What is the heart burning during pregnancy and how to relieve it?Obstetricians answers one by one

The pregnant mother Jing Jing was pregnant in the middle of pregnancy. Recently, she always felt heartburn. She wanted to eat ice cream to alleviate this situation. Her husband was worried that eating Jing Jing was not good for her body, but she was uncomfortable and tangled. She occasionally let her eat it once.However, Jingjing listened to the elderly at home and said that the feeling of burning heart during pregnancy shows that the baby is long hair, the more serious the situation, indicating that the stronger the baby’s hair is after birth.Is this really the case?the answer is negative.

1. What happened to the pregnant mother "burning heart"

From the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will feel heart burning. This is a normal reaction during pregnancy, and it has nothing to do with whether the fetus is on long hair.The main reason is that the fetus is gradually growing and developing, and the mother’s abdominal pressure rises, which leads to backflow of the esophagus, which will make the mother feel heartburn.In addition, the fetus increases to the mother’s stomach, and sometimes the mother will feel nausea.In addition, with the increase of the pregnancy month, the feeling of burning the heart of the pregnant mother will gradually become serious. It may often feel the burning sensation at the heart nest, and sometimes it will rise to the throat. It is particularly obvious when lying down.

2. How to relieve the symptoms of "burning heart"

1. Eat less meals

Pregnant mothers feel that the heart burning is mainly due to the increase of the fetus and compressing the stomach. If you want to alleviate this symptom, your mother should pay attention to her own diet.First of all, you can’t eat too much at a time. During pregnancy, the mother’s digestive system is weaker than usual. Too many foods will oppress the mother’s stomach. The stomach is difficult to digest. The pregnant mother will feel uncomfortable and even vomit.During pregnancy, diet should follow the principle of eating less meals. Pregnant mothers eat less at a time, and eat again when they are hungry.In addition, in order to make the food easier to digest, the mother must chew slowly, and it doesn’t matter if you eat slower.

2. Avoid lying down immediately after meals

During pregnancy, fetal increased abdominal pressure increases. After the mother has eaten, it is prone to esophageal reflux. The gastric acid of the esophagus can stimulate the gastric mucosa and esophagus, and the reflux situation will even cause reflux esophagitis.full.In addition, do not lie down immediately after eating. When lying down, the diaphragm is raised, and the abdomen pressure rises.

3. Avoid eating irritating food

During pregnancy, mothers cannot eat irritating food, otherwise they will exacerbate the symptoms of heart burning.Acid foods and spicy irritating foods can stimulate the esophagus mucosa, cause inflammation, and naturally exacerbate the symptoms.In addition, the fatty diet, chocolate, strong tea, coffee, etc. can reduce the smooth tension of the lower section of the esophagus, make the esophagus return, and pregnant mothers should not eat it.

Pregnant mothers will experience different degrees of heart burning. In order to alleviate this symptom, pregnant mothers must pay attention to their diet.

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