What is the pain in the stomach of a pregnant woman?Note that it may be a threatened abortion!

After pregnancy, the body shape and hormone secretion have changed a lot, and the pain of stomach cramps will inevitably increase the psychological burden of pregnant women. What causes the pregnant woman’s stomach cramps and pain.Attentive.

1. Breakal abortion

The pain of pregnant women with a gloss -like pain is accompanied by vaginal bleeding, and they need to be alert to signs of abortion.At this time, you should go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound to see if there is a threatened abortion. If necessary, you need to keep tire treatment.During the period, rest in bed, reduce unnecessary activities, avoid excessive exhaustion of the body, maintain a peaceful mentality, and do not make psychological pressure too much.

2. Excessive fatigue

During pregnancy, cold or overworked during pregnancy will cause painful pain in the stomach. Pay attention to the warmth of the body and prevent the cold of the cold.Drink plenty of water, balanced nutrition, avoid picky food and partial eclipse, and do not eat cold and spicy and irritating foods, keep your mood comfortable.In addition, we must not lie down or sit or stand for a long time.

3. De shortness of calcium during pregnancy

Because the calcium required for fetal development is obtained from the mother’s body, most pregnant women will accompany calcium deficiency to varying degrees.When calcium deficiency, it will increase nervous excitement, causing cramp -like pain in the stomach and legs.Eat more calcium foods such as soy products, seafood and dairy products during pregnancy. In addition, there are calcium elements in poultry eggs and meat.If you have severe calcium deficiency, you should start taking calcium tablets in 4 months of pregnancy.Drink at least 300 ~ 500 ml of milk every day to promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.In addition, the amount of salt should be controlled, and you cannot eat high salt, because salt will consume calcium in the body.

4. Extraction of uterus

The uterus in the middle and late pregnancy will increase with the increase of the fetus, which will compress the local tissue nerves and cause stomach pain.Don’t be too nervous, pay more attention to observation.If the pain is severe, it may be a contraction, and you need to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination in time to avoid affecting the normal development of the fetus.

If the pain of the lower abdomen has not eased during pregnancy, go to the hospital to find out the cause in time, and you cannot keep delaying.At the same time, pay more attention to other symptoms on the body. If it is accompanied by vaginal bleeding, it is a symptom of aura.Adjust your mentality during the period and face all abnormalities correctly.Reasonable to supplement nutritional elements in the body, not picky and partial eclipse.Do not blindly massage or hot compresses when stomach pain, otherwise it will cause frequent contractions and cause miscarriage or premature birth, and even cause fetal malformations.

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