What is the most longevity of heartbeat, pay attention to these best heart rates to maintain the best heart rate

When looking at the patient, as long as the patient found that the patient’s heartbeat was greater than 80 times/minute, I frowned unconsciously and muttered: The heartbeat was a bit fast.

Whenever this time, the patient will ask me, what is the normal heartbeat?I suddenly said.

Because the normal range of heartbeat is 60-100 times/minute.

According to this standard, it is normal for heartbeat to 80 times/minute.

The patient thinks so too.

However, the most suitable heartbeat should be 60/min, the most suitable heartbeat range should be 60-70 times/minute.From this point of view, the 80 -time/minute heartbeat is certainly fast.

The study of 10 years of follow -up of the crowd showed:

Each increase of home self -measured heart rate increased by 5 times, and the risk of cardiovascular disease death increased by 17%.

It is certain that the faster the heart rate, the greater the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the heavier the heart burden, and the higher the risk of cardiovascular death.

The heart rate mentioned here refers to the static heart rate, that is, the number of heartbeat per minute in the state of soberness, quietness, and not moving.

Do not take the heart rate after 800 meters after running.If the heartbeat can’t go up after running, the heart is also sick.

What are the reasons why the heart rate is too fast?How to avoid static heartbeat too fast?

1. Mental stimulus

Tension, anxiety, excitement, and excitement can cause sympathetic adrenaline, nephrotoma tension, and adrenal corted alcohol hormone in an instant.

I used to ride a bicycle and suddenly encountered an emergency. While you squeezed the brakes hard, you must feel that the heart was tightly held.

When driving now, when you encounter an emergency, while the brakes are stepped on, the heart beat will rise to more than 100 times/min.

This is the result of a large amount of hormone secretion that causes the heart to shrink hard and the heartbeat is accelerated.

Of course, the emergencies mentioned above are uncontrollable, but we must learn to minimize the impact of these stimuli on ourselves.

It’s a blessing without any accident.

If you are really angry, you can say a few words to yourself, even a rude word to release your tension and anger.

Don’t be entangled in your heart.

You know, those manufacturers who make you annoying do not perceive, or do not care at all.

In addition, keep a peaceful attitude towards life, not ecstatic or anger in trouble.

These chicken soup is easy to do.

This has exceeded the practice category and belongs to Xiu Xian.It has not been abused by life for decades and cannot be a living immortal.

2. Stimulating drinks

Coffee, alcohol, strong tea and other exciting drinks will accelerate the heartbeat.

When drinking these drinks, not only are you limited, but also avoid too high concentration. For a short time, high concentration intake will instantly increase heart rate.

I am particularly worried about those who drink tea.Tea is too thick to increase the burden on the heart; the tea is too hot to damage the lintel, esophageal, gastric mucosa, and increase the risk of cancer in these parts.

3. Not enough water

Do not drink water in time, especially when sweating in the current summer, it will cause the body to lack water, the effective blood capacity will be insufficient, the blood pressure decreases, the heartbeat is accelerated, resulting in tachycardia.

So don’t wait until thirst to drink water.

Do not drink boiled water or tea after sweating a lot.

Plear water without electrolyte (sodium, potassium) cannot effectively restore blood capacity.Drinking tea has a diuretic effect, but it aggravates dehydration.

4. Insufficient sleep

You may have experienced it, you will feel panic when insomnia, your heartbeat is accelerated, or "heartbeat is very heavy".This is the result of hormone secretion caused by insomnia.

Many articles emphasize how many hours should people sleep.However, for insomniars, this is really impossible to do.

What insomnia needs to know is that insomnia is not terrible, and anxiety caused by insomnia is really terrible.

As long as you are not anxious about insomnia, insomnia cannot hurt you.

Some people may need to sleep for 7 hours, you may only need to sleep for 4 hours.

Also, do not exclude sleeping pills.

When you encounter a sudden situation, it is difficult to fall asleep, and sleeping pills should be taken.The sleeping pill has now been renamed the sleeping agent.Listening to this name is more at ease.

5. Pregnancy

The heart of pregnant women should bear blood supply to two people.

By the end of pregnancy, the blood supply received by the uterus accounts for 1/5 of the mother’s overall blood supply, and the blood volume of the heart needs to be increased by 30%-50%, which will inevitably cause the heartbeat to speed up.

Therefore, if you are pregnant in October, the mother paid for health and life, and there was no antidote.

6, hyperthyroidism

The most common symptoms of patients with hyperthyroidism are tachycardia.More severe cases will also have atrial fibrillation.

If you suspect hyperthyroidism, you can clearly diagnose at the hospital for a thyroid function test.After the treatment of hyperthyroidism, the heart rate will naturally return to normal.

7. Pain

Acute pain in any part of the body can cause stress reactions, increase hormone secretion, increase heart rate, and increase blood pressure.

The World Health Organization proposed that everyone has the right to avoid pain.

Now major hospitals have a departure department, and they are specifically responsible for protecting your rights.

As long as the pain disappears, the heartbeat caused by this will disappear.

8. Obesity

The obese people have a fast heartbeat, which is obvious.

Compared with 100 pounds weighing 100 pounds, 140 catties people are equivalent to 20 kg of load, and their heartbeat and heart burden will inevitably increase.

Exercise weight loss is the easiest and most effective way to continue to reduce heart rate.

On the one hand, the burden on the heart is reduced, and on the other hand, the heart function reserves are increased, and the brain can also promote the secretion of dopamine in the brain.

The various reasons and corresponding treatment methods mentioned above are straightforward, simple and easy, and some need a long practice process, and eventually it may be difficult to work.

If these methods cannot control the heart rate, don’t forget drug treatment.You can choose the medicine that suits you under the guidance of a doctor.

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