What is the cause of pain in a stomach in seven months of pregnancy?Two categories of pain analysis

Guide: The ten months of pregnancy are very difficult for women. To completely abandon the previous life, everything must be focused on the fetus.Many pregnant mothers are very anxious. Today we will answer some pregnant mothers’ pregnancy questions.

It hurts when the stomach is 7 months pregnant at the same position. Is this normal?

This problem is very typical. Abdominal pain during pregnancy is the most worried problem for pregnant mothers, for fear that there will be problems with the fetus.First of all, seven months of pregnancy belong to the late pregnancy. Generally, abdominal pain is divided into two types of pain in physiology and pathology.

1. Physiological pain

1. In the middle of pregnancy: Many mothers will have short pain on both sides of the lower abdomen in the middle of pregnancy. The pain is not severe, the time is short, and there is no other physical discomfort such as fever, nausea and vomiting, diarrheaIt can be relieved.

2. In the third trimester: There is a pain that is too hard when the fetus moves, which causes the pregnant woman’s stomach to be hit by the fetus a little painful, but it is good to slow the past. This kind of pain is more common in the upper abdomen in the upper abdomen.Pain is caused by the rapid increase of the uterus of the pregnant woman. Some sensitive pregnant mothers have an extremely obvious pain, especially in the upper left position. Generally, rest for a while or lie in a posture for a while will relieve a lot.

3. Hydal contraction: There is another situation called Hydo contraction, which is also a normal physiological phenomenon of luck. There will be some slight pain. Some pregnant mothers can’t feel it, because most of this pain is mostly the pain is mostly the pain.Painless contraction.

Pathological pain

1. Breakal abortion

If around July of pregnancy, the vaginal bleeding occurs, and it is accompanied by lower abdomen pain and painful pain. It may be a threatened abortion, and you should seek medical treatment in time.

2. Premature birth

At this stage of the expected period after July pregnancy, if the lower abdomen always pains, and it is accompanied by a feeling of falling, the vagina starts to bleed a small amount, or the secretion of mixed blood, there may be a possibility of aura premature birth. The pregnant mothers should immediately immediately immediately immediately immediatelyRest, if it is always painful and exacerbated, you can seek medical treatment to save the fetus life.

3. Acute appendicitis

Sudden acute appendicitis is also terrible. The position is generally in the right side of the right side, but due to the deformation of the uterus during pregnancy, the appendix may be partially partial due to squeezing. Pregnant women should carefully identify it, do not delay the illness, and do not delay the illness.Caused appendix perforation.

4. Bald stone

Because the organs inside the body have changed after pregnancy, especially the continuous expansion of the uterus may cause many body organs to operate normally as usual. At this time, you should pay more attention to your diet.EssenceThere will also be manifestations of abdominal pain.

5. Uterine fibroids

There is also a pathological pain that a fibroids in the uterus can cause local pain in the abdomen. It is always a place in a place. It hurts as soon as possible. This situation needs to be seek medical treatment in time.

6. Ovarian cyst

Many ovarian cysts are not hindered in the state of infertility, but because of changes in the internal position after pregnancy, the pain of reversing cysts is also called acute abdomen.

Common chocolate cysts are also a manifestation of endometriosis. It is also recommended to do a comprehensive pregnancy test before pregnancy. If you find it, please treat it before considering pregnancy.

7, urinary tract infection

If you do not pay attention to the cleansing of the vulva, you may cause urinary tract infection. Severe can cause nephritis, manifested as urgent urination, pain, and even hematuria.

Important tips: During pregnancy, it is a stage of cautious treatment. A little carelessness may cause many incredible consequences.

Today’s topic: In addition to abdominal pain during pregnancy, what other symptoms are prone to appear during pregnancy?I will answer it next time.

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