What is the cause of the front placenta?Why is it more likely to bleed the pre -placenta of pregnant women?

The cause of the front placenta may be caused by the frequent abortion of the patient, or it may be caused by the low position of the fertilized eggs. The specific cause can be checked in detail in the hospital.If patients often have an artificial abortion, they will affect the uterus, and the phenomenon of front placenta will occur after pregnancy. If the position of fertilization is relatively low, the position of the placenta will be relatively low.In the case of the front placenta, no matter what kind of cause, you must pay attention not to exercise vigorously, and regularly go to the hospital for a production inspection, eat more nutrients with rich foods, and maintain a pleasant mood.

Why is it easier for pregnant women to bleed in front of the placenta?

Pregnant women’s front placenta is prone to bleeding because the position of the front placenta is relatively low, and the uterus during pregnancy can easily shrink, which will affect the placenta during contraction and bleeding.Pregnant women’s front placenta is usually caused by the low placenta, and there is blood vessels on the placenta. When the uterine contraction, the blood vessels on the placenta. Once the vascular membrane is ruptured, bleeding will occur. In severe cases, it will still be.Fetal death or premature birth occurred.Therefore, pregnant women should regularly go to the hospital for delivery, and they should not exercise vigorously. They should also eat more foods such as lean meat, eggs, broccoli, apples, etc., or drink a glass of milk every day.

Is it normal to have brown secretions after pre -placental bleeding?

Brown secretions are usually abnormal after premium placental bleeding.Under normal circumstances, the brown discharge will not occur after the pre -placental bleeding. If a brown discharge occurs, it is likely to be caused by the vaginal infection or the blood is not drained. You need to go to a regular hospital for detailed examination.Then according to the specific cause, whether it is vaginal infection or the blood is not discharged, it can be treated by taking drugs.Eat more nutrients with rich foods in a short time, and you can also eat some blood supplement foods to avoid anemia in patients and affect the fetus in the uterus.

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