What is the normal value of progesterone and HCG after pregnancy

What is the normal value of HCG after pregnancy?

On the 6th day after the fertilization, the fertilized egg nourishment layer formed and secreted a small amount of HCG. When the fertilization was 7-8 days, the HCG could be detected in the blood after the impulse was imposed.The amount of nourishing cells is proportional.Early pregnancy secretion increased rapidly. By 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, the peak was at the peak of 1 to 2 weeks.

What is the normal value of the HCG after pregnancy? The serum HCG value during normal pregnancy is directly related to the number of pregnancy weeks. Different gestational weeks, the HCG (IU/L) value is of course different, and it shows a positive increasing change trend.

For example:

0.2-1 weeks of pregnancy, HCG value is 5-50;

1-2 weeks of pregnancy, HCG refers to 50-500;

2-3 weeks of pregnancy, the HCG value is 100-5000;

3-4 weeks of pregnancy, the HCG value is 500-10000;

The HCG value of 4-5 weeks of pregnancy is 1000-50000;

5-6 weeks of pregnancy, the HCG value is 10000-100000;

6-8 weeks of pregnancy, HCG value is 15000-200000;

From 2nd to March, HCG value is 10000-100000.

The B ultrasound is a method of diagnosis of early pregnancy.Color vaginal B -ultrasound can be seen in the 4 weeks after the last menstruation.Only 6 weeks can be prompted to be pulled by the original heart tube. Only at 7 weeks of pregnancy, you can judge whether the embryo survives according to the unwillingness.

PS: When ultrasound in early pregnancy, the pregnancy results are not yet clear. The pregnancy ending can be predicted by detecting the blood HCG, and the blood can be continuously monitored (generally 48-72 hours to get the test results).

What is the normal value of progesterone after pregnancy?

E progression is secreted by nourishing cells and luteum before 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, and mainly from the placenta after 8-10 weeks.The amount of progesterone gradually increased during the entire pregnancy, and the rise in the early stages of pregnancy was slow. In the middle period, it accelerated. By the peak of full -term pregnancy, serum progesterone was quite stable within 5 to 12 weeks of pregnancy.The change in the amount of progesterone is a reliable indicator to measure whether the luteal function and the development of the placenta.

How does the progesterone value change after pregnancy?

The reference value (Ng/ml) of the 1-3 week of pregnant women is 4.7-50.7; the reference value (Ng/ml) of the 4-6 week: 19.4-95.3.In short, under normal pregnancy, the progesterone value should be: 63.4-94.5 during early pregnancy and 95-150 during pregnancy; at 150-1500 during late pregnancy.

Triangle relationship with natural abortion of HCG progesterone

Experts said that the serum HCG level of abnormal pregnancy patients is lower than the normal pregnancy of the same day of pregnancy, and grows slowly, and does not even increase or decrease.In early pregnancy, progesterone levels rose with the rise of HCG levels.Once HCG secretion occurs, it will lead to a reduction in the luteal function of ovarian pregnancy, insufficient progesterone levels, difficulty maintaining normal pregnancy, and eventually causing natural miscarriage.

HCG and progesterone synergistic effects to protect the fetus lack of one

Human chorionic gonad hormones are also known as HCG. HCG starts six days after pregnancy. At this time, the days when fertilized eggs are prepared to bed. HCG will stimulate the human body to produce progesterone.Welon is about to ensure the internal environment of the uterus, as much as possible to protect the embryo without being disturbed by external force.

Regarding the generation of HCG, in fact, when the fertilized eggs are bed, it will extend the branches -like tentacles and grab the uterine wall. These tentacles are fluffy, which will form an early placenta.When the placenta is not mature, these hairs will become more and attached to form a thin film, which will become the initial mother’s interactive and embryo interactive nutrients to help metabolic waste.Another important role of HCG is to reduce the rejection of pregnant women.

All in all, the synergy of HCG and progesterone, on the one hand, allows the embryo to obtain nutrients, on the one hand to ensure the safety of the embryo, so it is indispensable.

Article Source: Medical Specification

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