What is the effect of moxibustion and pregnancy?What are the positions or acupoints for pregnancy?Moxibustion during ovulation during ovulation

Many women start to use moxibustion to help pregnancy, but many people do not know how the effect of moxibustion help the pregnancy. Today, Xiangyi Royal Ai will explain to you about this knowledge, and at the same time tell you what positions are helpful for pregnancy.Or acupoints.

What is the effect of moxibustion and pregnancy:

Because many people have just begun to contact moxibustion, I do n’t know how the effect of moxibustion is the effect. In fact, I want to say that the effect of using moxibustion to help the pregnancy is very good!There are many reasons for infertility, but except for congenital reasons, other problems can be moxibustion.

The so -called congenital reason is that the uterus development of women itself. Although moxibustion cannot be conditioned in this case, it will also increase the chance of pregnancy!The reason for the day after tomorrow is nothing more than ovarian problems, such as ovarian cysts or endometriosis!Some people may be caused by endocrine disorders!Some people may be a problem of fallopian tubes, but no matter what the problem can be conditioned by moxibustion.

What acupuncture points are helpful for pregnancy and moxibustion:

If you want to prepare for pregnancy, generally speaking, we still make moxibustion around the abdomen. After all, women’s cell palaces are in the abdomen, so we focus on moxibustion abdomen!These acupuncture points are actually the acupuncture points I often say:

Switch to pregnancy: Zhongli Point, Shenxiong acupoint, Tianshu acupoint, and return acupoints and uterine points, this is the acupuncture point in the abdomen!After that, everyone should add the Bali acupoints. The Payo Point is a regulation of the cell palace. The cell palace is generally a collective name we call the uterus and the fallopian tube.

In addition, many people will add the two acupoints of Zusanli and Sanyinjiao. Zusanli is a major acupuncture point in the human body. Basically, various problems can be conditioned. Usually, health care effects are very good.The Sanyinjiao is also called a gynecological Sanyinjiao, which is really a tailor -made acupuncture point for women.



This is the acupuncture points of some major moxibustion. These acupoints can regulate women’s palace cold problems and gynecological problems. As long as these problems are conditioned, the chance of preparing pregnancy is rising straight.

Of course, there are many factors that affect women’s pregnancy preparation above, such as problems such as kidney deficiency or psychological factors (mental stress), etc. If kidney deficiency, etc.Bar!If the mental stress is relatively large, you can add extra points or Taichong acupoints!

How long is moxibustion to help pregnancy effective:

I really can’t answer this question, because each person has different constitutions, so the time of moxibustion is also different. There are many cases of successful pregnancy after the Internet. Some people have a successful pregnancy for a month.After a few months of pregnancy, some people have a successful pregnancy for a year or two.

The effective time of moxibustion is determined according to its own situation. For example, Gonghan Preparation is so effective that it is so fast. This is because it is a problem of a palace cold, but if it is caused by the problem of fallopian tubesMoxibustion at the same time is effective in combining with conditioning. There are also some people’s uterine endometriosis. It is recommended that the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine will be better. Of course, there are many moxibustion conditioning for endometriosis!There are also some conditioning without effect, so the combination of Chinese and Western medicine will be better.

In the end, I want to tell you that the ovulation period can also be moxibustion, because moxibustion can promote egg development, and it will not be said that because the temperature of moxibustion is too high, it will affect the eggs and the like.

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