What is the harm to suffering from fungal vaginitis?Will it impact pragnancy?

Many gynecological diseases are caused by various inflammation.There are some viral inflammation, such as fungal vaginitis, which is one of the gynecological diseases that may seriously affect the quality of life of patients.You know, some gynecological diseases such as small asymptomatic uterine fibroids will basically not affect the daily life of patients. As long as you observe regularly, there is no need to take any treatment methods, and mold vaginitis is different.Seriously interfere with the quality of life of patients.

The impact of mold vaginitis on women itself

The first is vaginal itching.Moomal vaginitis can cause patients with irregularity and severe vaginal itching.The most severe time can make patients sleep and eat unhealthy and not sitting.It will be affected to varying degrees in both life or work.And this itch is more serious at night, and sometimes I have to go to see the night gynecology emergency.As a obstetrician and gynecologist, I also received a lot of such emergency cases, but I do n’t understand. I feel that vaginitis depends on the emergency department.Later, he learned the causes and symptoms of learning onset, so he really understood the pain of the patient.

The second is the symptoms of sexual life aggravating infection.The mold itself exists in the vagina, but very few, the vaginal flora balance, generally does not cause disease.However, immunity decreases, diabetes, and rheumatoid diseases have been taken for a long time, and antibiotics are taken for a long time. Repeatedly interfere with the balance of vaginal flora and pH balance, which can easily cause mold vaginitis.Under normal circumstances, mold vaginitis does not be transmitted through sexual behavior, but if the same room is continued during inflammation, the symptoms of the disease will be aggravated and affecting the recovery of the disease.Therefore, patients cannot have sex. Although this will affect the feelings of the patient’s husband and wife to a certain extent, health is the first.

Furthermore, it will cause patients with tofu residue leucorrhea and irritating odor.

The effect of mold vaginitis on pregnancy

What many people don’t know is that the existence of the disease may also affect the development of the fetus.If pregnant women suffer from fungal vaginitis, they must go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment at this time to avoid damage to women themselves, mixed infections, leading to upper fluid, and even further impact on the fetus.It may cause fetal movement, and the severe symptoms such as premature breakthrough, premature birth and abortion can occur.

Healthy women have a natural vaginal environment, but women with bacterial vaginitis may be damaged by bacteria. Due to the large amount of secretions in the patient’s vagina, the secretion contains a large amount of large amountsWhite blood cells will further affect the survival of sperm, reduce the amount of sperm in the body, and hinder the passage of sperm at the same time, leading to infertility in women.

The care of fungal vaginitis is more important. Special treatment should be performed for patients’ underwear. In order to kill the germs on the underwear, after washing, it is necessary to boil and expose them.Pay special attention to putting the underwear and the family unable to clean it together to prevent family members from cross -infection.There are also patients with regular medication in accordance with the doctor’s order to cure mold vaginitis as soon as possible.

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