What is the blushing "gynecological examination"?Reminder: Pay attention to these 5 o’clock before inspection

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Women are necessary for regular gynecological examinations. Many units will arrange medical examinations for employees. Among them, gynecological examinations are a very important item in female employee and physical examination.

In the eyes of many women, they are embarrassed to conduct these inspections and feel too difficult.

For women, especially unmarried women, "gynecological examination" is very popular, and they are sorry at all. So how do these inspections do?

In order to check more accurate and smoothly, the doctor reminded that the following 5 points should be paid attention to before checking.

During this time, Ms. Li was facing a problem, her body was very uncomfortable, her leucorrhea was abnormal, her abdomen was irregularly painful, and her menstruation was irregular.Ms. Li is now in her 30s and has had a pair of children, and felt that she might have some gynecological disease.

In order not to delay the treatment, Ms. Li hurried to the hospital for examination.Although she has had children, she still feels embarrassing about gynecological examination.

The doctor asked Ms. Li to lie on the bed, took off her pants, and her legs had to be opened.

Next, the doctor picked up a instrument and painted some lubricant directly into Ms. Li’s lower body. This is to get the secretion.Although Ms. Li knew the purpose of the doctor did this, she still felt ashamed.

Seeing that Ms. Li was so nervous, the doctor couldn’t help but comfort her. This is what gynecological examination must be done. Keep relaxing and don’t have pressure.

After listening to the doctor, Ms. Li began to relax.In fact, for many women, they are very shy about gynecology.

Exposure of your private parts, although most of the female doctors who do it for themselves, they still feel uncomfortable.And the doctor’s use of some inspection appliances will also aggravate women’s anxiety, making them feel embarrassed.

In fact, this is just a doctor’s job. Women can use this as an ordinary examination. Relaxing the physical and mental is conducive to the accuracy of the test results.

If you are really anxious, you can try to take a deep breath or talk to your doctor about your concerns.

Doctors suggest that you must pay attention to these aspects when doing gynecological examinations.The first is to avoid menstrual periods.The physical defense ability of women during menstruation is poor.

At this time, it is easy to be infected by bacteria, and it will also affect the accuracy of the examination. Therefore, doctors generally do not recommend gynecological examinations during menstrual periods.

Secondly, keep relaxing.If you are nervous, your body will tighten, which is not conducive to the doctor’s examination.If the body is really discomfort or excessive tension, you must tell the doctor that the doctor will take a more appropriate method for examination to alleviate the uneasiness of women.

Also prepare before the inspection.Do not live a husband and wife life the day before, clean the private parts with water, and do not use the cleaning solution, which will affect the accuracy of the test results.

If related behaviors are performed the day before, be sure to inform the doctor in advance.

Then explain your condition in detail.During this time, where is uncomfortable, what symptoms have the body, you must tell the doctor without any detail that the details cannot be omitted, so as to help doctors make more accurate judgments, the right medicine can be controlled by the condition.

It is best to choose a regular hospital.Do not choose to go to the small clinic for saving. After all, the facilities are not comprehensive enough to check in place.

In addition, try to choose a public hospital. Private hospital services are indeed good, but the charges are also expensive, and the level of doctors cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a regular hospital to find a professional doctor to solve it.

So when women go to gynecological diseases, which are the most embarrassing?The first is the breast.When conducting this examination, doctors often touch or press the patient’s breasts with their hands to determine whether there are hard blocks or nodules. This is just a preliminary examination.

Then the doctor will use ultrasonic examination. In fact, it is the same reason to do color Doppler ultrasound with pregnancy. You need to evenly apply gel to the patient’s chest.The chest is also a very private part. Women generally care for it, and they are naturally embarrassed when they open in front of the doctor.

Followed by internal diagnosis, this is a very common method of examination in gynecological examinations.Doctors generally wear sexual gloves, apply lubricants on the gloves, and then put their hands into women’s vagina. This test does not bring discomfort to patients.

Patients should try to relax as much as possible so that the whole person’s inspection process will be smoother.Of course, if you really feel uncomfortable, tell the doctor immediately, don’t stand it.

The other is hysteroscopy.Many women should have done such examinations, mainly targeting the endometrium and uterine cavity.Many women are postponed and not pregnant. It may be because the endometrium is too thick, and the doctor will issue such examinations.

Hysteroscopy is used during examination, and its shape is slender.Women need optical urine before operation, so that they will not cause bladder discomfort.

After entering the uterus, uterine lapsex will be sampled, so that doctors can more accurately judge the patient’s condition.

The last is ultrasound.Ultrasonic examinations are relatively comprehensive, not only can we observe the uterus and cervix, but also understand the condition of tubes and ovaries.

Women need to lie on the bed during ultrasound examination, and the lower body is naked. The doctor will put the probe in the body for examination.

Although gynecological examinations can be very embarrassing, it is crucial for women.Women must conduct relevant inspections on a regular basis to ensure that they are in a healthy state.

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