.After pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels in the body, fibrous connective tissues such as the body ligament are relaxed, and the distance between the two yin bones is increased to facilitate smooth and natural delivery.With the increase in the gestational week and the increase in fetal, the distance between the two pubic bones gradually increases, and the pain, tenderness, walking, difficulty of walking, difficulty in turning over or worse at the unprecedented cause of the pubic bone in pregnant women.

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