What is the diagnosis before bed in Japan?Improve the efficiency and reduce the abortion rate

The chairman of the "Kobe Art ART Girls’ Clinic" (Kobe City), which specializes in infertility, made such a explanation of the pre -bed diagnosis of the clinic."I just want to put back the fertilized eggs that are not easy to have miscarriage and pregnancy."

"I have not been able to have children for 7 years. So I can understand the patient’s mood."

Take 5 or 6 cells from the fertilized eggs, and investigate whether the chromosomes have an abnormally pre -bed diagnosis.Among them, two groups of chromosomes were investigated in the clinic, and PGT-A was centered on PGT-A with three groups of chromosomes (triral) and 1 (three bodies).It is said that the number of fertilized eggs with abnormal quantity will hardly get pregnant or miscarriage even if transplanted.

Director Oshi said that the pregnancy rate was 70%when diagnosing normal fertilized eggs.When PGT-A is not implemented, 39 years old will increase to 30%, 43 years old to 52%, and the abortion rate has nothing to do with age, which will be roughly reduced to 10%.

Before the diagnosis, the genetic consultant of the clinic will explain the detailed situation of the diagnosis and the countermeasures after the results come out.Because even if abnormalities occur, even if there is only a little bit of fertilized eggs that may be pregnant and produced, the patient needs to decide whether to transplant and freeze.

It is also reported that all diseases cannot be found with PGT-A. Even if they transplant non-chromosome abnormal fertilized eggs, 2 ~ 5%of the birth children have some congenital diseases.He emphasized: "Some people think that this is a dream -like diagnosis, but after all, it is to increase the pregnancy rate and prevent abortion."

From 2002 to the present, the clinic was diagnosed with about 10,000 times in bed, but the journey was difficult.

"If he is more than 40 years old, 9 Chengdu, which is fertilized eggs, is abnormal in chromosomes. Even if you are pregnant, most of them will have a miscarriage. Out of the idea of finding normal fertilized eggs and holding the baby as soon as possible, there is no plan to give up."

A woman (40 years old) in Qianqiao City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan was recommended in the county’s infertility therapy clinic in March last year. When she was diagnosed with pre-bed diagnosis (PGT-A), she felt like this.

Qianqiao City, who was diagnosed before bed.He said: "I hope the pregnant couple will be cured."

"I have to do that step. It is a scientific thing so far."

For the first time 5 to 6 years ago, the in vitro fertilization and miscarriage.Pick eggs, preserve, transplant.I did not grow up a few times.He has also been in trouble in money and spirit, and has venting pain to her husband (40 years old).At that time, I heard about the diagnosis before bed.

"Just do it."Before bed diagnosis, a part of the cells of fertilized eggs are used to investigate the abnormality of the chromosomal number.The fertilized eggs may not be injured. According to the result of the diagnosis, they may not be able to return to the uterus.

"Maybe the fertilized eggs who have survived may not work."

After a while, there is a month without menstruation.

After concern, the amount of hormones was investigated.I was scared by the words of the clinic."It is the value of amenorrhea. In about a year, the child may not be born."

Think about it.The doctor said, what do I want to do?Start here seriously.In another year, do everything that can do.I don’t want to have a "negative experience" that is burdened by the body and mind of abortion.

Enter before bed diagnosis.The fertilized eggs of the "embryonic cytotocytes" that grew up to the 5th day after the 5th day.

In mid -May this year, the diagnosis was told.Among the four stages of A ~ D, it is determined as "B" that can be transplanted on the basis of discussing with the doctor.This one is now frozen.

In an interview, women go to the clinic in different counties that are diagnosed with pre -bed diagnosis. Put the fertilized eggs formed here to return to the uterus and bed.He said: "If it is sometimes a chance and becomes the second child, I will be very happy."

Regarding the diagnosis in front of bed, he felt that it was of great significance: "(abnormal) If it is found in advance, the money, body, and mind burden can be reduced a little." On the other hand, if they accept it, they may not be pregnant and childbirth.You can also make choices that are closely related to life.There is still a mood of "really not simple".

In addition to PGT-A, there are two types of diagnosis before bed.

Investigate whether there are "PGT-M" for serious genetic diseases.A 30-year-old woman in Nagano Prefecture has given birth to a second child in PGT-M’s fertilized eggs in Takasaki City this spring this spring.Women and husbands are the causing diseases of the genes of the disease.If you are naturally pregnant and have children, a quarter of the probability that children may have difficulty diseases. The first child died on the first day after birth.

This actual situation was reported in July, and many positive opinions were seen online."If the reason is genetic factors, you can remove places to be prevented in advance." "Although the schedule and cost are not easy, it brings me a greater sense of security and let me really feel that it is going forward."

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